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Example sentences for "enounced"

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  1. The principles of Contradiction and Excluded Middle can both be traced back to Plato, by whom they were enounced and frequently applied; though it was not till long after, that either of them obtained a distinctive appellation.

  2. This law was however more distinctively and emphatically enounced by Aristotle.

  3. Hamilton here refers, will not be found to bear out his assertion that Plato "enounced and frequently applied the principles of Contradiction and Excluded Middle.

  4. The relationship of the Qoran to Christianity has been already noted: it was a book which preached rather than taught and enounced isolated laws but no connected system.

  5. No philosophic writers have more ably and clearly enounced this law of causality than the freedomists Reid, Stewart, and Cousin.

  6. I enounced my abrup intention to cut--you should have sean the sensation among hall the people!

  7. Had he understood the proposition which he has enounced with so much pomp, its ludicrous absurdity must at once have flashed on his mind.

  8. The great discovery by which Mr Sadler has, as he conceives, vindicated the ways of Providence is enounced with all the pomp of capital letters.

  9. The theory of solar energy now generally regarded as the true one was enounced by Helmholtz in a popular lecture in 1854.

  10. If there were any in that motley group who cherished the principles and retained the spirit of the true Platonic school, we may presume they felt an inward intellectual sympathy with the doctrine enounced by Paul.

  11. The Law of the Conditioned," as enounced by Hamilton, is contradictory.

  12. The principle enounced in these words is of incalculable importance and very wide and constant application.

  13. Perhaps the originality of the fundamental idea it expresses may be questioned, on the ground that the same warning has been enounced in far more solemn language, and from a far more august authority.

  14. If this is admitted, you will have apparently gained the day, but in reality have enounced nothing but a mere tautology.

  15. The judgements enounced by pure reason must be necessary, or they must not be enounced at all.

  16. The sometimes imprudent form in which the young reformer enounced his ideas caused him to be very badly treated by his compatriots at his return from Europe.

  17. I never before or since heard language enounced with such steam-engine haste.

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