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Example sentences for "embarking"

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embark; embarkation; embarkations; embarke; embarked; embarks; embarque; embarqued; embarras; embarrass
  1. The best way to reach it from the capital is by embarking in a coasting steamer, which occupies ten days in making the complete circuit of the island.

  2. There was at one time so much speculative energy evinced in this direction that nearly every local government official was more or less engaged in it, embarking therein all the money which he possessed or which he could borrow.

  3. But before embarking on the second rubber she turned to Madge.

  4. Cards were dealt her, and she dealt with them, embarking on commercial transactions.

  5. His route along the sea-coast gave credence to a report which had now gained ground, of his intention of embarking for France.

  6. Indeed, embarking on a business venture may be but the beginning of the loss of the income of future years when all chance of profits has ceased and the business represents nothing but a lot of debts that remain to be liquidated.

  7. The next day the king entrusted the kingdom to his ministers, and embarking on a ship, set out on the sea with Sattvasila, who shewed him the way.

  8. In his company, embarking on a ship laden with much wealth belonging to the merchant, he set out on the ocean path.

  9. Moreover, you have many acquaintances and friends there, and may gather valuable news as to the feeling in Normandy and the probability of William's barons embarking in a desperate war for his advantage.

  10. The first batch of males were sent off on the 16th August, embarking at Millbank, and proceeding by launch to Woolwich.

  11. Embarking hotly on the new project, the Government could not well afford to continue steadfast to the principle of penitentiaries, and the latter might have fallen to the ground altogether, but for the interposition of Jeremy Bentham.

  12. I am sensible that I am embarking the voice of the people and a good name of my own on this voyage; but what returns will be made for them, Heaven alone can foretell.

  13. Newspapers are not fond of embarking in a discussion which may probably "draw its slow length along," and terminate angrily.

  14. Going to the railway station, the Brigade took the cars and returned to Aquia Creek Landing, there embarking on the steamer “Louisiana” for Alexandria, arriving at the latter place on the evening of the 28th.

  15. You do me wrong, Luke Wright, when you believe I led the Britishers up to Barton's point that night you were embarking for Hog island.

  16. We arrived at the ship-yard without interruption, and then it behooved us to move with more of caution, for if so be the guards saw three lads embarking in a skiff, there would be little delay in halting them by means of a bullet.

  17. Gwen, embarking on a resume, was interrupted by a tunnel, and then had hardly begun again when the train rushed into a second section of it, which had slipped or been blown further along the line.

  18. The old boy is embarking on a lecture on collar-structure, which, however, he is not allowed to finish.

  19. Embarking again at the head of the creek, with a strong favoring tide, we reached our floating domicile at dark.

  20. Changing horses and rapid riding brought us to the main trunk of the Rio Grande, when embarking with our saddles and geer, in broad canoes, we were ferried to the opposite bank at Santiago.

  21. Before they arrived in France, many had never left the shores of Great Britain, and now they were embarking on an Expedition that would reveal to them some of the wonders of the East.

  22. And though the conditions outraged all he had been told of the craft he was embarking upon, he plunged his pick into this flat, and set to work with characteristic good-will.

  23. When she had married Scipio he had money--money that had been left to him for the purpose of embarking in business, a purpose he had faithfully carried out.

  24. One fair summer's day, a body of troops was embarking for foreign service.

  25. Then, turning her broadside to the town, she opened on the houses occupied by the Turks, firing over the heads of the soldiers and embarking population.

  26. All you have got to do on embarking or on disembarking is to see personally to your luggage; for leaving it to a servant unacquainted with the country will not do.

  27. Embarking from Brighthelmstone to Dieppe, i.

  28. James, hearing of the dangerous situation of his ally Francis, generously levied some forces; and embarking them on board vessels which he had hired for that purpose, landed them safely in France.

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