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  1. The want of speedy drainage destroys them, and injures the growth of those that are planted on the islands, for they have no depth of earth not subjected to the souring influence of the stagnant water.

  2. There is no drainage for the prodigious masses of water on these plains, except slow percolation into the different feeders of the Leeba, and into that river itself.

  3. Were it not so remarkably flat, the drainage must have been effected by torrents, even in spite of the matted vegetation.

  4. Huge unsightly water-holes, filled during the rains with the drainage of all the dung-heaps and mounds of offal and filth that abound in the village, swelter under the hot summer sun.

  5. A vast body of water descends annually into the plains from the natural surface drainage of the country, but the melting of the snows is the main source of the river system.

  6. The one we were after now had his home in a matted jungle, growing out of a pool of water, which had collected in a long hollow, forming the receptacle of the surface drainage from the adjacent slopes.

  7. The highest table-lands are most suitable for cane-planting, good drainage being a necessity of the situation.

  8. The drainage around these huts is very bad, and under them are pools of stagnant water, the cause of great mortality among the natives.

  9. What then can be the nature of that mysterious interior, bounded as it is by a table-land without river or lakes, without watercourses or drainage of any kind, for so vast a distance?

  10. This interspace caused by the melting of ice becomes filled with water and forms a lake, the drainage of which usually takes place by percolation through the porous parts of the moraine, and not by a stream overflowing that barrier.

  11. The drainage is carried to the North Sea by the Rhine, to the Mediterranean by the Rhone, to the Adriatic by the Po, to the Black Sea by the Danube.

  12. It is made to slope gradually from the farthest point in the interior to the mouth, and by means of it the principal drainage is usually carried on.

  13. The city lies too close to perpetual dead water to permit of modern drainage and there are few or no underground sewers.

  14. This same sort of street paving and drainage prevails wherever possible in every Mexican city.

  15. During the existence of the lakes their drainage must have been at the head of the valleys, and has given the flat appearance of the watersheds.

  16. The frequency with which the drainage from the land passes through mountain-chains seems to indicate some general law--viz.

  17. It will drain 18 inches deep of water (the annual produce on the surface of each acre of land) in about twenty minutes for the drainage of each acre, with one bushel or sixpennyworth of coal per year.

  18. A drainage company was formed in London with a board of directors, some of whom thought that a new kind of engine should be invented and patented as a means of excluding others from carrying on similar but competing operations.

  19. Years afterwards others acted on Trevithick's drainage ideas, and Harvey and Co.

  20. I think that the great quantity of water that was laying round the mine at the surface is nearly drawn down, and that as we get down to a closer ground the drainage will not be so much.

  21. All drainage from such land had to be pumped over the river bank, in many places 10 feet above the cultivated surface.

  22. The payment for this drainage was to be one-twentieth part of the ore raised by the different mines.

  23. At two hundred francs the metre, the sixty leagues of drainage in the Paris of to-day represent forty-eight million francs.

  24. In addition to the economic progress to which we alluded at the outset, serious considerations as to the public health are attached to this immense question,--the drainage of Paris.

  25. Dean Peacock at Ely, I examined the Drainage Scoop Wheel at Prickwillow, and made a Report to him by letter, which obtained circulation and was well known.

  26. From the Report it appears that 'our subterranean telegraph wires were all broken by one blow, from an accident in the Metropolitan Drainage Works on Groom's Hill, but were speedily repaired.

  27. In November I had correspondence about the launch of the Great Eastern, and the main drainage of London.

  28. The only special care they need is good drainage at the roots, so that the soil will not become soggy.

  29. Their requirements are ample drainage and a sandy soil.

  30. It often happens that pots of the various sizes are not to hand; and in case the pot is too large, it should have the drainage increased until it will take up as much room in the bottom as the pot is too large.

  31. Use ample drainage in the bottom to carry off excess of water.

  32. The plants will then have a vacant space below them into which drainage water may pass.

  33. In the latter case provision for good drainage is always advisable.

  34. Perfect drainage and care in watering have more to do with the successful growing of Ferns than any special mixture of soils.

  35. Water whenever needed, but the soil and drainage should be such that the earth does not remain soggy or become sour.

  36. For house culture the Geraniums need a rich, fibrous loam, with the addition of a little sand; good drainage is also an essential.

  37. It is usually better to have the heavy Windbreak on the upper side of the area, so that it may not interfere with the natural drainage of the cold air down the slope.

  38. In general practice, however, the joints should not be cemented, because a large part of the drainage water enters at those places.

  39. If the drainage material in the bottom of the pot or box is sufficient, there is little danger of over-watering; but water-logged soil is always to be avoided.

  40. In the two figures, a represents the rock, and b the timbering; round which there is a garniture of small spars or lathes for the purpose of drainage and ventilation, with the view of promoting the durability of the wood-work.

  41. The more completely this drainage is effected, the more easily and completely will the alum be purified.

  42. The curing-house should be close and warm, to favour the liquefaction and drainage of the viscid caramel.

  43. In a soft ground it should rest on piles, so driven that the channel left beneath for the drainage of the building may be above any water level.

