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embarcadero; embarcation; embargo; embargoed; embargoes; embarkation; embarkations; embarke; embarked; embarking
  1. The business was highly improper for Government to embark in.

  2. A Boston company was about, as he understood, to embark in this business, but waited to see the steps taken by Congress.

  3. They would, as they formerly did, embark in privateers; having nothing to lose, and every thing to hope, they would not dishonor their former fame.

  4. The House proceeded, by ballot, to the appointment of a committee of five, to attend, with a committee from the Senate, to receive the President of the United States at such place as he shall embark at from New Jersey for this city.

  5. We shall have need of all our good men if we embark upon this Canadian expedition, which I have now in mind.

  6. On the 15th I again called upon Mr. Butler to obtain a passport to Vera Cruz, where I intended to embark for America.

  7. By uniting them in pairs by a platform, we were able to embark with all our furs and traps, without any extra burden, except a man and the necessary traps for each canoe.

  8. Footnote 12: "Finding it impossible to proceed with their negotiations, the Commissioners prepared to re-embark for England.

  9. These matters being arranged, finding the weather favourable for his voyage, he set sail about the third watch, and ordered the horse to march forward to the farther port, and there embark and follow him.

  10. Oxenstiern went from Paris to embark at Dieppe; and Grotius accompanied him a part of the way[235].

  11. Leaving that city therefore, he went to a seaport two leagues distant, in order to embark for Lubeck.

  12. Even with all this preparation going on some officers were indulging the hope that the troops might remain in camps, perfecting themselves in drill, until September, or October, before they should be called upon to embark for Cuba.

  13. When you receive this we shall have visited Paris, thence to London to embark for home.

  14. On the morrow, with her father, she was to leave for the city where they were to embark for England.

  15. Dalton asked the proprietors of the shop, if they could change him some Van Diemen's Land Notes for gold, as he was about to embark for England.

  16. In those miserable days of violence and blood, almost any prince was ready to embark in war under anybody's banner, where there was the least prospect of personal aggrandizement.

  17. For my part," said Lord Holmesford, "I only embark in the enterprise to oblige my friend Greenwood; and therefore I am agreeable to any thing that he proposes.

  18. I have communicated with Katherine's trustee upon the subject; and we have agreed to furnish you with five hundred pounds at once, to enable you to embark in a respectable and substantial line of business.

  19. In four days I shall embark on board the ship that brought you to England.

  20. All these things made the land unsafe; and so I thought it best to embark the gold that I took from old King Zingary, in this barge, which was to be had so cheap.

  21. The eventual object will be to purchase two or three small ships which may take on board, at different points, those who choose to embark in the enterprise; and these ships will have a common rendezvous.

  22. He feared lest Markham's health might not be sufficiently restored to enable him to embark so soon in the enterprise.

  23. Well, sir—six months passed away after the departure of Wilmot and his daughter, and my father, who was usually so cautious and prudent, was induced to embark some money in the purchase of smuggled goods.

  24. It was resolved, that Ardaburius should embark with the infantry; whilst Aspar, at the head of the cavalry, conducted Placidia and her son Valentinian along the sea-coast of the Adriatic.

  25. Impatient of the insult, Genseric pursued the hasty retreat of the Suevi as far as Merida; precipitated the king and his army into the River Anas, and calmly returned to the sea-shore to embark his victorious troops.

  26. This favorable reception encouraged five thousand warriors to embark with their families in seventeen vessels, and the infant power of Hengist was fortified by this strong and seasonable reenforcement.

  27. In short, men, in their senses, do not embark on board a sinking ship.

  28. I then went, the same year, to embark at Havre.

  29. I had stood out the storm of one revolution, and had no wish to embark in another.

  30. But as you ask me if it be my wish that you should embark in this controversy and risque the consequences with respect to myself, I will answer this part of the question by marking out precisely the part I wish you to take.

  31. Those who were in the condition of freedom--whose hearts throbbed with the pulsations of liberty--were the first to embark in the cause of African civilization.

  32. Chapter XXXVI I could not prevail upon Mrs Reichardt to embark in my craft, the fate of my first passenger which she had witnessed from the shore, had deterred her from attempting a voyage under such unpromising circumstances.

  33. I sincerely trust she will go to London, as in that case I shall see her again before I embark for Flanders.

  34. His career now may be wholly changed, and he may never embark in trade," said Constance.

  35. He often talks to me of you and Constance, and hopes that Atherton has been able to embark for France.

  36. After all,” he said, “I don’t know that those who would embark would be better off than those who remained!

  37. Nevertheless there are men sufficiently adventurous to embark in such an enterprise.

  38. His head was full of the entreaties and persuasion of his companion, and he determined to embark secretly on the Grampus, for Mr. Barnard would not have authorized him to defy the prohibition of his family.

  39. On account of your intention to embark on the Halbrane.

  40. However, we could not allow them to become masters of the boat, to bring it down, to embark ten or twelve men, and to abandon us to our certain fate on this iceberg.

  41. Under these circumstances, you understand, a passenger might be troublesome, and besides, who would care to embark on the Halbrane?

  42. And therefore I had the idea that if two or three of us were to embark in the boat--” “Ah!

  43. In fact, I had finally resolved not to quit the schooner, but to embark for America from the Falkland Isles with out much delay.

  44. And he made me embark in a ship, and sent me forth from the sea-coast, and the winds drove me ashore to the land of Alasu (Cyprus?

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