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catalla; catalog; cataloged; cataloging; catalogs; catalogued; cataloguer; catalogues; cataloguing; catalpa
  1. In Horace Walpole's catalogue it is described as one of the only seven mourning-rings given at the burial of Charles I.

  2. A statement in the catalogue records the incident related.

  3. On this occasion the Abbot Lawrence took from the body of the sainted king his robes and the ring of St. John; of the robes the abbot made three copes, as appears from the following entry in the catalogue of the relics of the saint.

  4. In the library of Senor Eguiara, in the manuscript of the Turriana collection, I have read the article relating to Father Sahagun; in it a large catalogue of works that he wrote is given.

  5. His possession of the Mexican language was of a perfectness that has never to this day being equaled; he wrote many books in it that will be mentioned in the catalogue of authors.

  6. I can no more resist a seed catalogue than a toper can his cup.

  7. This entry is in Capell's MS catalogue but the book is not in the collection.

  8. Attributed in the BM catalogue and doubtfully by Lowndes to the Rev.

  9. In Dr Sinker's catalogue last sheet is given as H^6, wrongly.

  10. In Dr Sinker's catalogue the defect in sig.

  11. The BM catalogue ascribes it to Sir Samuel Tuke, on what authority does not appear.

  12. A Catalogue of Plays with fresh pagination occupies last two sheets.

  13. At the end the catalogue of plays, occupying the last two sheets.

  14. Catalogue of contents on verso of titlepage.

  15. The Catalogue of plays occupies the three unsigned leaves at the end.

  16. The first number of the catalogue was naturally meagre.

  17. At the end of each week I will publish a catalogue of the memories in the market, and circulate it among my subscribers, who will pay, say, a guinea a year.

  18. Instead of issuing the projected supplemental catalogue of "Memories Wanted," O'Donovan by this time saw his way to buying them up on spec.

  19. The experiences he gained here afforded him the material for a final development, but, to be strictly chronological, I ought first to mention the newspaper into which the catalogue evolved.

  20. The "Memories on Sale" catalogue grew thicker and thicker.

  21. Clearing House catalogue when O'Donovan still limited himself to facilitating the sale of superfluous memories:-- 1.

  22. John Petheram's Catalogue of Old and New Books on Sale, for Cash only, at 94.

  23. John Miller's Catalogue of Books, Old and New, on Sale at 43.

  24. It is less easy to account on the theory of pure fiction for the numerous names sometimes arranged together like a catalogue than for reported circumstances and numbers.

  25. The predicates are stripped off, so far as they admit of such treatment, and the subjects duly entered in a catalogue with connecting text.

  26. It is in vain that Samuel exhibits to them an alarming catalogue of the rights of the king: they are not to be moved from their determination, and he accordingly summons a general convention of the people at Mizpeh (viii.

  27. In the printed catalogue there is this note: "Neotricus quidam hos scripsit versiculos, ex alio forsan Codice depromptos.

  28. To treat this subject at all properly, a long catalogue of dry facts should be given; but these I shall reserve for my future work.

  29. Kirkman, Francis, bookseller, published his Exact Catalogue of all the English Stage Plays in 1671.

  30. Unfortunately the British Museum Catalogue lends some support to this injustice by giving it either to him or to Edward Taylor of Noan, Tipperary.

  31. And John Taylor hath him likewise in his catalogue of Authors, prefixed to Sir Gregory Nonsence.

  32. There is also subjoin’d a Catalogue of those first Editions by which the greater part of the various readings and of the corrected passages are authorised (most of which are such as carry their own evidence along with them).

  33. How long the catalogue of devotees and prelates and crusaders, of monks and nuns, of heroes both of the very old time and of the new.

  34. Janet Clark played beautifully--some martial music on the old square piano, the same piano standing up remarkably under the strain of use, of ill use, and catalogue changes.

  35. She is always and ever objecting to catalogue prices.

  36. Endlicher in his valuable catalogue of Latin Mss.

  37. Memoir of André Chenier; Parker's Introduction to Gothic Architecture; The British Museum Catalogue and the Edinburgh Review.

  38. My catalogue of Chalmers's library, unfortunately, has not the prices or purchasers' names; and the firm of the Messrs.

  39. As for me, I would like to have a dress that I see can be had through a catalogue for a reasonable sum; but if it will crowd papa I will say nothing about it.

  40. He has found one in the catalogue that can be had for $4.

  41. But the chief specimens of the sublime are in the way of murders, with which the catalogue swarms.

  42. Burton); and Catalogue and Guide of English Pottery and Porcelain in British Museum.

  43. Author of The Art of the Greeks; History of Ancient Pottery; Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan Vases in the British Museum, vol.

  44. Reasons why you should obtain a Catalogue of our Publications= A postal to us will place it in your hands.

  45. Say an old gentleman with his wife and two or three daughters come by mistake into an exhibition with the catalogue of some other exhibition in their possession.

  46. Although I think the intelligent public do not pay so much heed as to whether your name is in the catalogue or not, yet the great mass who get all their ideas from the morning news, and read all the criticism as gospel, lay a stress upon it.

  47. The number in the wrong catalogue points to a well-known name.

  48. It would be endless to enumerate all the public speakers mentioned by Cicero, whose catalogue is rather extensive and dry.

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