  44. The floor should be flagged with a sloping pavement, to favour the drainage of the water that drops down from the moistened cloth.

  45. The engines at present employed in the drainage of coal-mines are:-- 1.

  46. It is, in the first place, for the sake of circulation of air that these two pits are sunk; one of them, which is also destined for the drainage of the waters, should reach the lowest point of the intended workings.

  47. This kind of drainage gallery, in the form of an inverted syphon, is called a drowned or a blind level.

  48. The saccharine matter now lost by drainage from the hogsheads in the ships, amounting to from 10 to 15 per cent.

  49. There we may observe the spaces allotted to the descent of the miners by ladders, to the drainage of the waters by pumps P, and rods t, and to the extraction of the mineral substances by the baskets B.

  50. All the liquor of drainage from the first watering, as well as a portion of the second, is set aside, as being considerably loaded with the foreign salts of the nitre, in order to be evaporated in the sequel with the mother waters.

  51. When a day-level, however, is to serve the double purpose of drainage and an outlet for coals, it should be nearly 5 feet wide, and have its bottom gutter covered over.

  52. Drainage may be necessary to remove excess of water.

  53. They will not root through into the coal cinders as rapidly as into soil and better drainage is secured.

  54. Be sure that the drainage hole is not covered; if pieces of pots are used, put the concave side down over the hole, as illustrated facing page 41.

  55. The bench should be three or four inches deep, filled with medium coarse, gritty sand, or a substratum of drainage material.

  56. Sour soil is the result of improper drainage conditions, too much water, or both.

  57. Cover the bottoms of your pots and boxes, which should have ample drainage (see illustration) with an inch or so of coarse screenings, charcoal lumps, pot fragments or sifted coal cinders to assure good drainage.

  58. The depth of the drainage material, or crocking, will be from half an inch to three inches, according to the size of the pot.

  59. Rough boards will do for their construction, and they should not be made so tight as to prevent the ready drainage of water.

  60. For pots above four inches in diameter, provide drainage by "crocking.

  61. They gabbled of drainage and water supplies, the suspension of rents and pawnbrokers' pledges for six months.

  62. Those trees are subject to special disadvantages; they lack subsoil drainage and they have an excess of manure draining down through the paving stones.

  63. We put in a little chip and tie over it very carefully so if there is any drainage it may escape.

  64. In the fall and late summer drainage is not necessary at all, and we really get better unions then when the trees are slowing down than we do in the spring when they are full of sap.

  65. If the malt is ground too fine, difficulties arise in regard to efficient drainage in the mash-tun and subsequent clarification.

  66. Special bricks of extremely hard texture are made for stable and similar paving, having grooves worked on the face to assist drainage and afford good foothold.

  67. Up to 1873, when the water and drainage works were initiated by English engineers and contractors, there were no public sewers, and the sanitary state of the city was indescribably bad.

  68. The south-eastern and central parts of the province are low and marshy, and their effective drainage has long been an urgent problem.

  69. Filth, improper drainage and poor ventilation favor the preservation of the bacillus germ and lower the power of resistance in those exposed.

  70. The failure of the fluid to absorb is due first to the fact that the drainage through the eustachian tube is still obstructed; second, that the absorbing process in the cavity is not acting normally.

  71. A strip of sterile gauze is put into the canal for drainage and protection.

  72. Cleanliness of the parts and perfect drainage must be secured.

  73. No person should bathe in an ordinary stream just below any city or village, or other source of sewage or privy drainage, or in any harbor or lake near the entrance into it of a sewer or the drainage of a privy.

  74. If it goes on to an abscess, a free cut should be made, the abscess scraped and good drainage given.

  75. Plumbers and drainage men often use what is termed "the peppermint test," to find where the leakage exists, and this is particularly suitable for the examination of existing soil pipes and drainage fittings.

  76. A few yards higher up is another ledge of rocks, behind which is a second reservoir, but smaller, having a drainage into the former one.

  77. On examining the water, I find it is only a drainage from the rocks, and there is not more than two gallons for each horse.

  78. At three miles I reached what I had supposed to be a creek, but it is a small narrow gum flat which receives the drainage from this low range.

  79. Since my last visit it is only reduced two inches, and is still a large body of clear water from the drainage of the adjacent country; it will last much longer than I anticipated.

  80. We have crossed no course of rocks of any description since our northern line; from which I am of opinion that the drainage is underneath, so that there ought to be numerous springs near the sea-coast.

  81. Tylor had adduced important evidence on sub-aerial denudation, by showing that the amount of matter brought down by rivers must infallibly lower the level of their drainage basins by many feet in no immense lapse of time.

  82. Thus the drainage from the overlying clay is directed to certain points, where a greater amount of calcareous matter is dissolved than elsewhere.

  83. The drainage of Rosea has, therefore, always been a matter of concern to the live stock industry of Reate, and in B.

  84. The inner court should contain a cistern like a little fish pond into which the drainage from the eaves may collect: as here the cattle and swine and geese can drink and bathe in summer when they are driven in from work or pasture.

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