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Example sentences for "papule"

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  1. They may change into the moist papule and squamous papule.

  2. The papule is usually fully developed in twenty-four hours.

  3. At the end of another twenty-four or thirty-six hours the apex of the papule shows a further change.

  4. After primary vaccination in man there is a stage of incubation lasting for from forty-eight to seventy-two hours; a papule then develops, and by the end of the third or fourth day this has begun to show umbilication and a vesicular structure.

  5. The papule always arises from the centre of its halo like a bull’s eye, whereas in chicken-pox it arises from within the circumference, but not always in the centre.

  6. This areola tends to get smaller as the papule gets larger, and at last is completely lost.

  7. The fully-developed papule in smallpox is rarely surrounded by a halo of congestion as it is in varicella, but in the modified form of smallpox this is not infrequently the case.

  8. When the papule is fully developed, the surrounding skin is put on the stretch, and the rolling sensation is lost, but the papule is so dense and hard that it is frequently described as “shotty.

  9. The papule of varicella and of acne is not so dense and resisting as the papule of variola.

  10. As the change is going on, the height of the papule grows less and less, and when vesiculation is complete we have a broad, flat, umbilicated vesicle with a firm, dense base.

  11. The fluid continues to increase in amount until the papule is converted into a little blister or vesicle.

  12. Involution is marked by cessation of oozing, subsidence of the papule and scar-like changes at the site of the lesion.

  13. The papule develops in from 3 to 24 hours.

  14. By the seventh day the apex of the papule is of a pale yellow color, and the black skin has the appearance of being dotted over with yellow wax.

  15. The papule then develops into nodules of cylindric shape, with a dome-shaped, thick, yellow crust.

  16. The primary stage begins with the initial lesion, which consists of a papule which may be found most anywhere on the body.

  17. The secondary stage commences about a fortnight after the papule has healed.

  18. The treatment consists in destroying the original papule by the actual cautery, acid nitrate of mercury, or pure carbolic acid.

  19. Noguchi has made an emulsion of dead spirochætes which he calls luetin, and which gives a specific reaction resembling that of tuberculin in tuberculosis, a papule or a pustule forming at the site of the intra-dermal injection.

  20. This papule increases in superficial area, but not in height, and gradually loses its redness.

  21. Ordinarily, no effect whatever is observed until after the lapse of two or three days, when a red papule is formed.

  22. The vesicles are superficial in situation, the firm papule which precedes the variolous rash being altogether wanting.

  23. Slight exudation of plasma, with a few corpuscles, usually follows, and produces elevation of the papule itself.

  24. After these returns have ceased, a small, indolent papule may persist for weeks or months.

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