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Example sentences for "destination"

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destas; deste; desthroy; destin; destinated; destinations; destine; destined; destinee; destines
  1. Pitch was poured on the decks and over the sides, and parties were told off to steer them to their destination and then fire and leave them.

  2. That he had broken off your mutual intimacy, lest it should have given rise to an affection by which his destination to the church would not permit him to profit.

  3. Oh, my destination to the church placed me out of the question; otherwise I will not affect to say, that, qualified by my education both to instruct and guide Miss Vernon, I might not have been a more creditable choice than any of my elders.

  4. I acquiesced, however, in my destination with the best grace I could, consoling myself with the hope that I might obtain from the captive freebooter some information concerning Rashleigh and his machinations.

  5. By the time we reached our destination we were just about all in, and on being challenged "Halt; who goes there?

  6. Their destination was Landi Kana, five miles below us on the plain.

  7. As we neared our destination it appeared that Jerry and our chaps were having a real argument.

  8. You do not care to inform me more fully as to your destination or your plans?

  9. If they happened to be on their backs, they entered the ocean backward and did not bother about righting themselves or about selecting a destination until they were many feet below the surface.

  10. I want a destination a good ways off, not something in our own back yard.

  11. I have a ray upon the torpedo, announcing the destruction by us of their vessel, and that torpedo will arrive at its destination in less than an hour.

  12. Goethe, on this assurance, "to endow me so richly and liberally for that particular destination which only the institutions of my country render impossible.

  13. The storm had been long in, gathering, and he judged that he would yet have time to reach his destination before it broke.

  14. They neared their destination at last, and Jack performed what the squire called his favorite circus-trick, racing the car to the top of the towering cliff and stopping dead at the edge of a great immensity of sea and stars.

  15. In the early part of 1809 the Winship brothers of Boston, together with several other keen-sighted Yankees, formed a project for a definite post on the Columbia River, proposing to reach their destination by ship.

  16. Each kept his destination a perfect secret, but to their astonishment, within a month after, they found each other in Spokane.

  17. Golden is a pleasant little town, a hundred and fifty miles below the upper Columbia Lake and twelve hundred and fifty by the windings of the River from its destination in the Pacific.

  18. The May Dacre reached her destination soon after, and thus Mr. Lee and his comrades found themselves at the threshold of their labours.

  19. We arrived at our destination in comfortable time for tea.

  20. A conference for Commanding Officers at Barlin the next day revealed our new destination as Fromelles, and on the morning of October 15th the Quartermaster and other details proceeded thither at an early hour.

  21. Our destination was the Renescure area, east-south-east of St. Omer, and the road lay through Wittes and Racquinghem.

  22. The following day (April 13th) we moved off once more, this time nearer the line, our destination being Authie.

  23. He moved with the air of one having a definite destination but a by no means definite reception.

  24. I found I was rich enough to arrive at Mitau in state, and I therefore took a carriage and six, and reached my destination in three days.

  25. Clementine pretended to be astonished, but her sister looked as if she had known something of our destination before.

  26. When we came to our destination he offered me coffee, which I refused; and he then shut me up in a room.

  27. The guidance of conquerors or colonists to their destination by a supernatural bird or beast is a familiar feature of old-world story.

  28. In the Many[=o]shiu heaven is mentioned as the destination of a deceased Mikado, while in the very same poem a prince is spoken of as dwelling in his tomb in silence and solitude.

  29. His first destination was England, where he did not long remain, but crossed over to Paris, and made his way at last to Rome, there taking up his abode for a considerable time, painting the portraits of Queen Christina and other celebrities.

  30. The exercise of walking and the thought of my destination braced me yet more, so that I began to pluck up a kind of spirit.

  31. The last of those interested to observe my presence was Charlie Stewart, and he too began to pencil and hand about despatches, none of which I was able to trace to their destination in the crowd.

  32. As he approached his destination he found himself quite in the humor to speak his mind to the stranger who had come here with a ferocious hound to tear the members of his family.

  33. So she had not turned round, but had hurried on to reach her destination as soon as possible; and now she was standing before the little house in the garden.

  34. He got on but slowly, for the nearer he approached his destination the denser was the crowd of inquisitive citizens, who stood closely packed round the vast circumference of the building.

  35. The boats almost invariably reached their destination sooner than the land-travellers, and when they at last arrived, there was always a grand festival to welcome them, in which however Sabina but rarely took part.

  36. On this very day he was obliged by Caesar's command to start on a journey and for a long absence; his destination was Pelusium, where he was to erect a monument to the great Pompey on the spot where he had been murdered.

  37. The destination was Baha-'ullah, as Mulla Bakir expressly told the 'numerous company.

  38. He embarked on his destination as had been arranged, but the sea was frozen up, and, unable to effect a landing, he was compelled to return and wait for a more favourable opportunity.

  39. His destination was Vienna and Berlin, with a roving commission subject to circumstances.

  40. You see how right you was about the impossibility of keeping secret at Portsmouth the new destination of this force.

  41. So we marched off and reached our destination towards six o'clock in the morning.

  42. But all parcels did not reach their destination on account of the unreliable service of the field-post, and the maximum weight that could be sent proved another obstacle.

  43. The chance of getting out of the firing line for a few days had such a charm for us that our destination did not concern us in the least.

  44. To reach their destination a small stream had to be crossed.

  45. Its name is obviously derived from its situation, in the west, and from its original destination as the church of a monastery.

  46. We shall be there within a month, as we mean to reach our place of destination by easy stages, and look about us.

  47. They approached their destination by way of the little village of Falls Church, where over the rough and winding road traveled a constant procession.

  48. The cooking of all these elaborate things had been in itself no light achievement, but even that was as nothing to their fear lest the steamer should not reach its destination safely.

  49. This influx of treasure had the usual destination of monastic wealth, being chiefly dedicated to the decoration of its sanctuary.

  50. The removal of this habit having on two occasions been followed by dangerous illness, the boy's destination to a monastic life was confirmed, and his training conducted accordingly.

  51. And I grant that your interest in the ultimate destination of my diamonds is the most natural thing in the world.

  52. He glanced up at the big clock, and remarked to Lancaster, clambering in beside him, that they ought to reach their destination by ten.

  53. He was again convinced that their destination was Egypt; and he made all sail for Alexandria.

  54. His sagacity made him conjecture that the destination of the armament was Egypt.

  55. When we reached our destination and that nest was taken to pieces, I saw that what you might call the backbone of the affair was three kegs of gunpowder, a case of kerosine, and some packages of lucifer matches.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "destination" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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