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Example sentences for "fearsome"

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fearing; fearless; fearlessly; fearlessness; fears; feart; feasibility; feasible; feast; feaste
  1. But even so, the question of expense seems often to be a fearsome thing, and a year or more of thought and yet another year for action are commonly needed.

  2. He is for ever a-reckoning that the Scots be at hand or the house o' fire, and he looks for man to vault out of his warm bed that instant minute when his fearsome news be spoken.

  3. While the body hung there lasted this fearsome frenzy.

  4. I saw him enter from the high table where I sat, and I knew in an instant that he brought some fearsome tidings.

  5. It seemed a fearsome thing, to do so much for a tramp who would only kill you in the end.

  6. Once again, however, the fearsome presence of man inspired a virile impulse.

  7. Many an old man who talks shudderingly of the "debil-debil" has lived in daily expectation of meeting some hostile and vindictive personage endowed with fearsome malice, and a body which may be killed and destroyed.

  8. To what fearsome figure had this hasty flight transformed the mean little emblem of rusticity?

  9. Wylo, is at the camp, sketching, flirting, and modelling fearsome debils-debils for a new generation of hilarious piccaninnies.

  10. Again I presumed the squirming reptile to be an adder, for the dogs, with bristling backs and uplifted lips, walked round it gingerly, sniffing and starting as if it were most fearsome and detestable.

  11. I have stood undaunted before the Inquisition in my day, and they are a good deal more fearsome than you and your henchmen.

  12. XXIX This was a fearsome place, thought Daoud as he gazed around the underground chamber hewn out of the yellow tufa on which the building stood.

  13. Others joined in fearsome averment: "Truly this was the Son of God.

  14. Life here was a fearsome thing, and long and hard seemed the unknown road that lay before him.

  15. She chanted the words over and over again, the kindling of her dark eyes a fearsome thing to see.

  16. An appointment to such a charge would be to me a most fearsome and terrifying prospect.

  17. And what fearsome care we took to include no single hypocritical toadstool among our treasures!

  18. It must have been a fearsome and wondrous spectacle to have observed the slumbering forces of the universe in such a burst of passion!

  19. VII So behold us galloping headlong from that fearsome place, the snow flying beneath our horses' hoofs, our heads bent and our swords drawn.

  20. So behold us crossing those fearsome steppes, Valerie and Leon for our van, the sergeant and myself, with the child between us, talking of a thousand things which were to be done if ever we saw the city of Paris again.

  21. When a prized new sailor hat was blown to the centre of a duck-pond he sought to recover it without any fearsome self-communing.

  22. The vast hulk sank alternately at either end, and to fearsome depths of the sea.

  23. She drew on her boots and walked up and down, casting fearsome glances toward the darkest portion of the cavern, shunning it, keeping the fire between it and herself.

  24. Like one moving through the fearsome steps of a nightmare she went on, clinging to King's hand, his hand tight upon hers, cold hands which met because they must.

  25. The venomous serpent was helpless; the fearsome master of the wild life of the forest, the deadly foe of humankind, was itself held in the grip of death.

  26. The abyss closed up, leaving only a dark and fearsome cavity.

  27. Jist this: it's only whan ye dinna want to fa' asleep 'at it luiks fearsome to ye.

  28. But, eh, puir laddie, he bed a richt fearsome wife to the mither o' him!

  29. You don't need to be startled," he added as O'Day flinched at the sound in his ears of these strange and fearsome words.

  30. With a resolute ignoring of that fearsome darkness to the right and to the left, Pollyanna drew a quick breath and pattered straight into that silvery path, and on to the window.

  31. Between him and her lay the fearsome figure of Sir Thomas, rampant, filling the entire horizon.

  32. For it was thought that the old ruined church was haunted, and that fearsome things were to be seen there at night.

  33. Then the fearsome thing gave a loud roar, and stamped with both his feet upon the pavement, and out of the church he went after the sprightly tailor.

  34. But she judged by accomplished facts rather than by fearsome thoughts or self-accusation.

  35. From morning until night was a lovely, precious, fearsome dream.

  36. There was a crowd o' them talking that way, when I came up frae the boat this afternoon, and old Judith was just scattering them wi' her fearsome words.

  37. She hasna been hersel' this year past, and whiles she has sair attacks that gie us all a fearsome day or twa.

  38. Illustration] THE SAW-BUCK The Saw-Buck is a fearsome beast.

  39. On the Banks to-night a fearsome sight The fishermen behold, Keeping the ghost watch in the moon When the small hours are cold.

  40. I blenched, and she knew too well I wist The fearsome fate of the goblin tryst.

  41. It was all so fearsome and strange that as he recalled its lost hours one by one it was as if he were a stranger to himself.

  42. The ceremony of dressing proved a fearsome thing as it went on.

  43. It was a fearsome room, which, when the dark, high-ceilinged hall was entered, revealed depths of dingy gloom which appeared splashed in spots with incongruous brilliancy of color.

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