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Example sentences for "chills"

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chillier; chillies; chilliness; chilling; chillness; chillun; chilluns; chilly; chilt; chimbley
  1. The attack began with chills and severe pain in the head, along with slight running of the eyes and nose, as typhus fever might have begun.

  2. It began usually with chills and shiverings, to which succeeded heat of the whole body, and shortly after tormina with dejections; but sometimes the griping and stools were the first symptoms.

  3. It begins with a rigor, followed by heats and chills during the first day.

  4. The patient had chills every other day while on the treatment, and laboratory diagnosis confirmed the clinical findings.

  5. The patient gave a clinical history of malaria with chills occurring on alternate days for a little over a week.

  6. Such a brazen, impossible falsehood must have given the lieut chills and fever.

  7. Upon inquiry of an orderly I learned that General Backett's office was in the next building and I proceeded there at once, despite my chills and shivers of apprehension.

  8. They were ominous of death, lurid signals of pestilence and horror, and the touch of them sent shuddering chills through the men who were about to scatter them among the forest people.

  9. It is not like the cold chills at Churchill, which come up with the icebergs and stay there all summer!

  10. I was a grown girl by den an' could make horsemint tea for chills an' mullen leaves for fever good as anybody; an' horehound tea for colds, bitter as gall.

  11. She had not repented this good action, but she felt the cold chills again when she thought of Inspector Loup.

  12. This also begins with chills and shivering, and a general tired feeling, and is immediately followed by high fever, up to a temperature of 104°.

  13. In the beginning of fever the change alternating between chills and abnormal heat is very characteristic; frequently, and especially in severe attacks, it begins with shivers.

  14. During the preliminary period children feel tired, relaxed, suffer pain in the joints and headache; they have chills and are feverish at evening.

  15. Still we shivered, and clung to his knee, at the mysterious parts, and felt gentle, cold chills run down our spines at appropriate places.

  16. Tom said that there was a cold air round in the cabin, as if an iceberg was comin' near, and he felt cold chills running down his back; but he jumped out of his bunk, and took a step forward.

  17. Do you desire to continue this interview amid the 'damps and chills of our 'infernal city'?

  18. When he approached me, he looked at me savagely, and growled in such a manner that cold chills began to run up and down my back.

  19. Upon my word, my sweetest one, it really chills my blood; I've got to suffocate you in the Ganges' holy mud.

  20. Saturn produces death by privation and obstructions, by chills and colds.

  21. So if Saturn were in the 6th House in the sign Aquarius, its direction to the opposition of the Ascendant would indicate chills to the blood, anemia, &c.

  22. A thing that argued reason in this reversion from the human; a thing that sent the shuddering chills along the engineer's spine.

  23. Stern felt the shuddering chills chase each other up and down his spine, playing a nervous accompaniment to their chant.

  24. The positive, who exactly knows, is a skeleton at the feast; that exactness is numbness, and chills every expansive guest.

  25. Warren, for a great many of the men are sick with chills and fever.

  26. The train was ready for the return trip and we soon reached Lakeport, where I found Sol and Matt Smith both having a tussle with the chills and fever.

  27. Warren left us to look for a healthier place, as many of the men are getting chills and fever.

  28. Those lines would only be wasted on you, for you have become afflicted with hypertrophy of the acquisitive sense, which thins the blood, dwarfs the understanding, stunts the perception of relative values, and chills the feet.

  29. Her table was set for two this morning, however, but this extraordinary circumstance was lost sight of by the shameless Billy in the prospect of one more real meal before the chills and fever claimed their own.

  30. It warmed and strengthened him, after his night of chills and fever, and brazenly he returned to the attack.

  31. Feel not the nearer sun; whose umbrage chills The murmuring ocean; whose volcanic fires A thousand nations view, hung, like the moon, High in the middle waste of heaven.

  32. Put red pepper in you shoes and keep de chills off, or string briars round de neck.

  33. She put string round our neck for chills and fever, with camphor on it.

  34. De best remedy for chills and fever am to git rabbit foot tie on string 'round de neck.

  35. Charcoal and onions and honey for de li'l baby am good, and camphor for de chills and fever and teeth cuttin'.

  36. My wife died of chills and fever and den my boy and I built a four-room house of planks from our timber.

  37. I's boil red oak bark and make tea for fever and make cactus weed root tea for fever and chills and colic.

  38. He acted very funny, I thought," chattered Hazel, trying to control the nervous chills which shook her.

  39. This was nothing more, in fact, than saying that they would rather die by bullets than of chills and fever and starvation.

  40. Chills dangerous to delicate people are apt to be produced by these changes, and they often turn into feverish attacks, not malarial, though liable to be confounded with malarial fevers.

  41. It was inspiring to see wild-eyed frolic and warm-hearted hospitality breaking out from among the chills and glooms of winter, and old age throwing off his apathy, and catching once more the freshness of youthful enjoyment.

  42. Alabama was full of chills and fevers in dem days and we drunk catnip tea for fevers and blue and white sage.

  43. Butterfly Weed tea was for the pleurisy and the others for the chills and fever.

  44. For chills and fever I give quinine weed.

  45. I got shut of dem chills 'cause I didn't like dat pepper tea, but I like it better'n quinine or sage tea.

  46. De fogs come hang over and chills and fever gits started.

  47. There was boneset tea and willow tea and shuck tea and cottonseed tea for chills and fever and Jerusalum Oak for worms.

  48. I suppose you've been coddling yourself with hot rooms and all sorts of flannel things; that's the way people make themselves tender, and get chills and chest complaints, and get old before their time.

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