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  1. But even under these circumstances an abscess need not be feared unless the nipples are sore.

  2. If she has been conscientious in preparing the nipples and continues to watch them throughout the nursing period, the annoyance of an abscess will almost certainly be prevented.

  3. The fluoroscope is of aid in finding foreign bodies held in abscess cavities.

  4. Chronic lung-abscess is often successfully treated by weekly bronchoscopic lavage with 20 cc.

  5. Pulmonary abscess develops sooner than in case of mineral foreign bodies.

  6. Pulmonary abscess formation and rupture into the pleura should not be awaited, for the foreign body does not often follow the pus into the pleural cavity.

  7. Pulmonary abscess formation and "drowned lung" (accumulated secretion in the bronchi and bronchioli) are shown by the definite shadows produced (Fig.

  8. Caution should be used as to removal of the granulations with which the abscess "cavity" is filled in chronic cases.

  9. At the extreme periphery of the lung the danger is less, for the vessels are smaller and serious hemorrhage less probable, through the retention and decomposition of blood in small bronchi with later abscess formation is a contingency.

  10. If of foreign-body origin, pulmonary abscess almost invariably heals after the removal of the object and a regime of fresh air and rest, without local measures of any kind.

  11. It is said that one king suffered terribly from an abscess in the lip, till his physician called in a jester, whose pranks made the king laugh heartily, and so the abscess burst.

  12. It is then, I think, the best plan to open the abscess freely, to apply the caustic well within the cavity, and then to envelope the part by the cold poultice and lotion.

  13. If there is reason to think that an abscess has actually formed under the puncture to any extent, it must be opened freely by a lancet and treated with caustic and poultice, keeping the poultice moist and cold with water.

  14. At the present day a fistula means an abscess external to the rectum, but in Shakespeare's day it was used in a more general signification for a burrowing abscess in any situation.

  15. He is an abscess on the universe who withdraws and separates himself from the reason of our common nature, through being displeased with the things which happen.

  16. One would think that in more men the shell of secrecy would have had to open, the pent-in abscess to burst and gain relief, even though the ear that heard the confession were unworthy.

  17. It was as though an abscess that had been forming for a month past in his heart had suddenly broken.

  18. He only wanted a sling on his arm or a bandage on his finger to complete the impression of a man with a painful abscess or a broken arm.

  19. The cause of his death is reported to have been an abscess of the lung.

  20. To escape the pain of a dental abscess on the right side, of only four or five days' duration, the patient had acquired the habit of turning the head to the right and maintaining it so for as long as possible at a time.

  21. Should the abscess persist, the movement will be repeated less and less voluntarily, more and more automatically; but as the why and the wherefore still remain, there is nothing pathological about it.

  22. We recently lost a valuable cow, and when we opened her we found a large tumor or abscess at the top of the heart as large as a gallon jar.

  23. If he has opened his abscess with a bronze lances and has made him lose his eye, he shall pay money, half his price.

  24. The abscess under which I suffered almost two years is entirely healed of itself, and I enjoy exceeding good health.

  25. His letter to me is in the style of a dying one, and we hear that he is since dead of the abscess in his side, brought on by his imprisonment.

  26. Paine, who when he wrote these personal charges felt himself dying of an abscess traceable to Washington's neglect, saw not Iago behind the President.

  27. For some time the prospect of his recovery was good; his malady being an abscess in his side, the consequence of a severe fever in the Luxembourg.

  28. The surgeon was the famous Dessault, who cured him of an abscess which he had in his side.

  29. Several had racking pain in the head, many had singing in the ears and pain in the meatus auditorius, where sometimes an abscess formed: exulcerations and swelling of the fauces were likewise very common.

  30. These cases of localized inflammation in typhus he compares with Pringle's cases of spotted fever complicated with abscess of the brain.

  31. Abscess of the stomach sometimes manifests a circumscribed tumor, and accordingly, probably includes cancer of that organ.

  32. Abscess of the liver depends upon some vice of the blood, the bile, the phlegm or the black-bile.

  33. Nor were any found in any other organ except the left kidney, which contained near its surface a small abscess about one-third of an inch in diameter.

  34. An abscess cavity 6 inches by 4 in dimensions was found in the vicinity of the gall bladder, between the liver and the transverse colon, which were strongly adherent.

