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Example sentences for "fatality"

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  1. The fatality by which you are threatened is terrible; but there is a Power above fatality; and before that Power my spirit and my child’s spirit now pray for you.

  2. Much less ought it to indulge in them if the temptation consequent on their possession, or fatality incident to their manufacture, more than counterbalances the good done by the effort to obtain them.

  3. They reconcile it to the external fatality that has wound up the organism, and is breaking it down; and they rescue this organism and all its works from the indignity of being a vain complication and a waste of motion.

  4. This fatality is impressive, and popular religion has symbolised it in the person of a deity far more often recognised and worshipped than infinite Being.

  5. He will also inform you of our anxiety to know something of your proceedings and prospects, an uncommon fatality having attended your despatches ever since the month of May last.

  6. They who assert that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in this world talk very absurdly; for can anything be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?

  7. Thus the creation, which seems an arbitrary net, supposes laws as invariable as those of the fatality of the atheists.

  8. It is prejudice, it is a species of fatality which governs their judgment, so that our glory depends less upon a real virtue than upon auspicious circumstances.

  9. Ah, my son, by what fatality have you compelled me to reveal this secret?

  10. Gentlemen, a strange fatality pervades the whole career of these events, as if verily mapped out before the world itself was charted.

  11. Such a crew, so officered, seemed specially picked and packed by some infernal fatality to help him to his monomaniac revenge.

  12. And the more one considers Germany's part in the affair, the more one sees, I think, that from the combined influence of her historical antecedents and her national psychology this fatality was to be expected.

  13. On the other hand, the fatality of Alsace-Lorraine loomed in Germany, full of forebodings of revenge.

  14. Looking back at the history of the whole affair, one seems to see, as I have said, a kind of fatality about it.

  15. What fatality impelled me to fix on the 9th, above all other days in the month?

  16. The fatality sent a thrill of horror through the people, who awaited in dread anticipation the news of further massacres.

  17. There was a pathetic strangeness in the fatality that gave rise to philosophic reflections.

  18. We shall presently endeavour to ascertain what influence it exerted over the prevalence and fatality of Small Pox.

  19. I believe so, unless a fatality or a miracle occur--two things equally improbable.

  20. Ah," the White Scalper said, "it is really fatality which brings you once more face to face with me.

  21. As on the first occasion, he was compelled to break his sword, conquered by fatality rather than by his fortunate enemy.

  22. Yes," the young officer answered; "fatality seems determined to keep us in constant opposition.

  23. The Fatality of Self-Seeking in Editors and Authors.

  24. One day, after a long and perilous chase after an elk, which by a species of fatality he could not catch up, he suddenly found himself before a dead horse.

  25. We must have become habituated to fatality and to encounters with it, in order to have the daring to raise our eyes when certain questions appear to us in all their horrible nakedness.

  26. Let us, then, impute to the fatality of things alone these formidable collisions.

  27. This dilemma, ruin, or safety, is set forth no more inexorably by any fatality than by love.

  28. Now, the law of progress is, that monsters shall disappear before the angels, and that Fatality shall vanish before Fraternity.

  29. Fatality has points of juncture where innocence itself is stamped with crime by the gloomy law of the reflections which give color.

  30. She dropped the letter opener and stood silent, motionless, awaiting his approach--a pose so eloquent of the sense of fatality strong in her as to strike him with apprehension, unused though he was to the appraisal of inner values.

  31. On the other hand, there was the sweet allurement of the adventure she craved, which indeed she had come out to seek and by a strange fatality found--since he had appeared on the bridge almost as soon as she reached it.

  32. That seems to be the fatality in a woman's life.

  33. There was something of fatality in the affair.

  34. What fatality can have induced him to choose to-day of all others for this orgy of hospitality?

  35. Born to a title and fine estate, he was evidently fond of her, and there had been a gentle hope in the bosom of Sir Franks that the family fatality would cease, and that Rose would marry both money and blood.

  36. By some fatality all who were doomed to sit and listen to the Countess de Saldar, were sure to be behindhand in an appointment.

  37. The winter passed without any fatality among them, although there was an occasion when one of the members nearly came to his end.

  38. This was the only fatality during the expedition, and the loss of one out of so small a party naturally had a saddening effect on the survivors.

  39. Where is the fatality here, save in the love of the race of to-day for the race of to-morrow?

  40. It is our habit, in the case of the bees no less than our own, to regard as fatality all that we do not as yet understand.

  41. This fatality exists in the human species also, but its extent and power seem infinitely less.

  42. It is this fatality of the victory of numbers which is the enemy; it is against this that the regiments and the squadrons have been sent out, against this that to-morrow they would have trundled out the artillery.

  43. At this point, fatality intervened in the person of an absurd concierge, who declared that he would let nothing leave Joseph's room before the back rent was paid.

  44. Even in these days of good brakes a fatality has occurred, a cyclist being killed in November, 1902, in a collision with a trap.

  45. The first fatality on the Brighton Road in connection with motor-cars occurred in 1901, at Smitham Bottom, when a car just purchased by a retired builder and contractor of Brighton was being driven by him from London.

  46. Yet by some strange fatality nothing practical was done, and the actual establishment of the great industry was postponed until near the end of the century.

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