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Example sentences for "extinguished"

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  1. The fire ceased to glow upon the altar only when the entire family had perished; an extinguished hearth, an extinguished family, were synonymous expressions among the ancients.

  2. The European coalition against the Revolution extinguished all hope of such a result.

  3. A spirit which had been extinguished on the plains of Philippi revived in Athanasius and Ambrose.

  4. The feelings which sprung from national glory were not altogether extinguished by national degradation.

  5. But whether well or ill founded, its anticipations were extinguished in a few brief months by the death of the brilliant genius who had inspired its hopes.

  6. The house fires were extinguished once a year and relit from the sacred flames.

  7. It is told that when a youth his rivals extinguished the sacred fire under his care.

  8. With the extinguished light expired my last hope.

  9. Yet, in one moment, its wearied tool, the body, had extinguished these omnipotent powers, and to me quenched its vast energies for ever.

  10. Faction and war would be extinguished among them, for being solitary they would incline to be friendly; and having abundance of pasture and plenty of milk and flesh, they would have nothing to quarrel about.

  11. In compliance with this agreement, the United States had extinguished the Indian title to about fifteen millions of acres of land.

  12. He had extinguished the factions which for forty years had endangered the State.

  13. Without this precaution, by the hurry of dry studies, and even the discharge of the sacred ministry itself, the spirit of piety and devotion is extinguished in the heart, and the more sacred functions are easily profaned.

  14. His father Edward having extinguished the kingdom of the Danes among the East-Angles, Athelstan expelled them out of Northumberland; obliged the Welch to pay him a considerable annual tribute; and in 938 vanquished also the Scots.

  15. The new Paris breviary mentions that dreadful fires have been sometimes miraculously extinguished by them.

  16. Among other miracles performed by this holy pope, it is recorded that by the sign of the cross he extinguished a great fire in the city, which threatened the church of the prince of the apostles.

  17. The sight of so moving an example extinguished in their hearts all love of the world, and they both resolved upon the spot to dedicate themselves to the divine service.

  18. But at last comes the real death, when the I is extinguished to the world.

  19. From this silence some modern historians have carelessly inferred that the nascent Protestantism of the Lollards had been extinguished by persecution under the Lancastrian kings, and was in nowise continuous with modern English Protestantism.

  20. It at once extinguished the hopes even of the most sanguine.

  21. The smoke was so dense they could not penetrate into the room, but the servants threw buckets of water in, which went to the right place, and extinguished the fire.

  22. Some little dissatisfaction was expressed, but the effects of the work so ably done quickly extinguished any hostile feeling.

  23. Next morning many of the inhabitants waited on the commodore to thank him for his assistance, frankly owning that they could never of themselves have extinguished the fire.

  24. All humanity will be extinguished in you.

  25. By causes as natural as ever extinguished life's spark in the frail lamp of clay, he had died out of sight--under the black veil.

  26. Beside the extinguished lamps which the hoofs had confusedly scattered, the fire, arrested by the water course, had consumed the grasses that fed it, and there the plains stretched black and desert as the Phlegraean Field of the Poet's Hell.

  27. And mounts you well," cried Freney, admiring both horse and rider once more by the light before he extinguished the lantern.

  28. Curious to ascertain what the old man might be about in such a place at such an hour, Daly extinguished the candle to watch him unobserved.

  29. And had they failed to raise the vital spark, they would have believed that it was because the great fire was being extinguished at the central hearth of the world.

  30. They re-threaded the corridors, and in each lower room, as they passed, Edwin Clayhanger extinguished the gas which he had lit there on the way up, and Hilda waited for him.

  31. Mr. Milsom gave one last scrutinizing look at the sleeping coachman, and then extinguished the candle.

  32. She had extinguished her lights, and stood at the window.

  33. It streaks the sky above a long black cloud which extends suspended like the smoke of an extinguished fire, like an immense stain on the world.

  34. Around their extinguished fire in the dirty excavation they are frightful to see, black and sinister.

  35. The final settlement thus imposed on Mehemet Ali, which extinguished his ambitious projects and reduced his rule to Egypt alone, is said to have broken the heart of the old man.

  36. They had extinguished French influence in Holland.

  37. It will be seen that in 1826 Mahmoud II took vengeance on it for the humiliations he and previous Sultans had undergone, and extinguished it in ruthless scenes of blood.

  38. He preferred the first of these; he had little hope of the last; but the treaty had extinguished all methods equally.

  39. But these feeble sparks were extinguished by the Turkish officials on the spot without difficulty.

  40. He had, by this time, conquered twenty-seven separate States and extinguished nine dynasties.

  41. But he bided his time, and it will be seen that before long he inflicted a most bloody revenge on the Janissaries and extinguished their corps for ever.

  42. He put down a dangerous revolt of Dervishes and extinguished the sect.

  43. His threats and his barbarities, instead of dismay, will kindle in every bosom an indignation not to be extinguished but in the disaster and expulsion of such cruel invaders.

  44. You see nothing left behind but deserted heaps of embers, half-extinguished fires, and a few bones of which birds of prey are disputing the possession.

  45. It was now quite light; and, having extinguished the candles, Mrs. Sefton returned to her task of placing various valuable effects in a box.

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