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  1. A minute or two later, in a shallow indentation of the shore, they discovered the remains of a small pier or landing-stage.

  2. In single file they made their way along this, and came presently to a shallow indentation in the western shore, near its southern end.

  3. This mission is situated about two miles from the shore of a small bay or indentation of the coast, on the edge of a plain or valley watered by the Rio Santa Clara, which empties into the Pacific at this point.

  4. A march of four miles brought us to the shore of a small indentation in the coast of the Pacific, where vessels can anchor, and boats can land when the wind is not too fresh.

  5. In examining the bores after proof, it has been found that the greatest indentation occurs in general near the seat of the projectiles.

  6. Enlargement or indentation of bore by proof, not to exceed .

  7. As the visitor looks from the square up the indentation he sees on a height to the right a venerable temple ruin, and, directly in front, Acro-Corinth, rising over 1500 ft.

  8. At the lower end of the indentation is the modern public square, shaded by a gigantic and picturesque plane tree, nourished by the surplus water of Pirene.

  9. Another trench dug across the deep indentation to the E.

  10. There is a slight V-shaped indentation behind, at the apex of which is situated the anus.

  11. In the hollow of the indentation Flemming believes a polar cell to be situated, though he has not definitely seen one.

  12. The table of the lower tooth is indented on either side, the indentation extending downwards along the fang.

  13. The infundibula in these last extend the entire breadth of the table, and in consequence of an indentation on that side which touches the corner milk teeth, the space is there free.

  14. A sufficient indentation of the ivory, nevertheless, can be observed, to render prominent the ridge of enamel, and to indicate that the last-named material is endowed with the greatest power of resistance.

  15. The effect of the explosion was an indentation on one side of the box.

  16. General Dyer, then Chief of Ordnance, pronounced it a most cleverly combined torpedo, and exploded one of the cartridges in a closed box, producing a deep indentation upon its sides.

  17. Leaving Potsdam Harbour and the Monumbo, and moving still eastward along the coast of German New Guinea, we come to a large indentation known as Astrolabe Bay.

  18. Towards the western end of the Dutch possession there is on the northern coast a deep and wide indentation known as Geelvink Bay, which in its north-west corner includes a very much smaller indentation known as Doreh Bay.

  19. From the plan one can easily recognise the salients of Ypres and Arras, the indentation of Montdidier, and that of Chateau-Thierry intersecting the Vesle, the salients of Reims and Verdun and the break through at Saint-Mihiel.

  20. The grounds extend on a gentle incline to the shores of the beautiful bay, forming a semicircle round what is known as Farm Cove, a picturesque indentation of the harbor.

  21. Spencer Gulf is the deepest indentation upon the south coast, and would flood these swamps with permanent water, rendering them not only navigable, but producing a favorable change in the climate.

  22. The one is most used for the bladder-dart and the bird-dart; it has at the upper narrow end a knob which fits into an indentation in a plate of bone fixed to the butt-end of the dart.

  23. As the central part alone is confluent, an indentation is left at both the upper and lower ends; and the surrounding coloured zones are likewise indented.

  24. The indentation of the central disc and of the surrounding zones of the ocellus, in both species of peacock, speaks plainly in favour of this view, and is otherwise inexplicable.

  25. It is also manifest that if the convergence were strongly pronounced and the confluence complete, the indentation at the convergent end would tend to disappear.

  26. In some brains it appears simply as an indentation of the margin of the hemisphere, but, in others, it extends for some distance more or less transversely outwards.

  27. These confluent ocelli differ from the single ocelli of the peacock in having an indentation at both ends, instead of only at the lower or basal end.

  28. Another mode is to press the closed fist strongly inward in the same situation and hold it so, forming a deep indentation in the abdominal wall.

  29. The indentation soon changes to a crack, which extends completely around the limb, forming the line of separation between the dead and living structures.

  30. And outline the indentation with a circle.

  31. Now, you show an indentation or a mark on the top of the box shown in Exhibit A, is that a little Rolling Reader box?

  32. Was there any other indentation on that box besides that which is shown in the circle on 3?

  33. There was an indentation in the box, was there?

  34. And you say there is an indentation on that box?

  35. I looked at them and one of them appeared to have a small indentation where it looked like it might have been struck and did not fire.

  36. Let's take Exhibit J--how did the height of the little Rolling Reader box on the window sill compare with the height of the box you have marked "3" that had the indentation on it?

  37. To the eastward is another indentation in the southern coast, Seal Harbor, also a popular resort, having one of the finest beaches on the island.

  38. From all sides the land, with its varied surfaces of hill and vale, slopes down towards the water courses, leading into the deep indentation of Boston Harbor.

  39. This peninsula was named in honor of Sir Guy Carleton, and has the deep indentation of Chedabucto Bay on its northern side.

  40. It is about thirteen miles from the sea, the Kennebec entering the Atlantic through Sheepscott Bay, an irregular indentation of the coast studded with many attractive islands.

  41. Bar Harbor, an indentation of Frenchman Bay, having a bar uncovered at low tide, which named it, being easy of access, the village of East Eden on its shores became the fashionable resort.

  42. This, like Sackett's, is an indentation of Black River Bay, and was well within the hostile ships.

  43. Sackett's Harbor is an indentation on the south side of a broad bay, called Black River Bay, into which the Black River empties.

  44. The imitation article has a deep indentation at this place.

  45. Tests for indentation are commonly made by penetrations of the material with a steel punch or ball.

  46. While resistance to indentation is dependent mostly upon the density of the wood, the wearing qualities may be governed by other factors such as toughness, and the size, cohesion, and arrangement of the fibres.

  47. Another method of testing by indentation involves the use of a right-angled cone instead of a ball.

  48. Design of tool for testing the hardness of woods by indentation 44.

  49. The inhabitants, however, are better disposed on the shores of Great Bay, a deep indentation on the north-east side of the island, where great quantities of nutmeg grow.

  50. A mile and a half to the southward of Gun Island, opposite a singular-looking indentation in the outer side of the reefs, a small cluster of cliffy islets approaches within half a mile of them.

  51. The mark left by a blow; an indentation or impression made by violence; a dent.

  52. Indentation in curved lines, as of a line of division or the edge of an ordinary.

  53. The indentation or mark left by a pustule, as in smallpox.

  54. The act of crenelating, or the state of being crenelated; an indentation or an embrasure.

  55. An embrasure or indentation in a battlement; a loophole in a fortress; an indentation; a notch.

  56. An indentation in the glacis of the covered way, at a point where a traverse is placed.

  57. A slight natural depression or indentation on the surface of some part of the body, esp.

  58. Massett Inlet, the deepest indentation in the archipelago, penetrates the latter island for eighteen miles, and then expands into an open sea nearly twenty miles in length and over six miles in width.

  59. So many were seen in the extreme southern bay indentation of the entire group of islands that we called it Seal Cove.

  60. About two miles north of the latter, we crossed a small creek flowing into the deepest indentation of the harbor, which, being largely bare at low tide, we have named Tide Bay.

  61. Cloak Bay, a much larger indentation on the south-western shore, is exposed to westerly storms.

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