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  1. According to the catalogues he occupied the papal chair for twelve years (c.

  2. About the 4th century he is treated in the catalogues as two persons--Anacletus and Cletus.

  3. Sylvia recognized these as college catalogues and noted bits of paper thrust into the leaves as markers.

  4. When she wanted new tennis shoes she telegraphed for them; and she kept in her room a small library of mail-order catalogues to facilitate her extravagances.

  5. I'm going to send those catalogues over to your room, and as you get time I want you to study out a scheme for a little school to teach what you call efficiency to girls that have to earn their living.

  6. I had a lot of these schools send me their catalogues and they're mighty interesting, though a good deal of it I don't understand.

  7. Engelmann is not, strictly speaking, a bookseller, and his catalogues are not booksellers' catalogues in the sense in which that term is generally received here.

  8. The practice of compiling catalogues for general use, with the names of the purchasers of any number of copies of the catalogue inserted on the title or wrapper, is very common in Germany.

  9. Advance catalogues of books to be sold at auction will be mailed by the auction houses, on request.

  10. This star would seem to be quite new, as there is no star in any of the catalogues in its position.

  11. Columbia is, I believe, the only college accepting 2 units of entrance credit in Italian; but I have not examined the catalogues of all our colleges.

  12. Actual business transactions, such as selling to a foreign customer in the foreign language, correspondence, newspapers, catalogues and other documents of business, should be the supplementary reading and exercise material of the class.

  13. Monthly catalogues are issued by both firms under the respective titles of Bulletin d'Autographes and Revue des Autographes.

  14. I cannot too strongly impress upon beginners the expediency of carefully watching the Paris autograph market, and giving special attention to the catalogues issued monthly by M.

  15. The English collector cannot too carefully examine the catalogues regularly issued by foreign dealers.

  16. A little later the late Mr. Frederick Barker began to issue catalogues of autograph letters and historical documents from Rowan Road, Brook Green.

  17. I have already mentioned the two excellent catalogues issued monthly in Paris.

  18. The Charavay Sale-catalogues are of great value in the matter of arrangement and description, as well as for the facsimiles they give in abundance.

  19. In Mr. Waller's first catalogues I find the following "Royalties": Charles II.

  20. In several catalogues of this period I find Keats letters averaging £20 to £30.

  21. These were in no sense ‘the remaining works of an artist lately deceased,’ as auctioneers’ catalogues commonly have it, nor yet was it a memorial exhibition.

  22. Later on her letters teemed with just such catalogues of flowers.

  23. Explanatory catalogues in Italian and French are on the table.

  24. Catalogues sold of the contents of the museums and picture gallery.

  25. They also publish excellent little guides to Florence, with complete catalogues of all the pictures and statues in the various museums and churches.

  26. Not many early library catalogues have been preserved, but those which have all show small libraries before the days of printing.

  27. From a number of extant catalogues of old monastic libraries we know that, even as late as the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, a library of from two to three hundred volumes was large.

  28. The priced catalogues of Colinæus and Robert Stephens are extant, relating, of course, to a later period than the present; but we shall not return to the subject.

  29. Catalogues of such books began to be published, according to Beckmann, in 1554.

  30. A few might easily be inserted from the catalogues of libraries, or from biographical collections, as well as from the learned labours of Morhof, Brucker, Tennemann, and Buhle.

  31. The catalogues of printed books in the common bibliographical collections afford, not quite a gauge of the learning of any particular period, but a reasonable presumption, which it requires contrary evidence to rebut.

  32. Catalogues will be sent on application: if in the country, on receipt of four stamps.

  33. Catalogues of Cheap and Rare Books in all the Languages and Dialects of Europe and Asia, published Monthly, and sent out Gratis.

  34. With regard to books of reference, all of the recognised authorities have been studied, especially the Jacquemart and Gasnault catalogues and descriptions, and the Petit Guide Illustre au Musée Guimet.

  35. There is no form of instruction more valuable than this analysis, which forms the basis of the sale catalogues of the most recherché collections.

  36. His numerous inscriptions are mere catalogues of his achievements in building.

  37. The judgment on Asshur was accomplished, and her name disappears from these catalogues of doom.

  38. Suppose you sent us some of the catalogues of the parties what vends statutes?

  39. If the catalogues were illustrated it would probably be found a help to weak memories.

  40. Only rare catalogues chronicled them, and his unpublished MSS.

  41. Catalogues will be sent on application (if in the country on receipt of six stamps).

  42. We have received three Catalogues which call for such mention as should direct to them the attention of our bibliographical friends.

  43. Catalogues are now ready, Two Shillings and Sixpence each; forwarded, Post free, on receipt of Three Shillings.

  44. In order to plant intelligently, study the catalogues of the florists, for most of them give the height of each plant listed in them.

  45. He would obtain catalogues from manufacturers living in the same town in which he had taken up his temporary abode.

  46. And these prices will be materially advanced before the booksellers are done with them, as we shall see when their catalogues arrive.

  47. His catalogues issued from time to time are delightful.

  48. These also must be scanned, but they lack the element which makes the dealers' catalogues so interesting--the prices.

  49. Granniss, working in cooeperation with the members, is largely responsible for the skill and intelligence with which these little catalogues are compiled.

  50. I do not pretend to claim a thorough acquaintance with it but I know the luxury of reading good catalogues and such are those of Bernard Quaritch.

  51. The catalogues say there are very few perfect copies in existence, in which case I should like to content myself with Browning's imperfect copy.

  52. All the old catalogues before me are alike in one important respect, namely, the uniformly low prices.

  53. Such catalogues reach me by almost every mail, and I while away many hours in turning over their leaves.

  54. On one of these occasional house-clearings I came across a bundle of old catalogues which I have never had it in me to destroy.

  55. Catalogues are published from time to time giving complete lists of the current charts and the main facts regarding them.

  56. The chart catalogues give the scale in one or the other form.

  57. The chart catalogues give the dates of the last editions, or the dates of extensive corrections, and this affords a means of seeing whether the copy of the chart in use is the latest edition available.

  58. They resolve that the catalogues of newly-published works issued at Frankfort in each spring and summer shall be examined by them within one week after their arrival.

  59. In 1812 he drew up short catalogues of the St. Amand MSS.

  60. The printing of the Annual Catalogues of purchases was discontinued, after the issue of the Catalogue for this year.

  61. From the year 1796 inclusive, when the gifts of donors began to be entered in the annual printed catalogues of purchases and statements of accounts, this MS.

  62. The commencement of the annual printed purchase-catalogues dates in consequence from this year.

  63. Several catalogues were issued during this period, the last being one in octavo, at Hamburgh, in 1826, an index to which, compiled by Dr.

  64. All the books are seen and examined separately; anonymous authors are, if possible, traced out; many errors in previous catalogues are corrected, and the number of entries is very largely increased.

  65. Library, with the numbers at present attached to them, and references to the catalogues in which they are described.

  66. Both the catalogues are to be found in the Library of King George III.

  67. While holding this office he took part in the preparation of the catalogues of the Harleian and Lansdowne manuscripts.

  68. New books every day, pamphlets, currantoes, stories, whole catalogues of volumes of all sorts.

  69. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, and at Mr. Barthoe's, Bookseller in Exeter Exchange in the Strand.

  70. Marked catalogues of the three sales are preserved in the Library of King George III.

  71. Phillipps also printed catalogues of his manuscripts and printed books.

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