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limit; limitary; limitation; limitations; limite; limites; limiting; limitless; limitlessly; limits
  1. Although many young ladies receive private tuition in the harems, and many of them are highly educated, yet this limited kind of education cannot meet the national requirements of Turkey.

  2. Although I had no reason to be fastidious, and grumble about the food on board, which was decidedly superior to that which families of limited means and residents in boarding-houses get in England, there were two things I did not like.

  3. It may be that the Welfare teacher whose salary and rank shall equal that of the teacher of Greek, Ancient History or arithmetic will be another hand laid upon the shoulder of the girl limited by the lack of friendship and protection.

  4. It is only man's limited vision, that makes a part seem as a whole, that accepts as fact the thing he would like to be a fact, that one need fear.

  5. A delightful journey is made, but its record is not limited to the enjoyment of friends and place; a poem is written whose charm and power persist through all the years.

  6. He spoke with regret of the strangely limited reading of the Plays, even by those who believe themselves habitual and devoted readers," says Dr.

  7. Mrs. Browning found herself rapidly recovering strength, and their comfort was further extended by finding a library in Siena, where, for three francs a month, they had access to the limited store of books which seem so luxurious in Italy.

  8. This horror has always been secretly felt by man; it was felt even under pagan forms of religion, which offered a very feeble, and also a very limited gamut for giving expression to the human capacities of sublimity or of horror.

  9. This limited body of confidential advisers was called the "Cabal," or secret council (S476).

  10. From his time the right to sit in the House of Lords was limited to those whom the King summoned, namely, the hereditary Peers (save in the case of a very limited number of life Peers), and to the upper clergy.

  11. In accordance with that policy, Parliament had enacted statutes which virtually forbade the colonists making their own woolen cloth, or their own beaver hats, except on a very limited scale.

  12. Richard' father, the Earl of Cambridge, had forfeited his title and estates by treason, but Parliament had so far limited the sentence that his son was not thereby debarred from inheriting his uncle's rank and fortune.

  13. The Lords refused to assent to such a limited grant,[1] and Charles deliberately collected the tax without the authority of Parliament.

  14. But the King's influence for good was not limited to the Old World.

  15. All commerce at this period was limited to certain market towns called "staples.

  16. Nothing is so deeply and essentially part of the nature of the Icelandic story, as its inability to give a limited or abstract rendering of life.

  17. Further, the partnership of Kari and Bjorn, and Kari's appreciation of his idealist companion, go a long way to save Kari from a too exclusive and limited devotion to the purpose of vengeance.

  18. He was turned out of the old limited region of epic tradition.

  19. The scope of his prophecy indeed is almost purely national, and limited to the present life.

  20. It does not extend beyond the necessities of attack and defence, the power of seeking food, and a small number of affections or passions, whose very limited scope merely extends to material wants.

  21. There are no permanent or authorized theatres in Peking: the government only allows their temporary construction in the open spaces of the town for a limited period during public festivals.

  22. The very limited occupation of this people constitutes nevertheless their sole resource, for they are perfectly ignorant of husbandry, and cultivate neither maize, potatoes, nor tobacco.

  23. The beard is limited to a few straight and scattered hairs, which appear very late across the upper lip, at the sides of the mouth, and on the point of the chin.

  24. Language is extremely limited among them; they possess neither government, laws, nor regularly established ceremonies, and some do not even know how to construct places of abode.

  25. In all the Malayan Islands there are numerous unimportant streams, which, though limited in their course, form excellent harbors at their debouchement on the coast.

  26. At the same time some of the bureau's recruiting officials were informing Negroes that their reenlistment in the Regular Navy was to be limited to the Steward's Branch.

  27. Since the size of the Steward's Branch was limited by regulation and budget, any increase in black enlistment would immediately raise the number of Negroes serving in the integrated general service.

  28. The more favorable the publicity garnered by the plan in succeeding months, the weaker the distinction became between the limited integration of black specialists and total integration.

