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  1. Men believed in immortality and in expiation for sin.

  2. Expiation was the great element of Mediaeval theology.

  3. Another act of expiation was the visit and gift to Glastonbury, the famous monastery that had received the bones of Edmund Ironside.

  4. The expiation of Orestes, who had avenged his father by the murder of his mother, consisted in going and stealing a statue from the Tartars of the Crimea.

  5. What was clear to Kesiah was that this rebellion against the injustice of the universe, as well as against the expiation of Mr. Jonathan, was the outcome of a strong, though undisciplined, moral passion within her.

  6. The only claimant that responded was a grandson of Idmon, AEsop's former master; and having made such expiation as he demanded, the Delphians were delivered from their troubles.

  7. This is the expiation of your oaths, when ye swear inadvertently.

  8. He was a man of intellect, and, hardened criminal though he was, the instinct of expiation asserted itself in his breast.

  9. Therefore, as religious observances counted for much in the way of expiation of crime, he came to the conclusion that no harm would be done by a little vicarious repentance.

  10. Canterbury, in expiation of words spoken in hasty anger which had indirectly brought about the death of an archbishop.

  11. After a long life, entirely devoted to the expiation of your crimes, you may venture to implore of the Almighty the great though unmerited happiness of obtaining the pardon of your wife and son, and dying in their presence.

  12. Its expiation shall be to feed ten poor persons with such middling food as ye feed your families with, or to clothe them; or to set free a captive: but he who cannot find the means shall fast three days.

  13. They were religiously to be freed in expiation of a false oath taken in mistake--(Sura V, 91).

  14. This is the expiation of your oaths when ye have sworn.

  15. Possibly at Delphi and other places there was an old serpent-worship ousted by that of Apollo, which may account for expiation for the slaying of Python being considered necessary.

  16. Her husband, having accidentally killed Eurytion in the Calydonian boar hunt, fled and obtained expiation from Acastus, whose wife made advances to Peleus.

  17. And when thou shalt have made an end of the expiation thereof, thou shalt offer a calf of the herd without blemish, and a ram of the flock without blemish.

  18. And so shalt thou do in the seventh day of the month, for every one that hath been ignorant, and hath been deceived by error, and thou shalt make expiation for the house.

  19. I give you my word as an emperor that I will accept Bayard's life in expiation of my son's death.

  20. He said the time would surely come when he could demand expiation from Ermenrich, and punish his evil counsellors Sibich and Ribestein.

  21. Our queen has now the expiation that she demanded, and your honour required.

  22. Even if the time of your expiation should be a little longer--well, let it be so.

  23. Saviour died upon the cross of expiation to redeem man in pledge, 567-l.

  24. It was taught in these Mysteries, that the soul passes through several states, and that the pains and sorrows of this life are an expiation of prior faults.

  25. The death of Christ is the expiation for those past sins which have laid the burden of guilt upon the human soul, and it is also the propitiation of the wrath of God.

  26. This same consciousness of guilt which demands an expiation demands that it shall be personal, the satisfaction of the sense of personal responsibility, and of the unconquerable conviction of our own freedom.

  27. On the one hand there is man's desire, natural and almost instinctive, to make expiation for his guilt: on the other there is the tremendous fact of the wrath of God against sin.

  28. Gradually, however, these customs became more humane and were changed to the notions of expiation which we still have.

  29. In our modern penal law, notions of expiation and retaliation are blended, and when we study its roots in ethnology we are not surprised to see the expiation and punishment of so-called crimes against God or religion.

  30. Properly speaking it does not punish, that is to say, it requires no expiation and is not concerned with crime.

  31. With the old conception of law and the expiation of crime it was otherwise.

  32. The idea of expiation was naturally developed on the basis of mysticism combined with the right of the stronger, and associated with the sentiment of vengeance natural to the low mentality of our animal ancestors.

  33. The deed is done, he belongs to the woman with whom he has sinned, the past is ineffaceable: no expiation can alter, even if it may atone.

  34. The difficulty thus caused was never quite overcome, and the nature of Michael Feversham's offence and the value of his expiation were both partially misunderstood.

  35. I have worked, and wept, and prayed, and my expiation has not been in vain.

  36. What need is there of penance and expiation when all has been forgiven?

  37. It has shifted the work of preparation to a world unseen and unknown, and so hushed the voice of conscience by assuring it that there still remains the hope of expiation for its sin.

  38. The heart tells him that his own penance has been insufficient, so the work of expiation must be carried out beyond the grave.

  39. FN#318] For the expiation of inconsiderate oaths see Koran (chaps.

  40. Since the Reformation the mother's duty of expiation has been confirmed by the Anglican Church, and is known in England as "churching.

  41. Xavier being very desirous of his friend's salvation, exhorted him, from time to time, to mortify his natural inclinations, even sometimes to chastise his body for the expiation of his sins.

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