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Example sentences for "decease"

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decasyllabic; decay; decayed; decaying; decays; deceased; deceasse; deceassed; deceave; deceaved
  1. He behaved towards them both with the utmost kindness whilst living, and after their decease paid the highest honours to their memory.

  2. The senate honoured him after his decease with a funeral at the public expense, and with a statue in the Rostra, which had this inscription upon the base: "One who was steadfast in his loyalty to his prince.

  3. Raphael Cottoner, to whom the last letter was addressed, ascended the Maltese throne in October, 1663, on the decease of his brother Raphael.

  4. He was a member of the Society of Friends, and being at the time of his decease a widower, and without family, he left a large portion of his property to their school, then at Clerkenwell, in the neighbourhood of which he resided.

  5. Before her death the decease of her father had thrown a vast increase of wealth into her husband's hands.

  6. Jacob, who had brought up his son Enos "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord," when he saw his own decease approaching, gave him the plates and left him successor in office over the people of Nephi.

  7. Tancred still survived, and defended constantly the territories of his cousin against every attack for three years after the decease of Boemond.

  8. After the decease of the emperor, while Henry, his eldest son, who had remained in Germany, assumed the imperial crown, Philip Duke of Suabia led on the host towards Antioch.

  9. Sir: It has become my most painful duty to announce to you the decease of Zachary Taylor, late President of the United States.

  10. Within a few weeks the public mind has been deeply affected by the death of Daniel Webster, filling at his decease the office of Secretary of State.

  11. William de Hothum, Archbishop of Dublin, who died in 1298, set with a sapphire, as also of many silver ciphi and gold rings set with various gems, delivered to the King on the decease of several other prelates at that period.

  12. I give to every one of their sonnes and daughters who shal be living at the tyme of my decease one gold ring, and one hundred pounds a peece.

  13. At the decease of Pius the Sixth the usual ceremonies were not observed, and the ring was not broken, as was the practice at the elevation of each pontiff.

  14. The same bishop, a month before his decease in 1128, directed that he should be carried into the church, opposite the altar, there to make confession of his sins.

  15. The Wardrobe Books and other records would doubtless show that the rights of the Crown were constantly enforced on the decease of archbishops and bishops with no less jealous vigilance than those of the Church of Canterbury.

  16. On his decease a ribbon was found tied to his left arm, with a gold ring appended to it, containing some hair of the Queen.

  17. The only circumstance requiring notice in the following year is the decease of the second Commissioner of Woods, Sir B.

  18. In February, 1884, I lost one of these by the decease of Thomas Kinsella, a Brooklyn man of public affairs, of singular patriotism and local pride.

  19. Since his decease I have found an entry in the old archives of Lyme about the fears of Andrew Tucker, Esq.

  20. Upon the decease of Prince William-John, his rights and pretensions descended to Prince William, his son.

  21. By these, their lessons were so soon and so completely forgotten, after the decease of Charlemagne, that Lewis the Debonnaire, his son, was obliged to request Pope Gregory IV.

  22. At the decease of their masters they descend, like other estates of inheritance, to the heir at law, and sometimes to thoughtless and giddy youth, habituated from their earliest days to treat them like brutes.

  23. After his decease the government devolved on Thomas Broughton, a plain honest man, but little distinguished either for his knowledge or valour.

  24. Footnote 3: Mr. Webster was at this time President of the Bunker Hill Monument Association, chosen on the decease of Governor John Brooks, the first President.

  25. The decease of this venerable fellow-citizen must at all times have appealed with much force to the patriotic sympathies of the people of Massachusetts.

  26. He was succeeded by his son Robert, who inherited at the decease of his grand-uncle Anthony Beke, Bishop of Durham, the great possessions of that prelate, and 7 Edward II.

  27. Between the date of his wife's father's death in March, 1458, and his own decease in Dec.

  28. He was two years old only at his father's death, but the date of his own decease does not appear.

  29. From the decease of Mr. Trask, the church was without a pastor eleven years and a half.

  30. Mʳ Nathaniel Stone of Harwich: and after the Decease of Herself and Husband yʳ son Ebenezer to Mʳˢ Stone of Sudbury.

  31. Shepard Fisk, who graduated in 1721, and lived at Braintree, his employment, decease and age?

  32. For about three years I heard little of him; but on the decease of the incumbent of the living which had been designed for him, he applied to me again by letter for the presentation.

  33. I will that there shall be dealt and given after my decease amongst poor people householders, to pray for my soul, 20l.

  34. An elegy upon the much lamented decease of the reverend and excellent Mr. Joseph Belcher.

  35. Elegiac verses on the decease of his late Excellency the illustrious and ever-memorable, great and good General George Washington, of immortal memory.

  36. On the decease of His Excellency George Washington.

  37. Reserve= =Elegiac= verses on the decease of his late excellency .

  38. Elegiac verses on the decease of his late Excellency, the illustrious and ever-memorable, great and good General George Washington, of immortal memory.

  39. A consolatory poem dedicated unto Mr. Cotton Mather, soon after the decease of his excellent and vertuous wife, Mrs. Abigail Mather.

  40. On the decease of his excellency general Anthony Wayne, p.

  41. Most unfortunately for her future welfare, Catharine, after the decease of the king, placed her affections upon the brother of Jane Seymour, Thomas Lord Seymour, to whom she was subsequently married.

  42. Unfortunately, the register of decease is strictly regular.

  43. The declaration of decease is perfectly in order.

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