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  1. This number has been exceeded by the fatalities since published and the much greater number which have never been recorded.

  2. To use tents that are not absolutely sterile is to court disaster, and in former times they were responsible for many fatalities from sepsis.

  3. Here, again, the cautious north exhibits its superiority, its proportion of fatalities from this source not being more than a fifth part of the proportion throughout the country.

  4. The folly of it is that occasionally the error of their way is illustrated by a longer list of fatalities through one shell claiming half a dozen victims.

  5. But the lamentable list of fatalities had been piled up only at great cost to the enemy, since around the circle of the fort, and not four hundred yards away, we could see the Boer ambulances picking up their dead and wounded.

  6. Apart from the fatalities from shell and rifle fire, there is the list of those who have died from the hardships which they have had to experience.

  7. In a very short space of time the list of fatalities included a native dog, a commissariat mule, and many buildings.

  8. The Germans of the North and West appeared in their true character during the war of 1870, when a series of deplorable fatalities and mournful inconsistencies had delivered up unhappy France to the mercy of the invader.

  9. One of the fatalities in this disease has been the sticking to these useless medicines by a certain class of physicians and patients.

  10. The unchanging fatalities of Ireland appear in Spenser's account in all their well-known forms; some of them, as if they were what we were reading of yesterday.

  11. It is still an immense power in shaping and colouring it, both in fiction and reality; in the family, in the romance, in the fatalities and the prosaic ruin of vulgar fact.

  12. For a time fatalities were so frequent and the nature of the contagion so feared that it was difficult to persuade undertakers to bury the dead, even without funeral or other ceremony.

  13. Milan, as well as fatalities at Rome, Bologna, Ferrara and Leghorn, including the deaths of two cardinals.

  14. The patients received by that charity were of the same class as formerly, most of them being adults, among whom the proportion of fatalities was greater than at all ages.

  15. The attacks and fatalities were remarkably numerous for one or two days, falling at once thereafter to about a half.

  16. The proportion of fatalities was as high as 60 per cent.

  17. The symptoms were severe and alarming, but the fatalities were few, perhaps not more than one in fifty attacks.

  18. The fatalities were most common, as usual, at ages from forty to sixty.

  19. There have been several other fatalities from elk.

  20. It is a common thing for the large alligators in our Reptile House to battle for supremacy and in these contests several fatalities have occurred.

  21. And even that led to several fatalities in the ranks of Gallus stanleyi.

  22. Come to think it over it is small wonder that the list of fatalities is so large.

  23. Among the more recent fatalities in aviation are the deaths of Antonio Fernandez and Leon Delagrange.

  24. One of the latest fatalities at a Long Island flying-field was due to careless stitching, or weakness of fabric, which gave way under great pressure due to high speed.

  25. There were fifty fatalities in twenty weeks of flying, and machine after machine came down in a fatal spinning-nose dive, or tail spin, as the Americans speak of the spin.

  26. The fatalities of war among those volunteers are difficult to estimate.

  27. Ah, the fatalities in that war were not confined to the boys in blue.

  28. It was sad to think, after computing the fatalities and speculating upon the fate of the missing, that away up in Lenox the people were reading in the newspapers that Co.

  29. A little later Weishaupt writes again: All fatalities happen to me at the same time.

  30. This small list of fatalities is due to the fact that most of the vessels have been in harbor latterly, as the fishing was poor.

  31. Reports of property loss and fatalities have come in.

  32. Comte, Littré, and others object against calling these fatalities materialistic, because they distinguish gradations of law.

  33. Further, we read of "the rigorous fatalities which make the world what it is.

  34. The author had denounced the first of these fatalities in Notre-Dame de Paris; the second was fully exemplified in Les Miserables; and the third was indicated in Les Travailleurs de la Mer.

  35. But with all these fatalities there also mingled that inward fatality, the supreme agonizing power, the human heart.

  36. In Australia, especially in New South Wales and farther to the north, fatalities due to the bites of poisonous snakes are not rare.

  37. Its bite is very serious, but does not cause nearly so many fatalities as that of the Cobra, since its fangs are smaller.

  38. There are few spectacles more sickening than two powerful but awkward men slashing each other with common jack-knives, though the fatalities are much less frequent than in gun-fighting.

  39. It has happened often therefore, far too often, in aeroplane fatalities that have happened from time to time, that the cause of such accidents has, even after the most careful investigation, had to be written down a mystery.

  40. After all the years since I cannot believe that, except for the relief of pain, any patient was made better by my dosage; and in all fatalities the post-mortem revealed the fact that the wisest dosage would have been without avail.

  41. As they were all physical wrecks, and died after short illnesses, there could be no question raised in any just sense as to the character of my services, but the fatalities were scored against me.

  42. I had no fatalities that were apparently in any way due to the enforced lack of food.

  43. Such fortune would be annihilating but for the fatalities inevitable with all practitioners.

  44. Her influence (if she ever had any, other than that of permitting the Emperor to escape from the insufficiencies which constituted the fatalities of his life) was not injurious to any living soul.

  45. My life represents a succession of fatalities of which I was powerless to avert the final denouement.

  46. A chain of bloody fatalities which recalls the tragedies of Sophocles or Euripides is not simply a game of chance.

  47. Nothing happened to John Harrington, whom I met fourteen years afterwards in Cape Town, but in view of the two fatalities he was somewhat uneasy until the following New Year's Day had arrived.

  48. I heard of no fatalities among human beings, but a flock of sheep was wiped out at a spot where the storm concentrated.

  49. However, I recall one occasion when three fatalities resulted from three successive flashes.

  50. One weird circumstance connected with these fatalities was this; in some instances the temperature of the bodies would rise after death and continue to rise for several hours.

  51. A number of fatalities at the beginning always attracts attention.

  52. Any story which involves a large number of fatalities will carry a long distance, if for no other reason.

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