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Example sentences for "definitive"

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definitely; definiteness; definitio; definition; definitions; definitively; definitor; definitors; deflagrates; deflagrating
  1. And may their nuptials be definitive and fruitful; from them and from all the others may there arise the great nation which, now that I begin to know you, I trust you will soon become!

  2. This consideration alone would supersede the expediency of announcing any definitive and irrevocable resolution.

  3. In truth, my difficulties increase and magnify as I draw towards the period, when, according to the common belief, it will be necessary for me to give a definitive answer in one way or other.

  4. Bekker wishes to publish a grand work, through the Clarendon Press, in return for a proper honorarium,—a definitive edition of Homer, with every possible commentary that could be wished.

  5. The proposal is “To publish a definitive edition of Homer, with Scholia and Commentary, making it as complete and absolutum as is wished.

  6. In this dilemma they sent ambassadors into Castile, to obtain some modification of the terms, or at least to protract negotiations till some definitive arrangement should be made with Louis the Twelfth.

  7. With these amiable dispositions, the negotiations were not long in resulting in a definitive treaty, arranged to the mutual satisfaction of the parties, though in violation of the private instructions of the archduke.

  8. The only intervening occurrence meriting attention is the promulgation of a French decree purporting to be a definitive repeal of the Berlin and Milan decrees.

  9. Torn asunder by the strife of French and English, Canada was unable, or at least unwilling, to commit herself to the choice of a definitive capital, after Montreal had been rendered impossible by the turbulence of its mobs.

  10. I dictated this our definitive sentence to be written by Titillus, the notary.

  11. The effect was that on the accession of Christian emperors the Church was able to advance rapidly toward a definitive statement.

  12. The logical result of this instinctive protest against evil is a refusal to believe in its definitive triumph.

  13. The battle is on the definitive issue still uncertain.

  14. If there is no definitive reason for affirming it, there is still less any categorical reason for denying it.

  15. It is not proved that instability is the definitive and eternal characteristic of the highest functions of consciousness.

  16. Finally the authentic version, or what purported to be such, was brought to them; and they possessed the definitive formula of revelation.

  17. The definitive why has not been given, no doubt; we even ask ourselves if there is one.

  18. These ideas, which totally ignore the profound and definitive difference between animate and inanimate, are fixed in the human mind.

  19. Hatred signifies the presence of some element of attraction in the object hated; but pity is the highest and most definitive moral barrier that can exist between two beings.

  20. The present definitive edition is a chaos, almost useless for purposes of study.

  21. From them he omitted practically nothing when at last he made up the definitive edition of his work.

  22. His poetic experiments of this period one may find at the back of the definitive edition of his work.

  23. If we follow the Riverside edition, at present [1914] the definitive canon, eight books preceded Riverby and eight followed it.

  24. The two years' truce was repeatedly prorogued, and lasted till 1449, but no definitive treaty was ever concluded, owing to the bad faith with which both parties kept their promises.

  25. These preliminaries were ratified by the definitive peace of Calais (Oct.

  26. None of these subjects possess the least novelty; the author's merit, if merit it can be called, lies in having stamped them with their definitive form for the use of subsequent ages.

  27. The campaign lasted but five days and closed with his crushing and definitive defeat at Novara (March 23), which put an end to the hopes of Italian liberty for the time being.

  28. I published them at last in book form, because I felt that no definitive edition of my books ought to appear--and I had then a definitive edition in my mind--without these stories which represented an early phase in my work.

  29. This edict gave occasion for several trials, but none of them were followed by a definitive sentence.

  30. The inquisitors seized this opportunity to renew their charges, but they were disappointed; the duke died in prison before the definitive sentence was pronounced.

  31. This brief was interpreted at Madrid to be a permission to pass a definitive sentence.

  32. On the 18th the fiscal required that Perez should be declared contumaceous, and that the definitive sentence should be pronounced.

  33. Francis had three audiences, in which he confessed several other facts which related to himself, or concerned other persons; the inquisitors then voted a second time for the definitive sentence.

  34. The very excellent sketch-map prepared for the definitive edition of Mr. Hardy’s works very clearly shows the comparative density of the literary settlements he has made.

  35. He was also the British plenipotentiary in negotiating the Definitive Treaty of Peace with the United States.

  36. In 1783 he was appointed a commissioner to sign the Definitive Treaty of Peace.

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