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fertilise; fertilised; fertiliser; fertilisers; fertilises; fertilitie; fertility; fertilization; fertilize; fertilized
  1. These plants, of which we have sixteen, were made by fertilising B.

  2. According to the received account every individual, though incapable of fertilising itself, was supposed to be able both to fertilise and to be fertilised by any other individual.

  3. The summits of the stamens of flowers, in which the pollen or fertilising dust is produced.

  4. Of aquatic animals, there are many self-fertilising hermaphrodites; but here the currents of water offer an obvious means for an occasional cross.

  5. If each of the two kinds of spermatozoa were capable of fertilising each of the two kinds of ova, we should get individuals of the constitution MmFf and mmff, as well as the normal males and females, Mmff and Ffmm.

  6. It is perhaps hardly necessary to add that strict biological cleanliness must be exercised during the fertilising operations.

  7. Without the tropical rains of the Ethiopian tablelands, there would be no great rise nor any fertilising deposits.

  8. The Fayum, which is the territory reclaimed from the former lake, is now an exceedingly productive district, a sort of inland delta, fed like the marine delta by the fertilising flood-waters of the Nile.

  9. See the beautiful provision of Nature to supply with fertilising moisture the many districts of the earth!

  10. The male courts the female and is her attendant during the breeding season, fertilising the deposited ova in her presence.

  11. He has lived for social service and to do vast masses of useful, undistinguished, fertilising work.

  12. While the female sex-cells of the self-fertilising Recessives are fertilised by male sex-cells of low vigour.

  13. The male sex-cells of the self-fertilising Dominants thus fertilise female sex-cells of low vitality.

  14. While a Recessive self-fertilising plant is a female plant of superior Recessiveness, with a male plant of inferior Dominance differentiated in it.

  15. In connection with this he further says "that even when the seed is taken away along with the lint, cotton still removes smaller amounts of fertilising materials from the soil than either oats or corn.

  16. The only other part which need be permanently lost to the soil is the oil, which also contains very small amounts of fertilising constituents.

  17. I fear our artificial manure manufacturers will hardly look with a favorable eye on the advent of a crop into our agriculture which can get on so well without the intervention of any fertilising agents.

  18. The solution need not be thrown away: boiled down to dryness it may be given as salt to cattle; or, if added in solution to the dung-heap, it will augment the fertilising power of that manure.

  19. With regard to the former of these two methods, it has been found that even the amount of fertilising matter dissolved out by pure distilled water varies.

  20. They require, therefore, manures which are readily available, and their demands on the different fertilising ingredients are very similar to barley.

  21. Lastly, the manure produced by the peat-moss was shown to be richer in fertilising matter than that produced by the use of straw.

  22. This objection, to have any weight, must mean that nitrate of soda produces a crop which takes out of the soil an abnormal quantity of fertilising matter.

  23. That it contains a very small quantity of the three fertilising ingredients.

  24. But God's fertilising rain completely extinguished the festive spirit, poured its chilling prose over both audience and orator.

  25. Proceed we now with our high festival, and may God's blessing fall like his fertilising rain upon us this day!

  26. Lindley to be named, and stating that he obtained it by fertilising flowers of C.

  27. We do not use the seeds of these plants for their propagation, unless new varieties are desired, when we must begin by fertilising the flowers, and thus obtain seeds, which should be sown and grown on till the plants flower.

  28. The common European custom of placing a green bush on May Day before the house of a beloved maiden probably originated in the belief of the fertilising power of the tree-spirit.

  29. Thus the renewal of the May-tree is like the renewal of the Harvest-May; each is intended to secure a fresh portion of the fertilising spirit of vegetation, and to preserve it throughout the year.

  30. Here again the fertilising power of the Corn-mother is indicated.

  31. The same attribution of a fertilising power to the figure of Death appears in the belief that if the bearers of the figure, after throwing it away, meet cattle and strike them with their sticks, this will render the cattle prolific.

  32. The rapid growth of the wheat and barley in the gardens of Adonis was intended to make the corn shoot up; and the throwing of the gardens and of the images into the water was a charm to secure a due supply of fertilising rain.

  33. In other words, the flesh and ashes of the victim were believed to be endowed with a magical or physical power of fertilising the land.

  34. Here the driving of the goats to the stone on which the cedar had been placed is clearly meant to impart to them the fertilising influence of the cedar.

  35. In this last trait the fertilising influence ascribed to the representative of the tree-spirit comes out clearly.

  36. Perhaps the sticks had been previously used to beat the Death,(880) and so had acquired the fertilising power ascribed to the effigy.

  37. Here the intention of fertilising the seed by means of the sacred cedar is unmistakable.

  38. The burying of the representative of the Carnival under a dung-heap is natural, if he is supposed to possess a quickening and fertilising influence like that ascribed to the effigy of Death.

