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Example sentences for "finality"

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fina; final; finale; finales; finalist; finall; finallie; finally; finals; finance
  1. This distribution of His clothes was also calculated to make Him intensely sensible of the reality and finality of death.

  2. The finality of his speech came upon her with stunning force.

  3. Just the one word, spoken with a finality more crushing than any outburst of anger!

  4. She knew by the finality of his going that she would see him no more that night.

  5. And with the words she passed with finality out of her mother's room, and went away upstairs without a backward glance.

  6. In the eye of reason the full fruition of this desired finality is already and always attained; the actualization, invisible to the senses, is achieved now and ever, and is thus beyond the element of time.

  7. There had been a note of finality in the respectful tone.

  8. O'Hara shook his head with an air of finality she knew full well.

  9. Warburton sensed the finality in his voice, and wisely threw away his last chance.

  10. But she seemed to feel the finality of his going.

  11. Omniscience alone could give finality to such a scheme.

  12. As a collection, arrangement, and analysis of the facts of reason, it is to all intents and purposes finality achieved at one stroke.

  13. Nevertheless how her heart went out to him for the quiet finality of that refusal to yield to a law not of his own making!

  14. There was something so foreign to Christopher's usual finality of statement in this, that the two older men looked at each other with sudden apprehension and then avoided the other's eye.

  15. As a widow, she reached a black-encompassed repose, a broken-hearted finality of woe.

  16. There was an air of finality in his very way of turning from her in silence.

  17. He spoke with the finality of the Vicar's churchwarden--as if he were withstanding the onslaught of a professed freethinker.

  18. She turned upon him, speaking with a definiteness and finality quite equal in force to his display of the same qualities.

  19. There was something of ultimate finality in her face and eyes that answered, before it was uttered, the question that stumbled on his lips.

  20. There was something of significant finality in the man's patient and respectful tones.

  21. The claim of Christianity to finality rests on its opening up endless possibilities of spiritual growth to mankind.

  22. Of course it would be many years in the future before the finality must be faced, and Katherine was learning to live in the present and to push aside that which threatened or even promised, as too uncertain to dwell upon.

  23. Upon this placid, "established" finality of existence it was, then, which descended a cyclone.

  24. So prone are we all to accept as a finality that to which custom has inured us.

  25. They could not get over the apparent finality of death.

  26. There would be no doubt of the finality of our Lord's physical withdrawal this time.

  27. Twon't always be so," retorted the judge, stung beyond reason at the careless finality of her last words.

  28. There was a finality about it that gave Juliana pause.

  29. C] Beyond this he suffers from the want of finality in legislation.

  30. And certainly the crying need of the moment is legislative finality and political rest.

  31. The breaking of leases was another risky thing to do, for it shook all faith in the sovereignty of the law and the finality of its dicta.

  32. Yet Mrs. Wilder had announced with her regal finality no less than three times in the hearing of Coryndon the previous evening that the Rev.

  33. The power of romance is strong in adolescence, but it is stronger still when the turnstile of years is reached and there is finality in the air.

  34. The finality may be only immanent finality.

  35. Janet, in his work on Final Causes, 8, denies that finality is a primitive conviction, like causality, and calls it the result of an induction.

  36. At last he spoke, with the finality of one whose mind is quite made up.

  37. Though fully aware of the efficacy and finality of that bite, the fox set his teeth, again and again, with curious deliberation of movement, into the limp and unresisting form.

  38. The finality of Christianity lies in the fact that it reveals the God for whom man seeks.

  39. And it is the answer to that question which must determine the finality of any form of religion.

  40. He was nodding his head in thoughtful finality when he lifted himself to his feet.

  41. For one disconcerted instant Judge Maynard wavered; he caught his breath before that level scrutiny; then with a flourish of utter finality he threw up one pudgy hand.

  42. Of course proof of God lacks the finality of a scientific demonstration, and this is true because it moves in a realm so much more important than anything that science touches.

  43. Exactness and finality are possible only in the least important realms.

  44. Fifth Week, Seventh Day When all is said and done in the matter of intellectual assurance, many are confused by the seeming lack of finality in the result.

  45. He uses a simplicity of procedure and gains a finality of result that makes all other knowledge seem relatively insecure.

  46. We cannot prove with theoretical finality that monogamy is the form of family life to which the universe is best adapted.

  47. Occurring on the eve of a momentous presidential election, it threw doubts upon the finality of any appeal to the ballot.

  48. The irrepressible Foote of Mississippi gave all his colleagues a chance to mar their reputations, by injecting into the deliberations of the Senate a discussion of the finality of the compromise measures.

  49. Two features of this speech commended it to Democrats: its recognition of the finality of the compromise, and its insistence upon the necessity of banishing the slavery question from politics.

  50. There was and is still a want of finality in the conclusions of Biblical scholars.

  51. A careful analysis of this statement would involve the consideration of a finality of Christianity as now held in the Western world.

  52. The older denominations had achieved a distinctive finality in organization and doctrine.

  53. In the end the sovereignty of God became for Augustine supreme and over against this he set with strong finality man's hopeless fallen state.

  54. Very likely the accepted Christian doctrine of the finality of life after death has given Theosophy an opportunity in the West.

  55. That is, we must cogitate it only as an unknown substratum of the systematic unity, order, and finality of the world--a unity which reason must employ as the regulative principle of its investigation of nature.

  56. The great closing paragraphs of the chapter (verses 19-39) are one long application of this sublime finality of the one Offering and this presentness of our complete acceptance.

  57. He must tell them not only of the splendour of Messiah's work but of the absolute finality of it for man's salvation.

  58. It throws a broad illumination on the grand finality and uniqueness of the mediatorial priesthood of our Lord, the Son of God.

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