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Example sentences for "embarkation"

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  1. Most of the horses had only been received a few hours before the embarkation took place, and were, in consequence, quite new to their work.

  2. When the day of embarkation arrived, the two chiefs, with a strong force came to the water's edge and looked on moodily.

  3. The embarkation for Vera Cruz was delayed by the non-arrival of the troops from Monterey and want of transportation.

  4. The place of embarkation was three miles east of Fort Niagara, and was made in six divisions of boats.

  5. It took place on the beach of Zara under the eyes of the Provveditore, with ships under sail, ready for the embarkation of the conscripts.

  6. Now I will return to the point of my embarkation on the galley Generalizia in the port of Malamocco.

  7. He ordered rafts to be made of the canoes, to convey the horses over, and as soon as it was daylight the embarkation began in good order, the soldiers in the brigantines, and the Indians in their canoes.

  8. Two days after the embarkation of the governor and the departure of the brigantine, Domingo de Irala, the accountant Philip de Caceres, and the factor Pedro Dorantes assembled their friends and attacked the house of Captain Salazar.

  9. The next day there was a heavy storm which made embarkation difficult, but it was nevertheless accomplished.

  10. On December 20th the embarkation of the last troops at Suvla was accomplished.

  11. The last thing would be the embarkation of the cargo.

  12. The embarkation was still going on, and most of the unfortunate creatures had been carried aboard, when the boat of the Kroomen was observed coming rapidly up stream.

  13. The captain at first exhibited some signs of dismay, but after looking up to the sky and around to the tree-tops, to note which way blew the wind, he appeared to recover his spirits a little, and ordered the embarkation to be hurried on.

  14. The embarkation was easy enough, and the stowage still more so.

  15. The slaves, therefore, remained in the barracoon, and the preparations for their embarkation went on.

  16. Obligations of considerable and rapidly cumulative cost had now been incurred, making it imperative to go forward to embarkation with all speed, and primarily, to secure the requisite larger ship.

  17. She must, in all probability (having been married in Leyden in 1612), have been at least twenty-five at the embarkation eight years later.

  18. Finally a number of transports arrived, and, on October 8, amid scenes of wild confusion, the embarkation began in earnest.

  19. By August 31 the transports had arrived at Beausejour, and early in the month of September the embarkation began.

  20. August, with the intention of superintending in person the embarkation of his troops.

  21. The commissioner, having superintended in person the equipment and embarkation of the parties of Messrs.

  22. The embarkation of both was completed at noon on the 4th September.

  23. After this I had to assist in getting the boats ready for the embarkation of the troops.

  24. This settled the question; the further embarkation of the troops has been stopped, and now I must hurry away to endeavour to get the main body back again before our manoeuvre is discovered.

  25. It was almost the hour appointed for the embarkation of the troops when I got down to the river.

  26. Scarcely had I heard of the proposed plan before I found that the embarkation had commenced.

  27. O'Driscoll was engaged in the embarkation of the troops.

  28. The embarkation was not to take place till midnight, so I had ample time to go up the river to ascertain whether the house where Madeline had been residing had been attacked.

  29. In the course of our conversation on this point, I was surprised to hear you mention, that an embarkation had already taken place, in which a large number of negroes had been carried away.

  30. This caused considerable anxiety to the Embarkation Staff whose task was not lightened by the knowledge of the presence of an enemy submarine which (unsuccessfully) torpedoed H.

  31. The same day embarkation commenced on to H.

  32. After a few days in the embarkation camp it was played down to the quay by the pipes of the Liverpool Scottish and embarked for Tilbury, where it entrained for Newhaven.

  33. Two days later a warning order was issued for the Battalion to prepare for embarkation to Egypt.

  34. We are brought now to the dock-yard at Deptford, to behold the first embarkation of the Georgia pilgrims.

  35. It was not until the early part of November that the embarkation was ready for sailing.

  36. Washington himself superintended the embarkation of the troops, who began to move about ten o'clock.

  37. In pursuance of the resolution of the council, orders were issued to move every available boat to Brooklyn, and have them in readiness for embarkation at midnight.

  38. It was sent to give dignity to the embarkation of the Prince of Wales in 1860.

  39. On broad canvases are portrayed the tearful embarkation from Delfthaven, the landing on this cheerless, frozen shore.

  40. His embarkation on a bright October day was one of the finest pageants ever witnessed in this country.

  41. Having gone through the ceremony of embarkation he returned to his office, and spent the night in completing his last labors.

  42. Before his embarkation the secretary of state instructed Sir W.

  43. Early in the morning the Sire of Gaucourt, with a squad of soldiers and mercenaries, took possession of the Bourgogne Gate, through which Joan had to pass to reach the river bank and effect the embarkation of the troops.

  44. Joan had several times the day before insisted with the councilmen to see that about twenty barges, capable of containing each from fifty to sixty men be safely moored and ready at daybreak for the embarkation of the troops.

  45. I was placed in charge of these operations; which included the chartering of ships, their preparation for passengers, and the embarkation of the refugees.

  46. The embarkation was carried into execution under fire.

  47. The embarkation was effected with extraordinary celerity, and we soon quitted the shore.

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