  29. Again an attempt to bring about a needed change was severely limited in effectiveness by the department's concern for the scope of the commander's authority in the local community.

  30. President in June, Addison Walker's minority report recommended that a limited number of Negroes be enlisted for general duty "on some type of patrol or other small vessel assigned to a particular yard or station.

  31. The Air Force Plans for Limited Integration Of all the services, the Air Force was in the best position to respond promptly to President Truman's call for equal treatment and opportunity.

  32. Confessing later that he had never considered the question of equal opportunity until Fahy brought it to his attention, Gray began with a limited view of the executive order--the Army must eliminate racial discrimination, (p.

  33. Prejudice and discrimination no doubt aggravated the situation, but the policy of separation limited the ways Negroes could be employed and places (p.

  34. The presence of large numbers of black inductees and the limited number of assignments for them in segregated units prevented the Bureau of Naval Personnel from providing even a semblance of separate but equal conditions.

  35. It can be argued that the purpose of the limited integration proposal was not so much to devise a new policy as to minimize the impact of change on congressional opponents.

  36. The dictum that black marines could not deal with white civilians, especially in situations in which they would give orders, further limited assignments since such duties were routine in any security unit.

  37. Footnote 2-52: Stimson's comments were not limited to overseas areas.

  38. Insanity has come to have the limited meaning of unsoundness of brain.

  39. Extreme old age and a limited number of accidents are all that can be necessary to record.

  40. Are your accomplishments so limited to your weapons that when you cannot use your sword you must lie idle?

  41. One can imagine, then, how it fared when two such opposites were limited to some hundred-odd feet of timber in mid-ocean.

  42. One of the letters of Mrs. Franklin that has survived may be given here in illustration of her limited education.

  43. A wise constitution would have been formed, hereditary in his line, himself placed at its head, with powers so large as to enable him to do all the good of his station, and so limited as to restrain him from its abuse.

  44. And yet, after all, they were necessarily very limited in number, in the area of their exercise, and in the permanence of their results.

  45. We are so limited in our sympathies, so scantily furnished with knowledge, and have so slack a hold upon great principles, that for the most part we can understand only those who are like ourselves.

  46. We may be fond of mathematics, and yet find that this brings us into a very partial and limited sympathy with mathematicians.

  47. Farming was also followed to a limited extent.

  48. Westward the same conditions are manifest, and the limited area of tillable land shows a yearly increasing number of fruit trees.

  49. On August 4 a moratorium was established by decree; repayments of deposits and on current account were limited to fifty lire, and the maximum of currency issue permitted to the banks was increased.

  50. Shipowners had themselves made certain provisions, but only of very limited scope.

  51. They decided that something must be done at once to avert a run on the banks, and declared a limited moratorium, and then decided to advance to the banks Treasury notes up to 20 per cent.

  52. The Amending Bill, if limited to the terms offered on March 9 (p.

  53. The scheme is to be worked through a huge limited company, beginning operations about the middle of 1915, and in which the State is to be heavily interested financially and will exercise the necessary control.

  54. Gratification was expressed at the signature of the Convention on the safety of life at sea, and a Bill carrying out its provisions was promised; and regret at the drought, fortunately limited in area, in India.

  55. This commemoration of a great Parliamentarian had secured a day's intermission in party strife, but it broke out afresh on July 7, when the Prime Minister moved that the remaining stages of the Finance Bill should be limited to seven days.

  56. A Health Resorts and Watering Places Bill would have allowed local authorities to advertise the attractions of their borough or urban district to an extent limited by the yield of 1d.

  57. Authority was taken to issue Dominion notes to a limited extent, and to enable the Government to act on the general interest of the country in regard to banks, etc.

  58. The German tariff would be enforced for the present, but trade with the enemy was prohibited, and limited to such areas as the military authorities thought fit.

  59. It was not a Separation Bill, and the seventy-two Scottish members would remain at Westminster pending a complete scheme of devolution; but Scotland sought control of limited and local functions peculiarly her own.

