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  1. A person who has completed two consecutive full terms of service on the Advisory Committee shall thereafter be ineligible for appointment during the 1- year period following the expiration of the second such term.

  2. A member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term for which the member's predecessor was appointed shall be appointed for the remainder of such term.

  3. He used frequently to visit Washington after the expiration of his Congressional term, and was in the city after the close of the summer session of the Thirty-fifth Congress.

  4. Mr. Lincoln served only one term, and before its expiration he began to take steps for appointment as Commissioner of the General Land-office, two years afterward, should the Whigs then come into power.

  5. In a fit of impatience, the consul ordered his ambassador to leave Rome in five days, if the concordat sent from Paris was not signed at the expiration of that short time.

  6. His dealings with the heretics and philosophers will be treated of more appropriately when we come to consider his journeys, the most important of which occurred after the expiration of the twenty years with which we are now concerned.

  7. To his sisters, the sum of five thousand apiece, to be paid as soon as the business would allow, and at the expiration of a term of years five thousand more.

  8. The main point relating to Laura is this: While the mother has a yearly income from the business, the girls are to be paid five thousand dollars down, and five thousand more at the expiration of three years.

  9. At the expiration of about half an hour the family came out, and when their luggage had been arranged they called for the coachman, but he was nowhere to be found.

  10. I to Antonio, at the expiration of an hour, as we prepared to descend a deep valley.

  11. He brooded for half an hour, and, at the expiration of that period, rang for Webster and requested that Billie should be sent to him.

  12. My notice sir, to take effect at the expiration of the current week.

  13. Some stars accomplish their cycle of change in a few days, many in a few weeks or months, and there are others which do not complete their periods until the expiration of a number of years.

  14. At the expiration of a certain period of time they reappeared, and were observed to go through a certain cycle of changes.

  15. Continuing his observations, Galileo perceived that the two lateral objects gradually decreased in size, and at the expiration of two years entirely disappeared, leaving the central globe visible only.

  16. From Leeds he went to Halifax, and was appointed organist there; on the expiration of twelve months he removed to Bath, and was elected to a similar post at the Octagon Chapel in that city.

  17. At the expiration of a few months Galileo was ordered to return to Arcetri, which he never left again.

  18. At the expiration of this time the Doge of Venice, Leonardo Deodati, hinted that the Senate would not be averse to receive the telescope as a gift.

  19. This punishment lasts a year; after the expiration of which the banished student can renew his matriculation.

  20. If no one appears at the expiration of this time, the judges are authorized to withdraw.

  21. At the expiration of his prorectorate, he continues in the senate a year, where, in the absence of the prorector, he occupies his place.

  22. During this truce Thibaud managed to secure several allies, and the civil war broke out again, even before the nominal expiration of the truce.

  23. In order to be prepared for the expiration of the truce, Pierre Mauclerc was seeking to gain such allies as he could.

  24. She did not wait for the expiration of the truce to begin her operations, but summoned her army and marched upon Brittany with overwhelming forces.

  25. Footnote 325: Plutarch must mean that Crassus left Rome before the expiration of his consulship B.

  26. It was not until the expiration of three or four days that the people began to perceive the small number of the allied troops.

  27. At the expiration of a quarter of an hour we rose; I folded up the map, and thought no more of the matter.

  28. Lacepede, acted accordingly, and limited the prolongation to ten years, commencing from the expiration of the ten years granted by the Constitution.

  29. Emily had given up her situation in the Halifax school, at the expiration of six months of arduous trial, on account of her health, which could only be re-established by the bracing moorland air and free life of home.

  30. At the expiration of that period, he had the living of Thornton, in Bradford Parish.

  31. He was mustered out at expiration of term of service.

  32. The foreign debt was payable by installments, ending at the expiration of fifteen years.

  33. To this end he gave early notice that he would resign at the expiration of the President's first term of office; and when that time arrived he retired.

  34. They not only feel that they will soon have help, but that if their conduct be good, there will be a fair chance for them to see home before the expiration of their term of enlistment.

  35. This General Snap will go home, at the expiration of his three-months' term, unregretted by officers and men.

  36. Here he stayed one week, at the expiration of which time the need of fresh air was so imperative, that he resolved to go out at night to Allen's cottage and spend a day in the woods.

  37. A year or two's experiment proved that the young master was not succeeding as a merchant, and before the expiration of three years he had sold all his slaves except Henry.

  38. Of course she was left a widow, in which state she remained nine years, at the expiration of which period, she married a man by the name of James Mercer, whose narrative may be found on p.

  39. She had a husband, named Jacob Green, who was owned by Nathan Childs for a term of years only, at the expiration of which time he was to be free.

  40. They had lived with Massey five years up to the last March prior to their escape, having been bought out of the Baltimore slave-pen, with the understanding that they were to be free at the expiration of five years' service under him.

  41. For one week he seemed to be improving; at the expiration of this time, however, his symptoms changed, indicating not only the end of slavery, but also the end of all his earthly troubles.

  42. The fear of the pursuers drove him from his hiding-place at the expiration of the week.

  43. This copy also must be delivered within "six months before the expiration of the first term," and should be accompanied by a receipt as in the case of the original deposit.

  44. With these peoples were also the freed indented servants, or redemptioners, who at the expiration of their time of service passed to the frontier.

  45. The renewal must be recorded within six months before the expiration of the first term of twenty-eight years.

  46. Congress," he said, "has guarantied this right for that space of time, and at its expiration may continue it as long as they please.

  47. After the expiration of this term of five years, the sum is appropriated to the protestants settling anywhere in the State, and the bounty is £2 13s.

  48. A few months later, at the expiration of the period, trade was quietly reopened.

  49. The only difficult question," it was said, "is the future status of the apprentices after the expiration of their term of servitude.

  50. Mr. Hussey applied for an extension of his 1833 patent, but, not knowing the exact requirements, his application was offered too late, sixty days before the expiration of the patent being the time allotted.

  51. During that month, and within some ten or twelve days before the expiration of his patent, he applied to me as Commissioner of Patents for an extension.

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