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Example sentences for "enquired"

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enough; enounced; enow; enquere; enquire; enquirer; enquirers; enquires; enquiries; enquiring
  1. He enquired after the health of her mother, and after a while Eugenie began to speak of her husband.

  2. At last he remembered that he ought to have enquired for her mother.

  3. When I told her that my sister had given it to me, she enquired after her.

  4. When his father enquired about the present state of theology at that University, Clement endeavoured to turn the conversation to general subjects; but the farther he retreated, the hotter grew his father in pursuit.

  5. The Meister enquired for Peter Lars, and scolded at his delay, until they all sat down to table without waiting for him.

  6. So great is the attachment of the Vadugan to the black cotton soil that the Tamilians mock him by saying that, when god offered paradise to the Vadugan, the latter hesitated, and enquired whether there was black cotton soil there.

  7. The fight grew so fierce that the Chola king of Conjeeveram ranged these two castes and their followers on opposite sides, and enquired into their claims.

  8. Breaches of caste rules and customs are enquired into by a panchayat presided over by a headman called Kattemaniavaru.

  9. Yes; and you enquired there where Ricketts hung out.

  10. In a deep, measured voice, as theatrical as the rest of his personality, Mr. Jacobus enquired if he had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Perceval Gordon.

  11. Meeting a policeman, he enquired for a respectable, inexpensive hotel in a quiet street, not too far away; and did his best to look unconscious of the big man's concentrated gaze fixed on the large white oval of his shirt front.

  12. I saw some very bright 9 inch plates in London recently with ornamental rims, and out of curiosity enquired the price.

  13. Not long after I chanced to meet near home a well-known dealer who had just come from Harrogate to attend a sale of antiques in our neighbourhood and who enquired of me the way.

  14. It was sold to me as a sauce-boat, and when I enquired the meaning of the chimney in the centre was answered, “How should I know?

  15. Out of curiosity I pulled open the right hand top drawer, and immediately I realised what happened, enquired the price.

  16. I wanted my impression confirmed, so I enquired of No.

  17. He restrained his feelings and enquired of himself what this young girl could want with him.

  18. She stood struck with the strange look on his countenance, at the fatigue displayed on his features, and anxiously enquired of him the cause.

  19. She enquired of him politely the way to the Mairie.

  20. I found him sitting up in bed, gloomily reading her reply, and I enquired why he looked so glum.

  21. I enquired of one Poilu whether he would be glad to leave Verdun, and he laughingly replied: "One might be worse off than here.

  22. I enquired why he had left it behind since the others had brought theirs away with them, and elicited the information that his pet was "a cow, and therefore somewhat difficult to transport.

  23. The officer eagerly enquired for news from Europe, they having been out two years.

  24. From my lodgings, in the stable, I proceeded up a valley to some houses, and enquired the way to Wheeling.

  25. In the morning they enquired how far they had to the Falls, and could hardly {111} be persuaded they had passed them.

  26. Sitting down to a meal on the way back, four Arabs appeared, whom they treated as guests; yet, the meal over, the Arabs enquired whether their hosts had any money or garments worth stealing.

  27. I enquired who were the leaders, but they could not name them to me.

  28. Ferdinand enquired whether her cousin were to cross the sea that night.

  29. Alice was not sparing of her invectives against Sir Anthony for his dishonourable concealment of her uncle's messenger; and then enquired how Louis had at last broken away from his detainers.

  30. The Marquis enquired how, with these sentiments, and after the rupture with Sir Anthony, Mr. Athelstone had ever suffered Louis de Montemar to touch such a vortex again.

  31. Cornelia enquired about the remains of ancient Rome, the eruptions of Vesuvius, and who, amongst the celebrated living characters of Italy and France, he personally knew.

  32. But when Sir Anthony enquired the name of his preserver, and learnt that he owed his life to the intrepidity of Louis de Montemar, the joy of the uncle knew no bounds.

  33. Exhilarated by the splendour of the lights, Louis enquired whether the house he was going to, promised as much consolation after a tedious journey.