  60. Meanwhile, the Gauls had been pressing south, and the unfortunate Ligurians, limited to the stony plateaux and the slopes of the Alps, were nipped between them and the Greeks and Romans along the coast.

  61. But as more was known of Spain, it was ascertained that these legends were true only in a limited degree; tin and silver and lead were there, but not to the amount fabled.

  62. Then, all at once, the line passes out of the rocky portal, and the traveller enters on another scene altogether, the vast triangular plain limited by the Alps on one side and the Cevennes on the other, and has the Mediterranean as its base.

  63. And so are some individual points, such as the idea of creation, in its strict sense, being limited to matter, mind, and spirit.

  64. And the narrative certainly implies that the effect was sudden, and apparently limited to this one dial.

  65. It is also urged that there were practices which are inconsistent with these laws; the most important being that the sacrifices were not limited to one place, or the offerers to priests.

  66. And if the darkness was limited to the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, there is nothing surprising in its not being recorded by any except Christians, for whom of course it had a special significance.

  67. In the enclosed arc lamp, the supply of oxygen in the inner globe is limited and is soon consumed, therefore the carbons last many times longer in such lamps.

  68. One disadvantage of the water thermometer is its limited range since it cannot be used below 0 deg.

  69. At the time of the entrance of the province into the confederation, the opportunities for an exchange of correspondence were limited to twice a week.

  70. The whole population in 1856--scarcely equal to that of a small town--was gathered together in Victoria and its environs, and their requirements as regards correspondence were limited to a communication with Great Britain.

  71. The usefulness of the packets, however, was limited to the conveyance of official despatches.

  72. He presumed the proposition was limited to the Cunard line, and would not be extended to the equally British line running directly from Canadian ports to Liverpool.

  73. The amount which might be sent by a single order was limited to $40, and there was a uniform charge of twenty-five cents for each order.

  74. As the department, owing to the lack of effective aid, was limited in its efforts to advertising the loss in the newspapers and by placards, the loser of the letter took the inquiries into his own hands.

  75. Another objection to irrigation has been found in the alleged limited number of crops sewaged land is suited to yield.

  76. The question has further been limited in its scope.

  77. The result is, that raw phosphates containing iron and alumina to any appreciable extent are not used in this country, although they do find a limited application in America and on the Continent.

  78. It is occasionally still used to a limited extent for the manufacture of high-class superphosphates.

  79. To what extent this accumulation goes on, and how far it is limited by the conditions of loss, will be considered immediately.

  80. The small rate at which they are applied, and the impossibility of distributing them equally in the soil, explain how comparatively limited their action must necessarily be.

  81. As we shall have occasion to see more fully in the following chapter on Nitrification, the formation of nitrates is chiefly limited to the surface-soil, the largest proportion being formed within the first 9 or 12 inches.

  82. Any source which diminishes the sum-total of our already all too limited supply of combined nitrogen must be regarded as worthy of most serious consideration.

  83. But although it may take place at this depth, it probably, as a general rule, is limited to the surface-soil, as it is only there the conditions for obtaining circulation of air are sufficiently favourable.

  84. Hence in their histrionic games of "pretending" it is but a very limited repertory of parts that they can take.

  85. Many a college athlete joined the ranks, while a limited few, gifted with relatives who had both push and "pull," were permitted to pass a not very exacting examination and join the permanent establishment as second lieutenants forthwith.

  86. In our speculations upon actual existences we are not only subject to the disadvantages which arise from the limited nature of our faculties, and the errors which may insensibly creep upon us in the process.

  87. All other animals are exceedingly limited in their powers of communication.

  88. But the cause of this does not lie in the limited duration of human life, but in the nature of the faculties of the mind.

  89. We shall perhaps understand this best, if we take up the subject on a limited scale, and, before we consider life in its assigned period of seventy years, first confine our attention to the space of a single day.

  90. What a sublime idea does this suggest to the human imagination, limited as are its powers, of the works of the Creator!

  91. Our thoughts can only hold their council and form their decrees in a very limited region.

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