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  1. He that puts the cat in the pock kens best how to tak her out.

  2. Bode a robe and wear it, bode a pock and bear it.

  3. Aye takin' out o' the meal pock and ne'er puttin' in't soon comes to the bottom.

  4. If he binds his pock she'll sit down on't.

  5. It's but kindly that the pock savour of the herring.

  6. Ye're like the miller's dog--ye lick your lips ere the pock be opened.

  7. I am some better, and got up again, but was unable to sit up long; my pock begins to dry very well, and my swelling to go down.

  8. This morning got up, but my pock has come out exceedingly thick.

  9. I feel something better, and my pock comes out very fast; but it is the small sort, which is the worst.

  10. Woodville, have ever been produced by the pure uncontaminated cow-pock virus; on the contrary, I do suppose that those which the doctor speaks of originated in the action of variolous matter which crept into the constitution with the vaccine.

  11. It is, doubtless, on this principle that the inoculated cow-pock pustule and its concomitant efflorescence may, in very irritable constitutions, produce this affection.

  12. I have an old crow to pluck with him, and a pock to put the feathers in.

  13. Hae I been buying a pig in a pock like that?

  14. Whatever the secret was, it looked as if the pock were somehow connected with it.

  15. The same moment the incubus of Grizzle's meal-pock was lifted from his bosom.

  16. Come, Aggie," he said abruptly, "I want to ken what for Grizzie was in sic a terror aboot her pock last nicht.

  17. Lay a pock o meal beneath my head, Another aneath my feet, A pock o seeds beneath my knees, And soundly will I sleep.

  18. Pitting after smallpox has always been a special risk of a certain texture of the skin, namely, a sufficient thickness of the vascular layer to afford the pock a deep base.

  19. When a moist eczema is present there may be auto-inoculation of the pock on the affected area and a general confluent vaccine eruption appear.

  20. Vaccination consists in the inoculation of virus taken from the pock produced by vaccinia.

  21. The immunity given by the pock is not at all lessened by this treatment.

  22. But though the road bed was constantly pock marked with bomb craters it served as a guide eastward for their crunching footsteps.

  23. True there were lots of fields, but they were pock marked from one end to the other with shell and bomb craters.

  24. Mevrouw Pock was the wife of her favorite parson.

  25. Do you know what they call Mevrouw Pock in Drum?

  26. May the mouse ne'er leave our meal-pock wi' the tear in its e'e.

  27. The laird, having seen the beggar sit down near his gate to examine the contents of his pock or wallet, conjectured that he had come from his house, and so drew near to see what he had carried off.

  28. Some refused to be vaccinated, from a persuasion that the kine pock was no security against the small pox.

  29. But there were several instances of persons who said they were inoculated with the kine pock in America, who took the small pox the natural way at this time.

  30. Answered, that he should suppose him to be about thirtythree years old; that he was of a middling height, with a thin, pock marked face, and black hair.

  31. That Maria Anna Gitar was a tall person, with an ugly pock marked face, the color of her eyes, hair, &c.

  32. That her sister Magdalena was a small person, with a face likewise ugly and pock marked; other characteristics forgotten.

  33. At twenty-three and unmentionably enough, a son of a Brazilian coffee king, inflamed with the deviltry of debauch, had ground a wine tumbler against her forehead, inducing the pock marks.

  34. He could not take his eyes from the shining white of the face before him, the glazed smooth surface left in many places between the black of the pock marks.

  35. The face round and flat, shining, with black pock marks, making it look like speckled pumice, rouses suspicion of leprosy.

  36. The eyes were small, disappearing behind the swollen eyelids, the hair was scanty, the disease added its black pock marks which stood thick and conspicuous on a fair skin.

  37. Each pimple or pock will be no longer depressed in its centre, but will become raised and pointed, being more fully distended by the increased quantity of fluid within; and the skin around each pock will now be of a bright crimson.

  38. In one or two days after the pock is full it becomes yellow from contained pus and then dries into a brownish-yellow scab, which finally falls, leaving one or more distinct pits in the skin.

  39. If the pock forms on a surface where there is thick hair it does not rise as a blister, but oozes out a straw-colored fluid which concretes on the hairs in an amber-colored mass.

  40. Inflammatory complications supervening on the full development of the pock may invariably be set down as due to some cause not connected with the quality of the virus employed.

  41. This form of irregular pock has not been seen by the writer of late years, but before animal vaccination came into general use he met with it frequently, mostly in cachectic children.

  42. There is one supposed safeguard that does not seem to have the slightest title to be so regarded--namely, the notion that a typical pock cannot be developed on a person affected with a specific cachexia.

  43. The dome of the pock is formed by the unbroken transparent horny layer of the epidermis, unaffected by the morbid process.

  44. The umbilication of the mature pock is doubtless due to the situation of such lesions at the orifices of the excretory ducts of the skin-glands.

  45. The truth seems to be, that these irregular forms of pock seem to prevail at certain times, and not at other times, regardless of the particular stock of virus used, other things being equal.

  46. In such cases the complications, if they can still be called so, are apt to make their appearance long before the pock matures, even within forty-eight hours of the vaccination.

  47. The phenomenon termed umbilication, common to the vaccinal pock and to that of variola, has given rise to some differences of opinion as to the mechanism of its production.

  48. It has no advantage over many other measures, however, and there is the disadvantage that the nævus may so mask the pock as to give rise to some doubt as to the satisfactory character of the latter.

  49. As a rule, it is best to avoid poultices applied over the pock itself, for they soften the tender structures that make up its dome and render it prone to rupture, with all the consequences that may follow its conversion into an open sore.

  50. The areola is a circumscribed redness of the skin, perfectly circular in form and of five or six times the diameter of the pock itself.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "pock" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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