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Example sentences for "hiccup"

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  1. Loud hiccup from Uncle Pentstemon, momentary consternation followed by giggle from Annie.

  2. Couldn't stand Lizzie throwin' herself away like that," said Uncle Pentstemon, and repeated his hiccup on a larger scale.

  3. I had thoughts," said the Pope, wid the laste sign ov a hiccup on him, "ov getting up a broiled bone for the same purpose.

  4. Further, the last dying hiccup of the Haliotis seemed - or it might have been the Malay from the boat-house - to have lifted the thing bodily on its bolts, and set it down inaccurately as regarded its steam connections.

  5. At length when the hiccup ceased, it was replaced by partial convulsions or some other symptoms, and vice versa.

  6. He'll never slit another throat, nor hiccup Petrarch over a goblet nor remonstrate with me on my humanity.

  7. If you will tell me the day, I'll get drunk myself on this side of the water, and waft you an applauding hiccup over the Channel.

  8. He inquired after the adorable Beatrix, with a royal hiccup in his voice; he was easily got to bed, and in a minute or two plunged in that deep slumber and forgetfulness with which Bacchus rewards the votaries of that god.

  9. Perhaps you too have learned to love drink, and to hiccup over your wine or punch;—which is your worship’s favourite liquor?

  10. Elliston the actor, when the Coronation was performed, in which he took the principal part, used to fancy himself the king, burst into tears, and hiccup a blessing on the people.

  11. The Application of a Blister removed the Hiccup in one, after the above Remedies had proved ineffectual; as did the Musk Julep with Opium, and the Application of an aromatic Plaister to the Stomach, in another Patient.

  12. The Hiccup seldom appeared in this Fever till the Patient was reduced very low, and was commonly the Forerunner of Death.

  13. Perhaps you too have learned to love drink, and to hiccup over your wine or punch;--which is your worship's favorite liquor?

  14. He was Scotch and his name was Colin Hiccup Grunt, as near as I could hear it.

  15. There was a row, and the son and heir of the house of Grunts was killed, old Colin Hiccup fightin' over his body like a red-headed lion in short skirts.

  16. The next attack of hiccup laid him back speechless, and I believe senseless in the last parting work: he had no further struggle, nor need of any person to support him.

  17. He gave a squeal like a frightened rabbit, and with another parting hiccup turned and ran.

  18. Do you think, woman, that Hiccup would condescend to come to you and me were we kicking in fits, dying with the pip, or had swallowed a mutton-chop the wrong way?

  19. Hiccup is with his lordship, with the Most noble, the Right honourable the Earl of Wittington, the Right honourable the Lady Tabby Catson!

  20. A faint hiccup saluted his ear, and, looking down, he found his way barred by the aged legs of the venerable stranger, whose feet were upon the opposite cushions.

  21. With the exception of a scarcely heard hiccup between every two chestnuts that he ate, not a sound was emitted by this venerable and striking figure as he sat there thus unobtrusively in a public car, like any ordinary passenger.

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