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Example sentences for "blackhead"

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blackguarded; blackguarding; blackguardism; blackguardly; blackguards; blackheads; blacking; blackish; blackjack; blacklead
  1. Do this up to about January, and then, if your turkey hens are kept warm and comfortable, they are over the dangers of the blackhead season.

  2. The time for blackhead season is in what is commonly called "dog days," that is, mid-summer.

  3. Then you can decide that you have blackhead in your flock.

  4. As I said before in another part of my work, blackhead never appears in my flock until the turkey is six and seven months old.

  5. When the turkey dies of blackhead the crop becomes apparently black and inflamed, and is very foul.

  6. If they are give one of the Mahaney Blackhead pills every hour until the droppings become normal.

  7. In the West of England, peasants suffering from blackhead were bidden to crawl under an arched Bramble, and if they had the toothache, the prescribed remedy was for them to bite the first Fern that appeared in Spring.

  8. In Devonshire, a curious charm for the cure of blackhead or pinsoles consisted in creeping under an arched Bramble.

  9. I was very much surprised to find that Blackhead proved to be an island, with a good passage, at least a mile and a half wide, between it and the main.

  10. E; and several other bearings were taken for a sketch of the channel between Blackhead Island, and the main.

  11. There really was a plot; and this would have been proved if Blackhead had not been bought off.

  12. The summons was promptly obeyed, and the accused prelate was brought face to face with Blackhead before the Council.

  13. The Bishop has taken Blackhead off; and they are both trying to stifle the plot.

  14. The selection was not happy; for Blackhead had none of the qualities which the trade of a false witness requires except wickedness.

  15. It never occurred to them to look into the room in which Blackhead had hidden the Association: for that room was near the offices occupied by the servants, and was little used by the Bishop and his family.

  16. Blackhead paid another visit to Bromley, and contrived to take the forged Association out of the place in which he had hid it, and to bring it back to Young.

  17. Young and Blackhead had done him an inestimable service.

  18. And let him rightly rule his blackhead people; let him pronounce judgments for them and render for them decisions!

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