  39. You cannot put it upon the soil; there is no fertilising virtue in it.

  40. Fertility comes second, the reception of the fertilising agent comes first.

  41. When we look down on their old, grey houses nestling among the great trees which thrive by the banks of the fertilising stream, we cannot but speculate on their future fate.

  42. At another time the demands of the crops for water or for the mud-laden fertilising contents of the great stream, take him to the shadoof or to guide the bullock or buffalo turning the water-wheel.

  43. But in these islands there is the excuse that for the most part they are coal ashes and wanting in fertilising powers.

  44. As not more than half enough farmyard manure can be produced on large estates for fertilising the various crops, attention will be turned to chemicals should they prove to be profitable after exhaustive experiments.

  45. Madagascar, existence of insects capable of fertilising Angraecum in.

  46. I have been idly watching bees of several genera and diptera fertilising O.

  47. Some facts have led me to suspect that it might just be possible, though improbable in the highest degree, that the bee [orchis] might be the self-fertilising form of O.

  48. I believe, the probable cause of these abnormally conditioned flowers so frequently fertilising themselves.

  49. Muller's theory is that in Heeria the yellow anthers serve merely as a means of attracting pollen-collecting bees, while the longer stamens with purple or crimson anthers supply pollen for fertilising purposes.

  50. The following was written in reply to Mr. Gosse's letter of May 30th asking for a solution of his difficulties in fertilising Stanhopea.

  51. This paper gives a full account of the self-sterility of Oncidium in cases where the pollen was efficient in fertilising other individuals of the same species and of distinct species.

  52. The lessened number of good seeds in the self-fertilising Epidendrums is to a certain extent a new case.

  53. I now know of three or four cases of self-fertilising orchids, but all these are provided with means for an occasional cross.

  54. It seems therefore probable, as Fritz Muller suggests, that the three plants growing near together were seedlings from the same parent, and that from being closely related they had little power of fertilising one another.

  55. As I used pollen of unequal maturity for crossing and self-fertilising the parent-plants, it is possible that the great difference in the growth of their offspring may have been due to this cause.

  56. The results of my experiments in self-fertilising and cross-fertilising the individuals or the varieties of the same species, are strikingly analogous with those just given, though in a reversed manner.

  57. It has been one of the greatest oversights in my work that I did not experimentise on such flowers, owing to the difficulty of fertilising them, and to my not having seen the importance of the subject.

  58. I have met with no observations on the effects of crossing and self-fertilising the individuals of the same variety.

  59. I now selected a very vigorous plant in Table 3/20, raised by fertilising a plant of the eighth self-fertilised generation with pollen from the Chelsea stock.

  60. It was therefore necessary to ascertain by experiment what would be the effect of intercrossing flowers on the same plant, in comparison with fertilising them with their own pollen or crossing them with pollen from a distinct plant.

  61. This fertilising spring rises under a hill to the east, where a large reservoir has been dug out.

  62. Three considerable streams run from southward of Mount Haghier, fertilising three splendid valleys, until the waters, as the sea is approached, lose themselves in the sand.

  63. This is what the two rivers are engaged upon now, and instead of strewing their embouchures with pebbles, they distribute over them, or would do so, if permitted, a film of fertilising mud.

  64. Hildebrand tested my results, but only on a single short-styled plant, by fertilising many flowers with their own-form pollen; and these did not produce any seed.

  65. The results of my experiments in fertilising the three forms are given in Table 4.

  66. Muller also tried the effects of illegitimately fertilising the long-styled and short-styled flowers with their own pollen, instead of with that from another plant of the same form; and the results are very striking.

  67. Nevertheless some of the anthers contained pollen, with which I succeeded in fertilising some flowers on the illegitimate long-styled plants immediately to be described.

  68. Nothing shows more clearly the extraordinary complexity of the reproductive system of this plant, than the necessity of making eighteen distinct unions in order to ascertain the relative fertilising power of the three forms.

  69. Their power and complex manner of fertilising one another.

  70. Moreover, in most cases the six stamens of each set differ somewhat in their fertilising power from the six corresponding ones in one of the other forms.

  71. As in fertilising flowers there will always be some failures, it would have been advisable to have repeated each of the eighteen unions a score of times; but the labour would have been too great; as it was, I made 223 unions, i.

  72. The results from fertilising the flower-heads in the above imperfect manner cannot be fully trusted; but I may state that the four legitimately fertilised flower-heads yielded on an average 7.

  73. Moreover, the longer stamens of the long-styled form of Pontederia, and the shorter ones of the short-styled form are placed in a proper position for fertilising the stigma of a mid-styled form.

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