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Example sentences for "festivities"

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festiuall; festival; festivall; festivals; festive; festivity; festliche; festo; festoon; festooned
  1. In May 1527, Mary had returned to London, and took part in the festivities given at Greenwich in honour of the French ambassadors who had come to ask for her hand on behalf of the French king's second son, Henry, Duke of Orleans.

  2. At the numerous festivities held in honour of De Grammont, St. Evremond[967] was almost invariably one of the guests.

  3. He himself added to the Court festivities by giving French entertainments in the Parisian style.

  4. The farther festivities of the day will be marred by your presence!

  5. In the circumstances, it was not possible that there should be any festivities at the Hall--they would come later, all felt, when the happy couple returned from their honeymoon.

  6. There were festivities enough now and to spare.

  7. Let no such melancholy forebodings intrude upon the festivities of this anniversary.

  8. The marriage festivities lasted ten days, at the end of which the Grand Duke and myself took up our residence in the Summer Palace, where the Empress was living; and the departure of my mother was beginning to be talked of.

  9. Bertrand enjoyed the festivities immensely; Auguste too, seemed not to be bored; he danced with the girls, while his companion kept the corks popping.

  10. If this took place among people of rank, the festivities lasted thirty days.

  11. This little incident put an end to the discussion, which was growing too warm for the occasion, and the festivities went on as gaily as before.

  12. The festivities continued through several days, and were honored by the presence of all the nobility of the empire.

  13. Chapter VII Kisses With the advent of the four Turrentine boys festivities had taken on a brighter air, the game became better worth while.

  14. Them Thanksgivin' doin's is shorely great festivities that time.

  15. At an adult marriage, the festivities last for four days, whereas, at an infant marriage, they are extended over seven days.

  16. The musicians throughout the festivities were Kotas and Kurumbas.

  17. How kind of artists and poets to devise the festivities beforehand, and serve them pat at the proper time!

  18. And then to think that these festivities are prepared months before -- that these Christmas pieces are prophetic!

  19. The wedding ceremonial and festivities are less marked; the customary time of seclusion after the nuptials is shorter; the bride-price is much smaller; or the wife has a less advantageous position with respect to property.

  20. For the symbol occurs in every shape and in every grade of significance, from the brutal combat of the Australian savage to the harmless prank of casting the old shoe with which among ourselves the wedding festivities are enlivened.

  21. The festivities lasted three days, and during that time the love of the people for their Prince, and their admiration of the beauty and charm of his bride, were beyond words to describe.

  22. Do not let your wedding festivities be the funeral of my hopes," she writes.

  23. Florence was jubilant, for the Grand Duchess was as beloved as her rival was detested; and the christening of the heir was made the occasion of festivities and rejoicing.

  24. I spent fourteen days here, and was present at the birth-day festivities of the duchess, which lasted three days; among these festivities was racing, and the town and the castle were filled with people.

  25. The Grand Duke's birth-day occurred at this time, and after attending all the festivities to which I was invited, I departed.

  26. IV In other words, we had departed the scene of festivities none too soon.

  27. The women joined in the festivities of the occasion with music and dancing.

  28. In the general festivities women of all ranks were invited to take part, but three times a year Moses had something special to say to the men; then women were not allowed to be present.

  29. Peninnah behaved worse during these religious festivities because she saw more of Elkanah's devotion to Hannah.

  30. You are aware that these festivities lasted for several weeks, and took place in every town in the land.

  31. The royal wedding-festivities were still in progress, and Johannes could mentally see the two people who at that moment were bowing and waving as they sat in their carriage.

  32. To Johannes all this excitement and these joyful festivities seemed but a motley background against which his own sombre trouble was all the more sharply in relief.

  33. What was to be done must be done at once, that very morning; since the festivities that were to commence the six weeks revelling in honour of Salim's coming marriage were to begin that afternoon.

  34. Some of the audience yawned; surfeited with the magnificences, the festivities of this New Year's Day, both minds and bodies were attuned to sleep in the present, not to dreams of the future.

  35. At the door the sultan commanded the vizier to mark it, so that he might know it again, being resolved, when the nuptial festivities should be concluded, to send for the ladies and hear their story.

  36. The festivities and amusements in the higher circles of Paris recall the glowing descriptions of the fret and fever of existence in the Austrian capital during the historic Vienna Congress a hundred years ago.

  37. Her death was not even announced officially lest it should trouble the festivities of the jovial peace-makers!

  38. But we are cheated out of all the wedding festivities in the family," pouted Marietta.

  39. My child, when one has gone through such things as Hartmut has, all pleasure in festivities is lost," said Frau Eschenhagen, gravely.

  40. When Wallmoden had entered his present position, in the spring, society was already scattered in all directions for the summer, and immediately afterward occurred the sad event which had put an end to all festivities for them.

  41. With the exception of that large fete which had collected the whole community, and the hunts, which were naturally prominent at this time of the year, no particular festivities took place.

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