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Example sentences for "culminating"

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culmina; culminant; culminate; culminated; culminates; culmination; culmine; culms; culo; culotte
  1. It writhed and spumed upward in great clumps, culminating in enormous, overhanging caps inevitably suggesting the mushroomcloud of the bomb.

  2. It became very popular in New as well as in old England, and was followed by a long line of imitators, culminating in America in the publication of Noah Webster's famous blue-backed American Spelling Book, in 1783.

  3. The culminating point of the Middle Ages was reached in Jewish history at a time when it had been passed by the most of Western Europe.

  4. It contains many curious particulars of the incidents and transactions culminating in the rupture with Prussia that brought about the downfall of his ministry and the ruin of the Second Empire.

  5. Round the picture is a frieze of prophets, culminating in the mystical Pelican; below is the great tree of the Dominican order, spreading out from St. Dominic himself in the centre, with Popes Innocent V.

  6. The eleven years that follow Campaldino, culminating in the Jubilee of Pope Boniface VIII.

  7. We were thrilled by his stories of events of which he had been an eye-witness, culminating in his account of the three days during which the British troops were permitted to sack the reconquered city.

  8. If an ascending phrase encounters no repeated and no dissonant note it is progressive, and the culminating note is the most intense.

  9. Finally, if the dissonant note is at the same time culminating and repeated, it has seven degrees of intensity.

  10. If the repeated note be at the same time the culminating note, it will require a new degree of intensity.

  11. We may possibly find a dissonant note in the ascending phrase, with a repeated culminating note.

  12. What is called the culminating point of the gesture, must not be forgotten.

  13. In this case, the higher the voice rises the softer it must become; for there cannot be more than one culminating point in a musical phrase any more than in a logical or mimetic phrase.

  14. This was a period of prosperity in business culminating in the crisis of 1857 (felt more or less in all the leading countries).

  15. This Madonna, with the sculpture round her, represents the culminating power of Gothic art in the thirteenth century.

  16. If we have to refer to the early Renaissance as the culminating period of glass painting, it is because the technique of an earlier period found in it freer and fuller expression.

  17. To the east of the central area referred to and divided from it by a spur of the Brecknock mountains culminating in Carn Bugail, 1570 ft.

  18. Here we do but mention them as details in the worried life of this culminating emperor.

  19. The Persians experienced a series of defeats culminating in the battle of Nineveh (627); but neither side had the strength for the complete defeat of the other.

  20. The history of China is bound up with the struggle of those two forces, culminating in the practically complete defeat of Taoism after centuries of ebb and flow.

  21. And so on to the culminating moral, that the highest pay, the utmost importance, the freest expenditure, must be allowed to military gentlemen.

  22. It is the culminating beauty of the marvelous colonnade of Fine Arts Palace, its chief distinction.

  23. His "Sower" was the culminating work of his early labors, the product of his final year at Rome, in which year a heroic figure is required of every student.

  24. It is not, however, until the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth that the culminating point of richness in armour is attained, when poems abound in allusions to it.

  25. He was above all things a rhetorician; he was an instinctive master of those qualities in words which go to produce effects of passionate vehemence, vigorous precision, and culminating force.

  26. Communism is the beginning, and not the culminating state of societies and peoples.

  27. It was also a culminating point in the great labor upheaval.

  28. The earthly life-sacrifice of the Messiah was his necessary and greatest act, and was the culminating point of his teaching.

  29. On the other hand, there seems evidence in Scripture of a progressive rage and devastating activity in the case of the evil one, beginning in Genesis and culminating in the Revelation.

  30. So extended was the reputation of this work, that Raffaele is believed to have been attracted thither in his youth, to imbibe that devotional sentiment which he was destined to advance to its culminating point of excellence.

  31. After elevating Christian painting to its culminating point, he lent himself unwittingly to its degradation, by selecting depraved loveliness equally for a Madonna or a Venus, by designing from it indiscriminately a Galatea or a saint.

  32. Then, in a few clipped sentences, he stated the bald facts of the case, culminating in his discovery of the previous night.

  33. And the culminating information from the master that this event would be commemorated by a half-holiday, combined to make the occasion as exciting to the simple school-house in the clearing as it was to the gilded saloon in the main street.

  34. We see meanness with a religious profession culminating in the treachery of Judas.

  35. We see honour in alliance with religion culminating in the Garden of Gethsemane, when the bleeding Sufferer rallied His fainting courage and stood firm to His undertaking--"The cup which My Father hath given Me, shall I not drink it?

  36. Very soon a bold egregious wether jumped the fence into the Higher Criticism, and gave us a new and amazing interpretation of the culminating line in Crossing the Bar.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "culminating" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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