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Example sentences for "concluding"

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conclud; conclude; concluded; concludes; concludeth; conclure; conclusion; conclusiones; conclusions; conclusioun
  1. In the concluding verses we have an exaltation of Israel's God and of His people.

  2. They are followed also by a concluding section (vv.

  3. She uttered not one word afterwards, being as good as her word: The good woman lookt strangely on me, every one passing their verdict, and all concluding her none of my Wife.

  4. The maid, concluding I durst not adventure further by reason of this unfortunate accident, fell immediately into a profound sleep.

  5. Notwithstanding, however, this predominance of French among the higher class, I do not think that some modern critics are warranted in concluding that they were in general ignorant of the English tongue.

  6. Our first volume contained the portrait of Sir Walter Scott; our sixth and concluding volume is adorned by the portrait of Charles Mackay.

  7. It was said, that one of the clubs met at Somerset-house, where they celebrated their infamous orgies to the sound of musick during the hours of Divine service, which will account for the concluding paragraph of the Proclamation.

  8. In concluding this subject, I cannot do better than quote the words of the Reviewer of my work in the European Magazine for June 1808.

  9. Most reluctantly I must here leave one of the most remarkable periods of the world's history, and reserve to our next chapter the summation of the history of the older world of life in its concluding stage, the Permian.

  10. We toiled on thus all day, with a pause of half an hour about midday, when we retired to the boat, cleaned ourselves as well as we could, and snatched a hasty meal, concluding our labours about half an hour before sunset.

  11. A poor old man he was indeed in those concluding years, weakly rebellious against the firm kindliness of my cousin, his housekeeper and nurse.

  12. During all that concluding year of service I was not so much myself as a forced and artificial thing I made out of myself to meet the special needs of the time.

  13. The limit of endurance had been reached at length; yet, on the verge of the concluding rupture, he turned once more, as if to offer a last opportunity of peace.

  14. By him, also, was dealt the concluding stroke in this first act of the drama; and though we may grant him credit for the ingenuity of his contrivance, he can claim it only at the expense of his probity.

  15. In the concluding years of his administration Wolsey was embarrassed with the divorce.

  16. The tragedy in the concluding words was dramatic; even more so the silence that followed.

  17. Leslie shuddered as he read the concluding words, but having braced himself to sit down and pen an acceptance, he went out in the dusk and posted it.

  18. I am writing the exact words of his reply, on account of the singular politeness of the concluding ones.

  19. Prince," said Rose; and he related everything that had taken place, concluding with the adventure of the foxes.

  20. A concluding decree put an end to the council itself, which closed with a kind of general thanksgiving intoned by the Cardinal of Lorraine.

  21. Pope Clement, with his usual avarice-blinded imbecility, had, immediately on concluding a treaty with the Neapolitan viceroy, discharged all his troops except a bodyguard of about six hundred men.

  22. At Worms, however, while the Pope was concluding an alliance with Charles against France, the papal legate Aleander, by commission of the Emperor, prepared the edict against Luther on the 8th of May.

  23. The other houses employ identical terms, with the exception of the monastery of St. Paul, Newenham, Lincolnshire, which substitutes for the concluding verse a hexameter of similar import.

  24. The concluding portion invests it with a somewhat general character, and may be interpreted as pointing to a lamentable decline from a previous high standard of piety and learning, which only incessant preaching was calculated to rectify.

  25. He was of my opinion; but at that moment he thought everything depended on concluding the negotiations, and I entirely agreed with him.

  26. In this state of things France proposed to the English Government to admit of the mediation of Russia; but as England had declared war in order to repair the error she committed in concluding peace, the proposition was of course rejected.

  27. From these facts we are justified in concluding that the population then inhabiting the Forest were regarded as a brave and skilful race, not merely in their own quarter of the kingdom, but also in the camp of its Kings.

  28. At that time, it was the custom (as I learnt from my terrible experience of that Sessions) to devote a concluding day to the passing of Sentences, and to make a finishing effect with the Sentence of Death.

  29. This oft-quoted saying of the old farmer in the Self-Tormentor of Terence might be affixed as motto to Herbert Spencer's writings from the tractate on the Proper Sphere of Government to the concluding volume of the Principles of Sociology.

  30. The concluding words of this extract make remarkable approach to the modern theory of the origin of life in the complex jelly-like protoplasm, or, as some call it, nuclein or nucleoplasm.

  31. If the speaker's concluding instance hardly produced the effect she had intended, it was perhaps only because Justine's attention had been arrested by the earlier part of the argument.

  32. This, with certain other aspects of the reign, remain for discussion in this concluding chapter.

  33. But in six months' time he was concluding alliances both with Brittany and with Maximilian.

  34. History of the English Church in the Sixteenth Century, concluding with the death of Mary.

  35. I scarcely alluded to our separation, and only commended myself and the brethren, in the concluding prayer, to the Lord.

  36. Andy, concluding that his presence was no longer required, left the kitchen, and returned to work.

  37. Andy forced himself to seem uninterested, and George White dropped the subject, concluding that he was mistaken.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "concluding" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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