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Example sentences for "extinguisher"

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  1. Because the air in the extinguisher is soon exhausted of its oxygen by the flame: and when there is no oxygen to support it, the flame goes out.

  2. Farther yet, on rising ground, a little desolate church, with a tiny white circular steeple, topped by an extinguisher in red tiles.

  3. Arrived at Rome--that hotbed of the enemies of mankind--I saw my way to putting a moral extinguisher on the author of my being.

  4. Even after the extinguisher and the lid have both fallen off, the spores cannot fall out, for a thick row of teeth (t, Fig.

  5. They succeeded in fastening the extinguisher to his back, even though their hands trembled while so doing.

  6. The boat was on fire, and Frank here settled that by grabbing up an extinguisher and turning the hose on the flames, while the crew was handling the buckets.

  7. One of the fireman with a portable extinguisher rushed upstairs, got out at the small window and reached Gummy's side quickly.

  8. Let's give it the lad," and he began to squirt the contents of the fire extinguisher down the chimney.

  9. He did not tumble, as it were, until the night watchman got a Babcock fire extinguisher and played on him.

  10. As you like, but the feeble flame only wanted a momentary touch of the extinguisher and it was gone.

  11. If war be the extinguisher of claims, it is because, in theory, the claimant is supposed to have opportunity for reparation by seizing the property of the enemy, wherever he can find it on the high seas.

  12. But no reprisals against France were authorized by the United States; no war on private property was permitted; so that the only principle on which war is the extinguisher of claims fails to apply.

  13. In that way a boy could enter a burning building and carry an extinguisher with him, still having both hands free to operate the extinguisher hose.

  14. Each motorcycle was equipped with a fire extinguisher clamped on either side, just back of the seat.

  15. It seemed rather unfortunate to Bruce that they could only get one for "Old Nanc," for he had had a mental picture of the red automobile with a shining extinguisher on either side of the driver's seat.

  16. Jack as he grabbed up an extinguisher and began to play it on the flames, while some of his chums caught up pails of water, kept filled for just such an emergency.

  17. Then the pyrene extinguisher fell out, and I had to rescue it from under the nose of a tram.

  18. I carried three spare tubes as I had not remountable rims, and a pyrene extinguisher fixed inside the car in case of fire through damage to the petrol tanks on the rough trails.

  19. Perhaps the Adjutant's solemn quietus, like an extinguisher of the light of his and his sweetheart's hopes, would drop upon him in loathsome Libby, and cancel the leave forever.

  20. Then it is sometimes he who puts the extinguisher on?

  21. At home in my bedroom I used to put out my candle every night by clapping the extinguisher upon it.

  22. He hopes soon to clap on an extinguisher to their fire by planting down two fine big fellows of his own Morto Bay way: we mean to add a couple of old naval six-inchers to this battery.

  23. A War Office extinguisher from under which only a few evil-smelling phrases escape.

  24. Marcia was almost as miserable, for she was acting the part of an extinguisher not only to Sylvia's hopes and aspirations, but to her own.

  25. The young girl found him a most attractive lover, and he surely would have won her had not her mother stepped in and put an extinguisher upon the whole affair.

  26. The brutality of lust is the best extinguisher of thought: and the drunkenness of sensualism will inevitably stifle all the nobler impulses of the mind.

  27. This put an extinguisher on the whole thing; if the clubs had consented many thousands would have poured down from the hills, and the country would everywhere have been up.

  28. Graham asked leave to consult Peel, who at once put an extinguisher upon it, entreated him to decline it, and said that their support of the Government would be considered to have been given in reference to this appointment.

  29. As long as the extinguisher is in an upright position, these substances are kept separate, but when the extinguisher is inverted, the acid escapes from the bottle, and mixes with the soda solution.

  30. A fire extinguisher is a metal case containing a solution of bicarbonate of soda, and a glass vessel full of strong sulphuric acid.

  31. The fire extinguisher is therefore the source of a liquid containing the fire-extinguishing substance and further the source of a stream of carbon dioxide gas.

  32. The value of a fire extinguisher depends upon the amount of carbon dioxide and water which it can furnish.

  33. Why will a piece of paper twisted like an extinguisher put out a candle?

  34. She read the advertisement on the eclipse-glass: "Babcock's Fire-Extinguisher will put out any fire!

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