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  1. Patent Office) is a guarantee that the monoacetic acid ester of salicylic acid in these tablets is of the reliable Bayer manufacture.

  2. It is also obtained by condensation of diethylcyanacetic ester with urea by means of sodium alcoholate.

  3. It is detected by heating with ordinary alcohol and sulphuric acid, which gives rise to acetic ester or ethyl acetate, recognized by its fragrant odour; or by heating with arsenious oxide, which forms the pungent and poisonous cacodyl oxide.

  4. Of foremost importance are the reactions termed the malonic acid and the aceto-acetic ester syntheses; these are discussed under their own headings.

  5. Aceto-acetic ester is a colourless liquid boiling at 181 deg.

  6. Paal has also obtained pyrrol derivatives by condensing acetophenone-aceto- acetic-ester with substances of the type NH2R.

  7. Acetoacetic ester is a most important synthetic reagent, having been used in the production of pyridines (q.

  8. On the title page, a quotation mark was added before "Ester Ried".

  9. It can be made synthetically by the reaction of ecgonin-methyl-ester with benzoyl chloride.

  10. By digesting acetoacetic ester with sodium succinate and acetic anhydride, methronic acid, C8H8O5, is obtained; for the constitution of this acid, see L.

  11. Ester Ried Four Girls at Chautauqua Tip Lewis and His Lamp Three People Chautauqua Girls at Home Julia Ried Ruth Erskine's Crosses The King's Daughter Judge Burnham's Daughters Wise and Otherwise Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.

  12. Chemically it is the methyl ester of arecaidine.

  13. Hantzsch has shown that aldehydes condense with aceto-acetic ester and ammonia to produce the homologues of pyridine, thus: R R | | ROOC.

  14. Poppy wax is composed chiefly of the ceryl ester of palmitic acid (C{17}H{35}.

  15. The change from amorphous to crystalline forms may be represented by the following formulas, in which the R represents the whole of the complex group to which the acid ester groups are united: COO.

  16. It acts only in the presence of soluble phosphates and of a coenzyme (see below) which is dialyzable and not destroyed, which is probably an organic ester of phosphoric acid.

  17. We may note here that an important item in the quantitative factors of the cellulose nitric ester reaction has been overlooked: that is, the yield calculated to the NO{3} groups fixed.

  18. With the two benzoyl groups converted into nitro-benzoyl in each product, the limit of the ester reaction with the cellulose residue is reached at the third OH group.

  19. The ester reaction, therefore, is not simple.

  20. The numbers resulting from the quantitative study of the ester reaction and product (1st ed.

  21. A similar series was carried out with the guncotton in the condition in which it was directly obtained from the ester reaction.

  22. In practice it is not necessary to combine the saponification of cellulose ester with complete reduction of the nitric acid split off.

  23. The bodies causing instability are products or by-products of the original ester reaction, acid bodies containing nitroxy-groups, but otherwise of ill-defined characteristics.

  24. They confirm the probability of the occurrence of secondary changes in the ester reactions.

  25. It will be shown that the ester groups can be actually localised in various ways, as in the main entering the cellulose residues alpha and beta.

  26. In this respect again there is a close parallelism between the sulphocarbonate and benzoyl-ester reactions.

  27. Tollens points out that the results of empirical analysis are inconclusive; and that from the acid reactions of these products and their combination with bases, carboxylic groups are present, though probably in anhydride or ester form.

  28. PbO are associated with acid products or by-products of the ester reaction combining with the oxide, the lead reagent was allowed to react in the presence of 90 p.

  29. The addition of urea to an alcoholic solution of sodio-malonic ester results in the formation of barbituric acid (A.

  30. It is one of the best suggestions that that dear Ester has given us.

  31. I ought to have called in that dear sister Ester to help on this phase of the question before.

  32. I thought so then, little fellow that I was, and I think so now, only nobody is at work carrying them out; and I wonder sometimes if Ester could have been needed in heaven half as much as she is needed on earth.

  33. Ester was never well enough to undertake it; nor could she seem to enlist any one else in such service.

  34. They are henceforth to be known as THE ESTER RIED BAND.

  35. An accident to one of his family held him for several weeks in the town where this Ester Ried lived; and her physician, with whom he became acquainted, introduced him to her.

  36. Ester had wanted him to grow up to undertake just such efforts as these; and only last week they had seemed to him so altogether good and noble and so impossible to try.

