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Example sentences for "immolation"

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  1. All that we have a right to demand of it is that it shall point us with faithful and sure hand to the general causes of individual suffering--among these causes it will not forget the immolation and subordination (still too frequent, alas!

  2. All religions are cruel, all founded on blood; for all rest principally on the idea of sacrifice--that is, on the perpetual immolation of humanity to the insatiable vengeance of divinity.

  3. All rational education is at bottom nothing but this progressive immolation of authority for the benefit of liberty, the final object of education necessarily being the formation of free men full of respect and love for the liberty of others.

  4. Priests of these abstractions, they live only by the continual immolation of the people.

  5. Immolation urn or incense cup, covered with a pattern.

  6. In this kind of immolation the children and relations dig the grave.

  7. Claudius Buchanan establishing his veracity as an eye-witness of the immolation of drugged or voluntary victims under the idol car, by this quotation from Dr.

  8. Devotion to an idea, self-immolation if need be, is no longer to be found in British public life.

  9. He also thought that the self-immolation of Antinous was indicated by the loving, leaning attitude of the younger man, and by his melancholy look of resolution.

  10. The alternative of immolation has next to be considered.

  11. It is from this last immolation that Plutarch has doubtless described the lugubrious ceremony so exactly in his Life of Numa, for it appears to have been performed according to the ancient heathen ritual.

  12. After the immolation which followed the Ilocab's defeat, the practice of human sacrifice was carried to such an extent that the surrounding tribes were filled with terror at the number of captives slain by order of Cotuha and Iztayul.

  13. To this enthusiasm, and to this alone, can we attribute the self-immolation of men of genius.

  14. The ancient German custom approved of the self-immolation of a widow at her husband's death, but did not require it.

  15. The leaders of the choruses, in a later time at Athens, offered reminders of primitive barbarism and of the immolation of human beings, and a representation of savage nudity, but they presented no image which was ridiculous or base.

  16. The festivals of the former were celebrated with obscene rites; those of the latter with the self-immolation of harlots, with excessive language and acts.

  17. The supremest act of resolved consecration and heroic self-immolation that ever was done upon earth--an act which we degrade by paralleling it with any other--was done at the bidding of love that pitied us.

  18. Defn: The practice of self-immolation of widows in Hindostan.

  19. He thinks the self-immolation of Peregrinus pure fiction, and that Lucian's object throughout was to discredit Christianity.

  20. Peregrinus professed that by his self-immolation he was going to teach men, in the most impressive way, to make light of death.

  21. He practised with intense curiosity other dark magical arts, and the mysterious death of Antinous on the Nile was by many believed to have been an immolation for the Emperor's safety.

  22. Her immolation of self, her assiduity, her tenderness, her skill, all seemed to this man so many elements in the game which she was playing.

  23. Even his recollections of former disdain might lose their bitterness in the presence of such utter humiliation, such total self-immolation as this.

  24. Tears came into my sister's eyes; I could see the wings of self-immolation hovering over her.

  25. I could be abased, I should be delighted to be imposed upon, but if I paid out self-immolation I wanted something for my money, and I didn't consider I was getting it with my brother for whom I smuggled notes and copied compositions.

  26. The unhallowed institution of the immolation of widows alive, was primarily traceable to the dread of this terrible calamity, which preyed, as it were, on the vitals of humanity.

  27. The practice of self-immolation of widows in Hindostan.

  28. The self-immolation of widows and other dependents was in some cases a selfish act.

  29. What if he should conclude that the immolation of two lives was necessary to the saving of one soul?

  30. You will allow this girl to feel herself doomed to self-immolation because of an irresponsible promise to her own excited conscience?

  31. Are they less in God's sight, believe you, than the daily immolation of her own wishes which each true wife practices upon the altar of domestic duty.

  32. On each occasion the women of the garrison performed the Johar or general immolation by fire, while the men sallied forth, clad in their saffron-coloured robes and inspired by bhang, to die sword in hand against the foe.

  33. But this did not apply so far as self-immolation was concerned, since the wives of warriors dying in battle very frequently became sati.

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