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Example sentences for "absconding"

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abscesses; abscissa; abscissae; abscond; absconded; absence; absences; absens; absent; absente
  1. It's just shameful the way he's been deceiving us, making us think him an absconding debtor and all that when he a'n't anything of the sort.

  2. The man to whom you promised your hand was not the absconding debtor who writes you this from a jail.

  3. I don't believe you are an absconding debtor, and I'm not going to believe it on the strength of any oaths Messrs.

  4. Many of them had Thoughts of absconding in the Mountains, the Rest were frighted, and those who intended to revolt, found an Opportunity to perswade the others to joyn with them, and encourag'd the unsettled with fair Promises.

  5. Soon after which the greatest part of the company left him, some going on board Captain Culliford, and others absconding in the country, so that he had not above forty men left.

  6. About a quarter of an hour after she called me to her, assuring me in a day or two I should receive an answer to the purpose; and so absconding her displeasure, she sent me with all expedition home again.

  7. While I left him behind, the absconding from a beau was apology all-sufficient for running away from a belle; but now I am doubly wanted to stay, and too-doubly earnest to go!

  8. Delafield, the defaulting and absconding financier of Boston.

  9. With an absconding steward and a blackmailer?

  10. But while the cruiser might not feel authorised to take an absconding debtor from this vessel, he might feel otherwise on the subject of tobacco, provided there has been an information for smuggling.

  11. You mean the absconding member of Parliament," returned John Effingham, with emphasis on the four last words.

  12. Three or four sailors were at work in the waist, where the lieutenant came on board; and Christy was not a little astonished to observe that Walsh, the absconding man-servant, was one of them.

  13. The absconding man-servant had certainly made good use of his time since he left Bonnydale, for he appeared to have become a full-fledged sailor in the space of ten hours.

  14. Thirdly, he was convicted of absconding with several women belonging to the harems of the Egyptian officers.

  15. We had also lost four half-loads and two rifles through absconding Manyuema.

  16. He replied that his reason for absconding was because we were such close companions, and when I ran away he followed me.

  17. An absconding manager was so common a thing that he did not even excite remark.

  18. My present correspondent expressed himself deeply grieved at my having been so villainously cheated, and hoped I would join him in taking proceedings against his absconding partner--when found.

  19. This question chimed in so well to the tolling of a certain thought of mine that, with the image of the absconding renegade in my eye, I answered at once, "Hanged if I know, unless it be that he lets you.

  20. And when we had got him into the waggonette, and were driving off, what must he needs talk about but the absconding of Mr. Frederick Smethurst, whom he knew to be the uncle of a young lady he had once met at our house.

  21. He was no longer regarded as a fugitive from justice, an absconding debtor, who had seized the government of Darien by force and caused the death of its real proprietor Nicuesa.

  22. Moreover, Dunham's bank was a member of a protective association, and Smith knew how wide a net could be spread and drawn when any absconding employee was really wanted.

  23. She did not know the story of the absconding bank cashier.

  24. The grand jury has found a true bill against Montague Smith, the absconding cashier of the Lawrenceville Bank and Trust, charged with embezzling the bank's funds.

  25. It was positive that the absconding storekeeper did not know of the presence of the cousins here; yet chance had sent him on his way before they could have the man apprehended for the swindle he had worked in Polktown.

  26. His lawyer could give him little comfort, Janice understood, regarding the settlement of the absconding storekeeper's notes.

  27. Close to, he was not to be mistaken for anybody but Tom Hotchkiss, the absconding Polktown storekeeper.

  28. The ancient and relatively forgotten myth of the Egyptians explained manOs mysterious absconding from the night in seven or eight hours of sleep as a partial death when apart from the vanquished sun.

  29. Absconding into a plane seemed a natural course.

  30. No one, however, attached any blame to her: of course, the absconding nurse had carried away the fair-haired child.

  31. When the police of Paris were told to give up their search for an absconding nurse accompanied by a child, and to look for one without such encumbrance, they found her.

  32. The absconding wife was in the position of an excommunicate from the Catholic Church, or of a woman condemned as a witch.

  33. Joseph Wallis, advertised for his absconding wife, Caroline Wallis, offering one hundred pounds reward for such information as should lead to her discovery.

  34. Every tribe is liable after the absconding of a member of it, after warning, after notice, and after lawful waiting.

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