  35. The lawyer of Monsieur Rogron claims that if the poor child died of an abscess in her head her former guardian cannot be blamed, for it is proved that Pierrette concealed the effects of the blow which she gave to herself--" "Enough!

  36. He hoped in the first place to regular the functions of nature and to draw away the abscess in the head through the ear.

  37. Lind found abscess of the liver, and wrote that in a few instances "the matter or corruption was hardened, as it were, into a stone.

  38. The swelling and heat gradually disappear but the Abscess continues to grow.

  39. If the abscess is deep, and the bones become diseased, the pus will have a very offensive odor, and I would recommend the services of a competent Veterinarian to remove all diseased portions of bone or muscle.

  40. Any abscess in this region is called Poll Evil.

  41. The hair falls from the affected parts and in a short time the abscess discharges, and the cavity gradually fills up and heals by granulation.

  42. In two or three days the soreness and heat gradually subside, but the abscess continues to grow.

  43. When opened, do not squeeze the Abscess to any extent, but press gently with clean hands or cloth to remove the core or clot.

  44. It will usually be found a safe plan to encourage the full ripening of an abscess and allow it to open of its own accord, as it will heal much better and quicker and you take no chances of infection with an instrument.

  45. It is common with veterinarians to lance an abscess as soon as possible, but this requires skill and practice.

  46. This prescription will prevent the absorption of impurities from the abscess into the blood.

  47. If the swelling is extreme between the jaws, so as to interfere with the animal's breathing, it is well to lance the abscess if a soft spot can be found.

  48. After this, just simply keep the Abscess open by washing with a three per cent Carbolic Acid solution, or Bichloride of Mercury, one in one thousand solution.

  49. I shall suffer the abscess to gather, and then I shall have it opened.

  50. The Queen died of an abscess under her arm.

  51. On opening the former, he discovered an abscess in the brain.

  52. This had produced the abscess, and the abscess had caused death.

  53. This abscess may form at any age, sometimes after fever, sometimes without any obvious cause.

  54. The abscess discharges itself, its walls contract, the opposite surfaces come into contact, and are welded together again, so that there is no loss of substance, nor anything save a scar on the surface to indicate what has happened.

  55. But the abscess of the lungs is not like an abscess which follows an injury.

  56. He shows no inconsiderable knowledge of anatomy in his remarkable description of inflammation and abscess of the mediastinum in his own person, and its diagnosis from common pleuritis as well as from abscess and dropsy of the pericardium.

  57. The pain generally is very great; paralysis of the nerve of sight may occur, and death may be caused by the abscess extending to the brain.

  58. Periorbital abscess commences outside the ocular sheath, beneath the periosteal membrane covering the bone, and is usually the result of a disease or fractured bone which enters into the formation of the orbital cavity.

  59. As soon as the central or most prominent part becomes soft, the abscess should be opened to release the core.

  60. This abscess may make its way to the surface and escape externally, or it may burst into a milk duct and discharge through the teat.

  61. The abscess begins as a small round nodule, painful on pressure, gradually increases in size until death of the central portion takes place, then the surface of the skin gives way to internal pressure and the core is released and expelled.

  62. The time to open an abscess is just before it is ready to break, and should be done with a sharp lance, a crucial incision sometimes being necessary.

  63. Orbital abscess may form outside the globe and within the orbital sheath, as the result of a previous wound of the parts or from fracture of the bony orbit, etc.

  64. The treatment for either orbital or periorbital abscess is the same as that for abscess occurring in any other part of the body--a free opening for the escape of imprisoned pus.

  65. Arteries become obstructed as a result of wounds and other injuries to them, as those caused by the formation of an abscess or the extension of inflammation from surrounding structures to the coats of an artery.

  66. Orbital abscess is manifested by a pushing forward of the eyeball (exophthalmos), a swelling of the conjunctiva and eyelids.

  67. The opening, however, is usually small and may close prematurely, so that abscess after abscess is formed.

  68. To him is due the credit of suggesting opium for the treatment of dysentery, and he also described accurately the symptoms and progress of abscess of the liver.

  69. Democedes gained his freedom from slavery as a reward for curing the wife of Darius of an abscess in the breast.

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