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Example sentences for "aroma"

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arnica; arnotto; arnt; arobas; aroint; aromas; aromatic; aromatical; aromatics; aromatized
  1. At any rate it has come to be an impalpable aroma through which only both the songs and their singer must henceforth be read and absorb'd.

  2. At one side is the stove, with a cheerful fire of oak wood, near by a good supply of fresh sticks, whose faint aroma is plain.

  3. The aroma of an East Side lunch-room is more like it.

  4. The aroma was novel, and apparently very pleasant, for to my astonishment he walked towards me gingerly, but with a very decided interest in the banana.

  5. Wrapped in several folds of banana and "ginger" leaves, and steamed in hot sand, the full flavour of the fish was retained and something of the aroma of the leaves imparted.

  6. Twelve fires, all good and large, burned gayly, throwing out ruddy flames from great beds of glowing coals, while the aroma of food was now much stronger and very appetizing.

  7. From the direction of the fires came sounds subdued by the distance, and the aroma of food.

  8. Too much boiling dissipates the delicious aroma we all know; and the best methods are considered to be those which allow no boiling, after boiling water has been poured upon it, but merely a standing, to infuse and settle.

  9. In "Ariadne" you find the aroma of all art.

  10. The denouncement of the doctrine of eternal punishment, followed by the scene at the Academy, has about it an aroma of suggestiveness that might work much harm without an explanation.

  11. Something in the salt air brings out the full richness and aroma of it.

  12. A little after eight the steward called me down to breakfast, where I found the pilot impatiently sniffing an atmosphere charged with the aroma of broiled ham and strong coffee.

  13. The comforting aroma of smoke drifted out on the desert heat.

  14. A great fire of sandal-wood was kindled, the queen put on her damask kitchen apron, and soon the most delicious aroma of pudding-broth rose steaming out of the kettle.

  15. I can almost fancy I scent the aroma of the noble wine.

  16. It is wonderful how much room a person of her sort can take up in a city; and if they add, as she does, the aroma of a distinct and avowed disreputability, they take up twice as much room!

  17. A certain indefinable, delicious aroma from the old, ignorant, picturesque times lingers still, not only in byways and corners, but in the very centres of its newest activities.

  18. That a man reaps what he has sown must of course be true also; he has no power to carry virtue, which is of the material life, with him; yet the aroma of his good deeds is a far sweeter sacrifice than the odor of crime and cruelty.

  19. Virtue, being of the material life, man has not the power to carry it with him, "yet the aroma of his good deeds is a far sweeter sacrifice than the odor of crime and cruelty.

  20. All South America delights in the peculiar aroma of the strengthening but, on first acquaintance, certainly unpleasant mate.

  21. In the first place, there were rows of cups of coffee awaiting us there--coffee which revives and refreshes a traveller and perfumes the air with an aroma unknown in Europe.

  22. I changed that idea quickly enough when she took charge, however, for in ten minutes there were two or three things sizzling and sending out an aroma that might have brought Epicurus himself back to life.

  23. While the combined aroma of bacon and coffee was for the moment throwing its cloak of materialism about the romance of my forest, I asked again: "Why are we heading so far inland, when they must be somewhere along the coast?

  24. The American does not care for the aroma of your Mexican coffee," he said coolly.

  25. The Senor will find the coffee truly delicious," said the hunchback with a bow, "only the Mexican knows how to keep its aroma when boiling it.

  26. The aroma made Philip's mouth water, and made Geoff quite irritable and impatient.

  27. As for the hut, it looked lonely enough when they went back, and uninhabited, though the fire still smouldered in front, and that delightful aroma still reached their nostrils.

  28. Better still, the aroma of coffee tickled his nostrils as he entered the room occupied by the Governor's servants, at the door of which he was now standing.

  29. The aroma came to their nostrils more strongly as the minutes passed, and attracted them like a magnet.

  30. The steps above them had indeed stopped suddenly, though the aroma of the cigar the Turkish officer was smoking was still wafted down to that space beneath the stern where Geoff and Philip were hiding.

  31. He said that their aroma dispensed with the necessity for their consumption.

  32. She was close to the light, reading, the coffee-pot singing away on the stove, the aroma of its contents filling the room.

  33. She drew herself up with a certain dignity infinitely pathetic, yet in which, like the flavor of some old wine left in a drained glass, there lingered the aroma of her family traditions.

  34. In the calm, windless doldrums, he never came up on deck but what the aroma of whisky travelled with him.

  35. The air was sweet with the fragrance of the purpling lucerne, punctuated by the aroma of her Turkish tobacco.

  36. He was grinding the coffee when she came in and she sniffed the grateful aroma rapturously.

  37. The thin, pure air was surcharged with ozone and delicately perfumed with the aroma of the lemonia crushing beneath his feet.

  38. The most, therefore, that can be said is not that the rose is sweet, nor that sugar is sweet, but what we call the aroma of the rose and the flavor of the sugar are sweet, and of this aroma and flavor science is as ignorant as a child.

  39. She swung him competently and passed him on to her mother, who swam past him like a goddess, a golden aroma of health and vivid sensual seduction trailing from her as she moved.

  40. Ineffably sweet too was the aroma of perfect trust in the strength and wisdom of grown-up people, which tinctured deep with certainty every profoundest layer of her consciousness.

  41. Bayonne market, near enough Spain, you know, for real Malaga grapes with the aroma still on them, and for Spanish quince-paste.

  42. The aroma is pleasant and mild, and to those but little acquainted with them, agreeable.

  43. He found the "Aromatic Brazilian" a kind of tobacco with thin leaves and a pink flower, which is "much admired in the United States, and there found to lose its aroma after the second year.

  44. The well diluted aroma from a good cigar is very pleasant at a distance.

  45. German scientists have succeeded in developing the flavor or aroma of Havana tobacco in tobacco raised in Germany by adding the sweating microbe of Havana tobacco.

  46. Drying must be done carefully, as upon this depends the aroma of the tobacco.

  47. For example, Havana cigars pronounced of excellent quality on leaving the factory will deteriorate in flavor and aroma after having been stored for some time.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "aroma" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aroma; attribute; aura; badge; balm; bouquet; brand; breath; cachet; cast; character; characteristic; configuration; cut; differential; earmark; effluvium; emanation; essence; feature; figure; flavor; fragrance; fume; gust; hallmark; idiosyncrasy; impress; impression; incense; index; individualism; keynote; lineaments; mannerism; mark; marking; mold; mould; moulder; mouldy; nature; nosegay; odor; particularity; peculiarity; perfume; property; quality; savor; scent; seal; shape; singularity; smack; smell; specialty; spice; spoor; stamp; stench; taint; tang; taste; token; trace; trail; trait; trick; whiff