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Example sentences for "chilling"

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chillern; chilli; chillier; chillies; chilliness; chillness; chills; chillun; chilluns; chilly
  1. The Mustang lurched crazily off to the other side, and for one heart-chilling moment Dawson feared that the aircraft had been hit, and badly crippled.

  2. The man drew breath deep into his lungs, and there was no longer the heart-chilling rattle of death in his throat.

  3. He looked piteously in the handsome pale young face before him, his heart sinking, and a feeling of misery, such as he had never before known, chilling him so that he strove in vain to speak.

  4. Julia's fingers tightened on her mother's chilling hand, and she gazed with awe at the rapt look and gentle smile that flickered a few moments on the trembling lips.

  5. Then a blush of brilliant color Decked each shrub with tinted beauty; Gold, and brown, and scarlet mingled Till no color seemed triumphant; And the Summer doomed to exile Fled before the chilling Autumn.

  6. Trusting his bow for his food and his freedom, Wresting a tribute from forest and sea, No chilling forecast of doom in the future Daunts his brave spirit, by freedom made bold.

  7. Chilling fast, in the deadly tornadoes to which my upper and lower extremities are exposed, and subdued by the moral disadvantage at which I stand, I turn my disconsolate eyes on the refreshments that are to restore me.

  8. I recall the chilling air that ran across my frame and cooled my hot delight, as the thought occurred to me, 'This would never do for Mr. Barlow!

  9. However, we should keep on, all right, till suddenly the stable bell would strike ten in the dolefullest way, quite chilling our blood, though we had so lately taught him how to acquit himself.

  10. Now, the mournful music made by those coming and retreating waves, breaking the death-like silence which reigned around, filled her mind with a chilling dread.

  11. No friendly eye marked the despairing love which clutched to her chilling bosom the tender form of her sleeping child, when during the bitter conflict with death, she implored the Heavenly Father to take them both.

  12. Sinister and slow it comes, chilling and dismal, and expands upon the livid landscape.

  13. The evening is making ready, along with a vague and chilling menace; it is about to set for men that snare that is as wide as the world.

  14. Now, chilling as these words were, they thrilled me to my finger-tips, for they were the first she had spoken to me since the night of my offending in the black gorge of the far-off western mountains.

  15. Dick drew his claymore, but he was chilling again and the hand that grasped the great blade was shaking as with a palsy.

  16. Behind them was a widespread waste Of leafless trees and drifting snows, And still with most malicious haste They dealt around their chilling blows.

  17. When her name was spoke 'tis said Chilling honor seized the soul Of both high and lowly bred; All who heard were filled with dread Which they could scarce control.

  18. If this action is accompanied by some actual densification of the fissured chill, then we have a result that possibly conflicts with the example of condensation from chilling cited by Dr.

  19. From its mouth and nostrils came a draft that covered him with a chilling slime.

  20. As it did Theseus felt around him a chilling draft of air.

  21. That chilling draft was from the breathing of the monster.

  22. Johnny thought again of the chilling water where a film of thin ice was forming, and shuddered.

  23. Seizing the opportunity, she sprang once more into the chilling waters, swam a few strokes, clambered aboard, drifted close to shore, was caught and dragged to land by the husky natives.

  24. Something cold and chilling poked him in the face.

  25. Now and then the raindrops became a deluge as a breeze, stirring the tops of the trees, sent a chilling shower over their shivering bodies.

  26. Rohan hastened to Court in order to justify himself, but the mind of Marie had been poisoned against him, and she treated his remonstrances with chilling indifference.

  27. Villeroy became so chilling that he withdrew from the Court, without seeking to ascertain the cause of his disgrace.

  28. With the most chilling indifference she returned his parting salutation; and M.

  29. In that inner pocket it remained untouched, just as had the former one, by turns searing his very heart with impotent anger and chilling it with fear, until a late hour of the night, when he sat alone before his library fire.

  30. The memory of that fierce struggle was upon him now, chilling his veins and clutching his heart with terror.

  31. Again the murmur rose; but Randal had an air so determined, that it quelled resentment, and obtained a continued, though most chilling and half-contemptuous hearing.

  32. It was hot as Spain in the depth of the canyon; it was chilling cold when I reached the summit heavily crested in clouds and threw myself down breathless on my back.

  33. Erica with a chilling look, as though she had just become aware of her presence.

  34. The tears came into Erica's eyes, so great was the contrast between his friendliness and the chilling discourtesy she had met with from others that evening.

  35. Gerard felt the chilling difference: but said to himself, "She is wise.

  36. She started from her reverie, looked him down into the earth's centre with chilling dignity, and consented, for she remembered all in a moment what a show of hands gambling admitted.

  37. It was too small to get out of, and yet a thick bar of iron had been let in the stone to make it smaller; and, just as he made this chilling discovery, the outer door of the house was bolted with a loud clang.

  38. Then, feeling Carl Bristoll's chilling glance upon him, he sought to cover his indiscretion in an apologetic cough.

  39. Tomorrow morning he must rise while the windows still let in only the chilling gray of dawn.

  40. The voice was chilling at the start and became more icy with each added syllable, "and I won't have anything to drink.

  41. Worse than the pain was the fear it brought on, the chilling suspicion that he was a dying man.

  42. His almost skull-like face was a chilling reminder of the woman whose throat Raoul had slashed.

  43. Yet is their nothing men can do, When chilling age comes creeping on?

  44. When waking, on my heaving breast I felt a hand as cold as death: A sudden fear my voice suppress'd, A chilling terror stopp'd my breath.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chilling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    ache; aching; alarming; chilblain; chill; chilling; cold; cool; creeps; deterrent; disconcerting; discouraging; disheartening; dismaying; disquieting; fearful; fearsome; freezing; frightening; frightful; frostbite; harrowing; piercing; refrigerant; scary; shiver; shivering; startling