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Example sentences for "fatalist"

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  1. It is the fatalist who ought to be humble, who should be modest from principle: is he not obliged to acknowledge, that he possesses nothing that he has not previously received?

  2. In fact, will not every thing conduct to indulgence the fatalist whom experience has convinced of the necessity of things?

  3. But a more fatalist believer in liberty than Ashe doesn't exist--liberty especially to damn yourself--if you must and will.

  4. It is bad to be a fatalist unless one has an incontrovertible belief in one's destiny,--which Hannah had not.

  5. The first fatalist must have been a woman, and the vision of rent prison bars drove her mad.

  6. His impassible face never changed expression; he looked the miserable fatalist he is.

  7. Israel Kafka's nature was eastern, violently passionate and, at the same time, long-suffering in certain directions as only the fatalist can be.

  8. In other words, he asserts that the ordinary man is a fatalist--for Froude knew very well that between the fatalist and the believer in a possibility of miracle there is no conceivable position.

  9. This means that any fatalist may be no more than a lazy and shiftless individual.

  10. The fatalist is accepted to be a person who lets things drift along.

  11. As for Hayston, he was a fatalist by constitution and theory.

  12. This was a cheerful prospect, but I had come through many perils, and missed the grim veteran by so many close shaves, that I had grown to be something of a fatalist like Hayston.

  13. Acknowledging, then, the connection between volition and deed, the fatalist regards the former only as an instrument in the hands of a force outside the agent, which compels his will to execute its plans.

  14. However, men are not philosophers in the ordinary practice of life, hence the fatalist is generally as ready as anybody else to judge on his neighbour's conduct.

  15. Hardened by the fatalist conviction that now possessed him, Midwinter read the rector's confession of defeat, from the first line to the last, without the slightest betrayal either of interest or surprise.

  16. His head sank on his breast, and the fatalist resignation which had once already quieted him on board the wreck now quieted him again.

  17. Not even the shadow of the old superstition rested on his mind now--no fatalist suspicion of himself disturbed the steady resolution that was in him.

  18. To a fatalist it can matter but little whether a nation fulfills its duty, or whether, by neglecting it, punishment should be drawn down upon its head.

  19. There are apparently fatalist governments as well as individuals, which, absorbed in the fancied prosperity of the present, legislate for temporal advantages only.

  20. I glance disdainfully at the fatalist whom I have refuted, and prepare again to lay down the first row of cards.

  21. I dismiss the fatalist as a quibbler and play on.

  22. The evident fact that Thomas Hardy is a fatalist is responsible for the common and absurd idea that he is a pagan.

  23. He is a stoic and a fatalist by nature, but an emotionalist as well.

  24. It is advisable to hinder it with anting-antings and medallions; but when it comes, the Filipino fatalist will take it philosophically.

  25. It seems, also, that Protestantism being widely spread, and deeply rooted in several countries of Europe, this fatalist doctrine ought to have exercised a strong influence on the legislation of Protestant nations.

  26. Thus the Church, by repudiating the destructive errors taught by Protestantism, preserved society from being debased by these fatalist doctrines.

  27. The dogma of grace, as it is explained by the Catholic Church, is not that fatalist doctrine, the mother of despair, which has hardened the heart among Protestants, as Grotius laments.

  28. He was a fatalist pure and simple, and took whatever came to him in a thoroughly fatalist spirit.

  29. The East, with its fatalist superstitions, its apotheosis of lofty earthly sovereignty, its enthronement of an evil power beside the good, was completing the overthrow of the national faith.

  30. His religion, in spite of its astrology, was not one of fatalist reverie; it was a religion of struggle and combat.

  31. But it was in its divinisation of the elemental powers and heavenly bodies that this religion probably obtained its most powerful hold on an age profoundly fatalist and superstitious.

  32. This fatalist superstition infected nearly all the successors of Augustus in the first and second centuries.

  33. He was no longer a fatalist philosopher, the thoughtful Eastern gentleman who laughed quietly at conventional notions.

  34. After you have conceded every fatalist argument, you know that it is wrong.

  35. This native shrewdness and spirit of barter is quite typical of the Russian peasant in all matters--large or small--and he greets the outcome of every such combat with stoical indifference, in typical fatalist fashion.

  36. The Russian peasant, of course, in true fatalist fashion calmly accepted this situation as an inevitable act of Providence, which made the task of the Red Cross workers and others more difficult.

  37. If this were all, we might indeed adopt the fatalist conception which I sketched for you but a short while ago.

  38. The depressing effect of the fatalist doctrine can only be felt where there is a wish to do what that doctrine represents as impossible.

  39. Thus the fatalist secures the supreme government of God, only at the expense of human freedom, and thus weakens, if not destroys, the foundation of human accountability.

  40. The fatalist has no hesitation in replying no, to these questions.

  41. All that the fatalist maintains is, that we are governed by circumstances out of our own control, so that, situated as we are, it is impossible for us to act otherwise than as we do.

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