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  1. Sotheby, the cataloguing was so well done that what I had got for L16 I had knocked down to me for as many shillings, and the lot is now, I believe, in Great Russell Street.

  2. Many government observatories are still at work cataloguing the stars.

  3. Charting and cataloguing the stars, both visually and photographically, is a work that will never be entirely finished.

  4. Centuries of the work of astronomers have been faithfully devoted to mapping or charting the stars and cataloguing them.

  5. Pars ii ends with a long discussion of the ways of cataloguing books (fols.

  6. He has yielded to the temptation to include titles of no pertinence like treatises on systems of cataloguing (Nos.

  7. Students of folklore have done a great deal of indexing and cataloguing and have produced works that can only be separated from bibliographies with difficulty.

  8. The Englishman, for all his reverent love of the medieval life and customs of his country, has not the habit of cataloguing historic places, nor of visiting them of set purpose.

  9. Robert Curtis in after times always dated the beginning of his fortunes from the day when he walked into his uncle's library and found Georgie Talcott cataloguing books.

  10. This was the cataloguing of a valuable library belonging to Mr. Constant Carrington.

  11. So long as indexing and cataloguing are treated with contempt rather than as arts not to be acquired in a day, or perhaps a year, and so long as authors and their readers are indifferent to good work, will worthless indexing continue.

  12. Closely connected with the work of cataloguing the stars is that of enumerating them.

  13. While all scientific men welcome improvements in cataloguing scientific literature, the arrangements proposed by the Royal Society and by the different conferences have met with some criticism.

  14. About the middle of the present century the celebrated Argelander commenced the work of actually cataloguing all the stars of the northern celestial hemisphere to magnitude 9-1/2.

  15. Still in the end there must be some international and uniform method for cataloguing scientific literature, and it is to be hoped that our Government will do its share toward supporting the present undertaking.

  16. This remarkable result suggested to Gill that here was a new and simple method of cataloguing the stars.

  17. But more remarkable still, Le Monnier, of Paris, had observed it eight times in one month, cataloguing it each time as a different star.

  18. There is, however, a short cut with a pass-key in universal or co-operative bibliography, a simple system of arrangement by which may be economized the labours of hundreds who are cataloguing over and over the same books.

  19. Very little need be said here about the cataloguing of manuscripts, because it is a distinct art from the cataloguing of printed books; but most libraries contain a few manuscripts, and therefore it is needful to say something.

  20. Rules for the cataloguing of Journals, 224.

  21. Lord Wrottesley put this point as a question: "Any other system of cataloguing anonymous works than the system which you recommend does in point of fact confound two different things, a classed catalogue and an alphabetical catalogue?

  22. In cataloguing a library, I think the only safe way is to keep all the anonymous titles together to the last, and then make headings for them at the same time and upon one system.

  23. At the Cambridge Meeting of the Library Association, 1882, I communicated a paper entitled "Thoughts on the Cataloguing of Journals and Transactions.

  24. The labour of cataloguing these series is the work of bibliographers, and such valuable books of reference as the Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers and Poole's Index of Periodical Literature are suitable for all libraries.

  25. Wrottesley (Lord) on the cataloguing of anonymous works, 142.

  26. Cataloguing anonymous works, or works published under initials, under the name of the supposed author.

  27. There is a material difference between the English and American methods of cataloguing books for sale at auction.

  28. Besides the cataloguing I want notes on all the rare or remarkable books.

  29. She was busy at one of the bookcases with a note-book and pencil, cataloguing on an absurd but independent plan of her own.

  30. But there is not much existing to tell of personal work in the Library during his long tenure of office, and the fact that nothing was done till near the close of that period towards arranging and cataloguing the Rawlinson MSS.

  31. And as the funds were insufficient to defray in this way the extra cost of cataloguing such a collection as Rawlinson's, hence, doubtless, came the neglect which it experienced.

  32. The salaries being miserably insufficient, the recognised duties of the officers appear to have been simply the cataloguing the few books that were received in ordinary course, and attending upon the readers.

  33. Wise, and to one Mr. Gerard Bodley, for cataloguing and arranging Crynes' books.

  34. Consequently for any other work, for arranging or cataloguing any new collections, &c.

  35. Other developments in library cataloguing about this period lay more in the direction of attempts to combine the hitherto almost general classified catalogues with subject and author catalogues in the unsatisfactory alphabetico-classed form.

  36. Before proceeding to consider the practical side of the subject, we may take a brief glance at the history of modern cataloguing of public libraries in this country.

  37. The process of canonization does not affect cataloguing so materially that all persons canonized must be entered under their Christian names, indeed, the Francis Xavier at least needs the reference Xavier, St. Francis.

  38. The difficulties of Cataloguing a Library.

  39. There is another method of cataloguing anonymous books sometimes seen, viz.

  40. No pretence is made that the work is exhaustive or complete, but it is hoped that it will serve as a practical and useful introduction to the several codes of cataloguing rules.

  41. The subject of cataloguing received the most serious attention in the year 1850, and, roundly, we may date its history from then.

  42. Some catalogues economise by leaving out all references from the names of joint-authors without any serious difficulty arising, though it is not in accordance with good cataloguing principles.

  43. A man, I felt, who could stay indoors cataloguing vases while his fiancee wandered in the moonlight with explorers deserved all that was coming to him.

  44. Well, he went on with his fetching and carrying and cataloguing and packing.

  45. At least that was supposed to be his business, but really he employed most of his time in drawing and cataloguing the objects of antiquity and the groups of bones that were buried there, and in exploring the remains of the underground city.

  46. When he appeared Higgs and I retreated from that close and filthy tunnel, and, by way of recreation, put in an hour or so at the cataloguing and arch├Žological research in which his soul delighted.

  47. One morning, therefore, Maurice went up to the library and greeted Monsieur Sariette, who was cataloguing under the romantic gaze of Alexandre d'Esparvieu.

  48. He was there every day at seven o'clock in the morning busy cataloguing at a huge mahogany desk.

  49. Then he went in to his workroom, where for sixteen years he had been cataloguing six days out of the seven, under the lofty gaze of Alexandre d'Esparvieu.

  50. WorldCat is derived from a concept which is the same for all union catalogs: earn time to avoid the cataloguing of the same document by many catalogers worldwide.

  51. We shan't begin the real cataloguing on the final cards until we have all our material in hand, Mr. Denby says.

  52. For the first time in weeks he did not work with his secretary over the cataloguing at all during the day.

  53. He therefore accepted the post of librarian to the Earl of Shelburne (afterwards first Marquis of Lansdowne); but after a few years there was a quarrel, and he was obliged to return to the business of cataloguing and selling of libraries.

  54. The cataloguing of the time was not affected by this example, and it was many years before full descriptions were given in sale catalogues.

  55. Most collectors have their own plan of cataloguing their collection.

  56. Wheatley has dedicated two or three volumes to the topic of forming and cataloguing a library.

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