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Example sentences for "abscissae"

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  1. In this diagram the ordinates represent the ratio of sodium sulphate to magnesium sulphate in the solutions, and the abscissae represent the temperatures.

  2. For the purpose of representing the relationships found here we shall employ a temperature-concentration diagram,[267] in which the ordinates represent the temperature and the abscissae the concentration of the components.

  3. The ordinates represent the amount of A, the abscissae the amount of B in a constant amount of the third component, the solvent.

  4. This law may be represented graphically by arranging the anthropologic data on the abscissae (e.

  5. If we mark upon the abscissae the progressive measurements, 1.

  6. When the points M of the process explained in S 5 are inserted between the points whose abscissae are a and b, we may take them to be n - 1 in number, so that the segment AB is divided into n segments.

  7. It was sought to determine the area contained between the curve, the axis of abscissae and two ordinates, of which one was regarded as fixed and the other as variable.

  8. His method was to divide the interval of integration into parts by means of intermediate points the abscissae of which are in geometric progression.

  9. The distance between the extreme ordinates corresponding to the abscissae x = a and x = b is divided into 2n equal segments by ordinates y1, y2, .

  10. Let a, b be the abscissae of these points.

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