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Example sentences for "dizziness"

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dizzen; dizzied; dizzier; dizziest; dizzily; dizzy; dizzying; djin; djins; dler
  1. The heart's action may be increased by the least excitement and with the fast pulse and palpitation there are feelings of dizziness and anxiety and such patients are sure they have organic disease of the heart.

  2. If too much is used the throat and tongue will feel dry, face will flush, and there will be dizziness and a rapid pulse.

  3. When compensation is gone, diminished blood in the brain causes dizziness and faintness.

  4. The syringe and hot sterilized, boiled water should be used for some time, and the patient asked occasionally if there is any faintness or dizziness caused by it.

  5. Vomiting and purging, taste of metal, severe pains, dizziness and headache and sometimes insensibility.

  6. Brain symptoms, such as headache, dizziness and fainting, may be present or absent.

  7. Henry had suffered no broken bones, nothing more than bruises, and he was recovering rapidly from the dizziness caused by his fall.

  8. The dizziness returned at times, and he knew that he must have rest.

  9. Dizziness and vertigo may occur without headache, and drowsiness, though not so frequent a symptom as insomnia, often occurs.

  10. These patients are weary, they have mental and physical tire, may get short breathed, may have palpitation of the heart, and often have headaches and dizziness from imperfect circulation in the head.

  11. Feverishly and to flee the crazy dizziness of all these vague and circumambient things, as if to save her life she keeps her look on him.

  12. The waltz continues and lasciviously rolls, rolls in the dizziness of turning things, mad cycles, and all this softness, curves that languish fit to swoon!

  13. But on their vision burst A cloud far off at first, And whirling its dizziness with such a blast That it was all a miracle and a fright, Leapt from the dim horizon through the night.

  14. And, ruby cups brimmed with a blood that seethed, Lips have a dizziness upon me breathed!

  15. There for a time, dizziness and fatigue pinned her.

  16. Hardly able to breathe, feeling the very soul torn out his throat, he fell back against the wall and tile as wave after wave of hot sweat dizziness broke over.

  17. One should approach cautiously, preferably on hands and knees, even if dizziness is unknown to the climber, for from the very edge the cliff drops sheer more than 600 feet.

  18. Returning to where my friends were resting, I felt the first sensation of dizziness and weakness, resulting from unusual physical exertion and a meagre diet.

  19. He had, as he afterwards discovered, struck it with his head and shoulder, but just then he was only sensible of an unpleasant dizziness and a stinging pain in his left arm.

  20. Brooke turned his head slowly, for the dizziness he was sensible of did not seem to be abating, and saw a thin, red trickle drip from the sleeve of his jean jacket, which the moonlight fell upon.

  21. Lucy forgot all about her anaemia and weak back and tendency to dizziness in an excited packing up of necessaries for the journey.

  22. Lucy emerged from it, then overcome with dizziness sank down by the wayside.

  23. But they did not go to the opera after all, for in getting up from dinner the dizziness came over him again, and she insisted on his staying quiet and going to bed early.

  24. But suddenly the dizziness came on again, and he was obliged to relapse on the sofa.

  25. Fred lay wondering, for there came something like a sob from close at hand, though when he tried to turn towards the sound the horrible dizziness came back.

  26. Clarissa gave a long weary sigh, and that painful dizziness passed off in some degree.

  27. There was a dizziness in her head very much like the preliminary stage of fainting.

  28. A sudden dizziness overcame her, her brain reeled and she fell prostrate to the wet earth.

  29. Now and again dizziness seized her, however, and a sharp pain kept tapping as if with a hammer in her head.

  30. Dizziness and faintness may be early symptoms.

  31. The first month's special treatment gave me such relief that I continued five months, and to-day can do heavy work without that troublesome pain in my back, and can stoop down without dizziness in my head.

  32. The emissions have stopped, and I have no unnatural discharges, nor dizziness in the head.

  33. The headache and dizziness have entirely left me.

  34. Gentlemen--I suffered a great deal with headache and dizziness in my head and costiveness.

  35. And as the seconds passed, he became accustomed somewhat to the increasing velocity of the projectile, and the dizziness passed from his head.

  36. And then he felt the blood draining from his head, making him faint with dizziness as the rocket accelerated suddenly into a terrible burst of speed.

  37. No, madame; but I was overcome with a strange feeling of dizziness a few moments ago.

  38. Dizziness may be complained of and dyspnea is usually marked.

  39. The condition may be present for years and the symptoms only epigastric tenderness with dizziness and sweating on lying down after dinner, as in one of Perutz's patients.

  40. My head throbbed and buzzed, precipitating a strange dizziness which seemed determined to force me to my knees.

  41. Little wonder that the continued dizziness and lack of ability to stretch the limbs bring about a complete nervous prostration and reduce the strongest man to a physical wreck within a very short time.

  42. When this little dizziness in my head leaves me I shall be quite well.

  43. Elizabeth sank slowly in a chair; Elsie stole one frightened look towards her, then the woman in her confusion and dizziness saw her float out of the room, and she was alone with her husband.

  44. After recovering from the dizziness of its plunge, the river, leaving the piny walls on either side, rushes along in view for a short distance, and then disappears around the corner of a green promontory.

  45. Wrapping the tall pines, dwindled as to shrubs in dizziness of distance,” it was being shaken from its foothold by varying breezes, broken into separate sheets of vapor, and pushed upward along the perpendicular walls.

  46. He was attacked by dizziness and clutched a bush for support.

  47. He did not believe that the weakness and dizziness would come again.

  48. The dizziness which is felt on ascending an elevation, arises undoubtedly from mental alarm, which modifies the impressions received by the eye, which no longer correctly estimates the relations of distance.

  49. My fever had altogether left me, and, with the exception of a slight dizziness in the head, I felt no had effects from the fall over night.

  50. A sudden pain through the temples, a rising nausea, blackness and dizziness again, made him close them, frowning.

  51. And with the return of clamoring rage Brayley's dizziness passed and he sprang to his feet.

  52. For a moment he lay unable to rise, the black dizziness showing in his swimming eyes.

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