  34. Violante observed his disorder, and softly enquired the cause.

  35. By the assistance of his servant, he scrambled up the acclivity, and enquired the way to the Reverend Richard Athelstone's.

  36. There was also an Account of other People whom this Woman had Afflicted; and there might have been many more, if they had been enquired for; but there was no need of them.

  37. On going in, Samuel enquired of him, if he did not wish to purchase a history of the origin of the Indians.

  38. And as I leaned up to the fireplace, mother enquired what the matter was.

  39. We turned aside, and meeting a citizen of the place, we enquired of him, to what extent this disease prevailed.

  40. The first day it snowed, and the head eunuch enquired of Her Majesty whether it was her intention to celebrate her birthday at the Summer Palace as usual.

  41. Next she enquired how long it would be before it was finished, so that she could see it.

  42. She then enquired whether it would be necessary for her to wear the same dress at each sitting, also the same jewels and ornaments.

  43. Mrs. Conger told her interpreter to tell Her Majesty that she had not seen her for such a long time, and enquired about Her Majesty's health.

  44. He also enquired about my father and I told him that unless his health improved very soon it would be necessary for us to leave the Court for a while at any rate.

  45. Her Majesty was now quite satisfied, and simply asked whether Miss Carl suspected that she had enquired about the matter.

  46. Marcius now enquired of Cominius how the enemy's line of battle was arranged, and where it was strongest.

  47. I enquired how many people there might be on the isle; and was told by one of the padres that here were 230 souls in all.

  48. What," enquired Gerda, perseveringly, "did you think of them?

  49. Did you," enquired Gerda, casually, "notice that bull?

  50. Will this intolerable day," Mrs. Hilary enquired of the housemaid who came in to make up the fire, "never be over?

  51. Mrs. Wix enquired with astonishment why it should do anything of the sort, and Miss Overmore gave as an instant reason that it was clearly but another dodge in a system of dodges.

  52. At St. Helena, O'Meara enquired of Napoleon if he thought that Paul had been insane.

  53. A Russian officer, in a freak of passion, shot an Austrian postilion, and then took out his purse and enquired of the employer of the postilion what damage was to be paid, as coolly as if he had merely killed a horse or a cow.

  54. Alexander enquired eagerly if they had saved his father's life.

  55. When the repast was over, Sinbad addressed his conversation to Hindbad; and calling him brother, according to the manner of the Arabians, when they are familiar one with another, enquired his name and employment.

  56. Being a merchant, I frequented men of my own profession, and particularly enquired for those who were strangers, that perchance I might hear news from Bagdad, or find an opportunity to return.

  57. At my return, I enquired for the mother and child.

  58. I went out immediately, and enquired for the other lady; when my people told me, she had opened the street door and was gone.

  59. One day as I was treating my friends, one of my servants came and told me that an officer of the caliph's enquired for me.

  60. He stopped his horse, and enquired who she was, how she came to be alone in that place, and what she wanted.

  61. I enquired eagerly, for the same thought had been haunting my own mind.

  62. The Inca and all his captains expressed themselves pleased at having heard it, and enquired whether there were any Christians among the Indians who were there.

  63. He haughtily enquired who carried the provisions.

  64. However, after this, the Canadian enquired why he did not revenge himself and kill him.

  65. And though I enquired of both Wool and Bob, they were not wiser than myself.

  66. One of them, longer in the country than myself, denied it and enquired of his wife who had lived a long time with the Indians.

  67. One of them that entered, apparantly the Devil himself for he spoke and acted en veritable maitre, startled us all a great deal and enquired authoritatively and angrily, "What want ye of me?

  68. When he had entered his box or frame, a number again entered and one of them enquired why they were called for.

  69. When he had entered his box or frame--a number again entered & one of them enquired why they were called for?

  70. He sat down beside her, and enquired in a low tone how the fishes were?

  71. Who smiled back upon him, and enquired "where he had come from?

  72. Filled with compassion, he enquired of the dealer from what part of the world they had come, and was told "from Britain, where all the inhabitants have the same fair complexion.

  73. He next enquired the name of their nation.

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