  37. Ester would have known just what, and how; and how interested she would have been!

  38. Might it possibly be that this was one of the "helpers" of whom Ester used to talk, sent by God himself to take up her planned work and follow it out?

  39. Sometimes I almost think that it is Ester still at work, and that He lets her work through this woman.

  40. Ester was particularly anxious that no one should suppose her experience exceptional.

  41. It was the morning after you had told me that about Ester Ried.

  42. If the Republicans won, Bismarck should not be guillotined; if the monarchists, d'Ester should not be hung.

  43. They fell into conversation, and d'Ester suggested that they should make a compact and, whichever party succeeded in the struggle for power, they should each agree to spare the other.

  44. Configuration of the Benzene Complex); the condensation of acetone dicarboxylic ester with malonic ester to form triketohexamethylene dicarboxylic ester (E.

  45. CO2C2H5, formed by condensing acetic ester with formic ester, and also its dimolecular condensation product, coumalic acid, readily yields esters of [1.

  46. Isobutyric acid is found in the free state in carobs (Ceratonia siliqua) and in the root of Arnica dulcis, and as an ethyl ester in croton oil.

  47. In washing the layer of ethyl phenylacetate with sodium carbonate it is sometimes advisable to add a certain amount of sodium chloride so that the ester will separate more readily.

  48. If it is found to contain sufficient benzoic acid to react with a considerable proportion of the sodium alcoholate, a poor yield of ester will be obtained.

  49. Left to herself, Ester found her train of thought so thoroughly disagreeable that she hastened to rid herself of it, and seized upon the new comer to afford her a substitute.

  50. Naturally, Ester had expected that the young creature, so suddenly shorn of her best and dearest, would falter and faint, and utterly fail.

  51. So as the red sun peeped in a good-night from a little corner of the closed curtain, it found Ester not angry, but very sad.

  52. Ester laughed at her former question; then, as a sudden thought occurred to her, she asked: "Is he a minister?

  53. Ester knew that Mrs. Ried had been with her daughter for a few moments, and that Ralph had rushed in and out again, too overcome to stay, but Ester had asked no questions, and received no information concerning her.

  54. So Ester was whirled through the streets at a dizzying rate, and, with eyes and ears filled with bewildering sights and sounds, was finally deposited before a great building, aglow with gas and gleaming with marble.

  55. And here Ester gave a low, shuddering moan, and covered her eyes with her hands.

  56. And with a laughing adieu Ester closed the door on the young bride-elect, and ran swiftly down stairs.

  57. And with this Julia had let her depart, only saying, as the door closed: "Then I can be asleep before Ester comes up.

  58. Ester was thoroughly ill at ease; all this condemned her--and at last, resolved to escape from this net work of her awakening conscience, she pushed boldly on.

  59. You wouldn't think so by to-morrow evening," Ester said, shortly.

  60. I hope Tom Mary Caroline, and Ester are quite well.

  61. He had been gone almost a week, when Robert asked Ester where her father was.

  62. Many a time after that Ester traversed the distance alone and thought it short; but on that night rods were lengthened out into miles.

  63. Ester Goffe was the most interesting person at Boston.

  64. Then I shall wed Ester and return to my father's plantation to pass my days in peace.

  65. As they were passing the window, Ester saw a man about the age of her father reading a Bible.

  66. In February, 1677, when the ships and soldiers came from England, they brought a full and free pardon for Robert Stevens and Ester Goffe.

  67. His meeting with General Goffe and his love for Ester had more strongly cemented his love for liberty; but Robert held his peace, and the stepfather went on.

  68. Their story was told briefly, and then warm arms encircled the little fugitive, a colored slave prepared a supper, and Ester was awakened to eat it, after which she sank into slumber on her father's breast.

  69. A few pistol shots were fired at him; but he escaped, and Robert conducted the half-fainting Ester home.

  70. Then she explained the distracted condition of the country, concluding with: "You must not be known here as Ester Goffe.

  71. Robert and Ester Goffe were married one year after the death of Mrs. Price.

  72. Does he know that Ester is General Goffe's daughter?

  73. Not only will you be pardoned but Ester Goffe as well.

  74. Robert hastily gathered up some personal effects and precious family relics, and carried them aboard the ship with his mother, Ester and Rebecca.

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