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Example sentences for "dimple"

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dimness; dimora; dimorphic; dimorphism; dimorphous; dimpled; dimples; dimpling; dimply; dims
  1. Smiles still played hide-and-seek with the dimple in her cheek.

  2. When her mouth was in repose she looked a woman to die for; when she smiled she was merely a very pretty girl with a pink-and-white complexion and a dimple in her cheek.

  3. They don't know you've got a little dimple in your chin.

  4. They don't know what it's like to stand beside you and see that little dimple in your chin.

  5. But, just as he turned toward her with lips half opened for a bitter sentence, he saw a dimple appear in the cheek next to him, and held back the words.

  6. He saw the reluctant dimple which showed fleetingly in Evadna's cheek, and also the tears which swelled her eyelids immediately after, but she did not know that he saw them, though another did.

  7. A dimple in her chin and a small sensitive mouth gave her an expression at once timid and childlike.

  8. A tiny stream of blood ran down from her lip and stood in the dimple of her chin.

  9. Lady Landale raised her black brows with a fine air of interrogation, and then gazed down at the old dog till the lashes swept her cheek, while a mocking dimple just peeped from the corner of her mouth and was gone again.

  10. She looked from one to the other of the watching faces, and smiled in a good-humoured, tolerant manner, which showed a dimple in the round cheek.

  11. Her shoulders bent forward as she sat on her chair; she shut her eyes with a little contraction of the brows; the dimple no longer showed in her cheek; and when Bertha upset the tray upon the floor, she started with painful violence.

  12. Her dark eyes look merry under the merry eyebrows, and the lip-pinch makes a dimple on her chin--a dimple to remember her by.

  13. Shirley spoke the words hesitatingly, a dimple beginning to show in her cheek as her eyelids drooped over her shy eyes.

  14. Shirley with a smile that showed a dimple in one cheek, and the star sparks in her eyes.

  15. The unexpected dimple deepened in Smith's cheek, and as he laughed the Schoolmarm, again noting the effect of it, could not in her heart believe that he was as black as he had painted himself.

  16. An unlooked-for dimple deepened in one cheek, his eyes sparkled, his entire countenance radiated for a moment a kind of boyish good-nature which was indescribably winning.

  17. Then a deep smile seemed to rise somewhere in her eyes and creep over her face, discovering a dimple here and there as it proceeded.

  18. After Mrs. Hill had gone out Violet walked to the nearest mirror and looked at herself with her forefinger in the dimple of her chin.

  19. Though, and her dimple faded as she owned it, the thought of what must happen in November took "the gilt off the gingerbread.

  20. The deep dimple Sherbrand remembered showed in the full oval of one of her white cheeks.

  21. A deep dimple von Herrnung had never seen showed low down in one of her pale cheeks.

  22. He released her with a happy sigh, and they sat down on the shadowed side of their green nest, a deep dimple in the cheek of the sunny, smiling Earth, and looked in each other's eyes.

  23. Her chin was short and perhaps now verging to that size which we call a double chin, and marked by as broad a dimple as ever Venus made with her finger on the face of a woman.

  24. But the mouth was smaller, the lips less full, and the dimple less exaggerated.

  25. Marvin could not help laughing, and there was a dimple of amusement in Millie's cheek.

  26. By this time his ruffled dignity was assuaged by the twinkle in Mrs. Davis's eye and the deep dimple in her chin.

  27. This old-fashioned head-dress, which was trussed up from the nape of her neck, disclosed all the softness of her fresh young throat, on which the dimple of her chin was reduplicated more vaguely and delicately.

  28. But though wisdom urged discretion, a blue eye and a furtive dimple beckoned.

  29. Bobby's eyes danced, and her submerged dimple came to the surface.

  30. Blue eyes, full of daring, danced under the blackest of brows, and the smile she flashed at her companion revealed a dimple of distracting proportions.

  31. His will was well nigh superhuman, for he battled against two furious little hands, against the dimple and the patch so near his lips, against the fragrance of her hair, against the subtle warmth of his burden.

  32. The universe, and sordid accessories such as time, radiated entirely about one little velvet patch near a dimple satellite.

  33. Toppy studied the purity of her profile, the innocence of the baby dimple in her chin, out of the corner of his eye.

  34. It struck Toppy as funny that a little girl with a baby dimple in her chin should be earning more money than he.

  35. She has a dimple in one cheek and not in the other.

  36. She has the sweetest little dimple in either cheek, and twenty Cupids hide under her lashes.

  37. Her features were Grecian in outline, as regarded the upper portion of her face, and irregular below; with such a delightful little dimple in her curving chin, and full, pouting lips.

  38. It lit up her whole face with merriment, giving the grey eyes the most bewitching expression, and bringing into prominent notice a tiny, dear little dimple in her chin, which you might not have previously observed.

  39. Agostino pressed his finger on a dimple in her cheeks.

  40. A soft dimple played for a moment on her lips.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dimple" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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