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Example sentences for "extinctions"

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externals; externus; exterritoriality; extinct; extinction; extinguish; extinguished; extinguisher; extinguishers; extinguishes
  1. For, if there have been no periodical general physical catastrophes, what brought about the assumed general extinctions and re-creations of life which are the corresponding biological catastrophes?

  2. Great and sudden physical revolutions, wholesale creations and extinctions of living beings, were the ordinary machinery of the geological epic brought into fashion by the misapplied genius of Cuvier.

  3. Why, then, should we consider the extinctions and creations of the former as offering any thing unaccountable, as connected with a sudden creative fiat or with an arbitrary sentence of destruction?

  4. Successive Creations and Extinctions of living Forms, and their contemporaneous Distribution.

  5. They are of pale yellowish-brown augite, giving extinctions of 40°.

  6. They give lamellar extinctions of 15°-28°, and are often cross-macled.

  7. The pyroxene phenocrysts are of pale brown augite, scanty and small, and give extinctions of 30° to 40°.

  8. Their extinctions are those of oligoclase and acid andesine.

  9. The phenocrysts of pale yellowish augite, which give the large extinctions of that mineral, exhibit but little alteration, although lying in the same slide with those of the plagioclase.

  10. When present they are generally small and of a pale augite which gives extinctions of 30°.

  11. Its long parallel untwinned felspar-lathes give the nearly straight extinctions of oligoclase.

  12. The phenocrysts of dark brown hornblende are generally abundant and give extinctions of 15 degrees.

  13. In his effort to disprove catastrophism he failed to clearly see that species, as we style them, became extinct, though really the changes in the species practically amounted to extinctions of the earlier species as such.

  14. When, therefore, it is considered how many peerages are in the first and second generation, it will not appear strange that extinctions should frequently take place.

  15. He talks of my having appealed merely to the extinction of peerages in my argument; but, on his plan of computation, extinctions are perpetually and wholly lost sight of.

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