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Example sentences for "effulgence"

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effortless; effortlessly; efforts; effroi; effrontery; effulgences; effulgent; effuse; effused; effusion
  1. How much of that romantic effulgence came automatically from the prince because he was a prince, and how much of it was inspired by herself?

  2. It would have been an enchanting smile from anyone, but coming from a prince it had all the romantic effulgence with which princes' smiles are infused.

  3. Against these brilliant galaxies and the diffused, pervasive effulgence of countless further bodies the forehead of the Sphinx outlined itself in desolate and stubborn majesty.

  4. Christ is the highest raying out of the divine Light, or, as the Epistle to the Hebrews calls it, 'the effulgence of His glory.

  5. But, most of all, He summons us to Himself by Him who is the Angel of His Face, 'the effulgence of His glory, and the express image of His person.

  6. The effulgence of the face is such that they that stand in it are lost and hid, like the lark in the blue sky.

  7. Our thoughts are too shallow and contracted to take in all the effulgence of divine grace.

  8. Were your fire and effulgence given you for this?

  9. And yet the effulgence of her countenance vivified while it chastened me.

  10. It was an Angel; and his presence there With a divine effulgence filled the air, An exaltation, piercing the disguise, Though none the hidden Angel recognize.

  11. Above him is that pure golden canopy with its rare glimmering lustrousness--something like the soft, dewy effulgence that comes with sun-breaks through showery afternoons.

  12. The prevailing tone is that soft, golden effulgence which, like the grace of a cheerful and loving heart, blends all into one harmonious whole.

  13. A soft and summery atmosphere, the warmth of which emanated from concealed furnaces, neutralized the chill of an autumnal night, and the mellow chiaro-oscuro of a vast astral diffused its lunar effulgence on all around.

  14. For a knight like Sir Launcelot came hardly ever into the world, and when he did come his glory must needs illuminate with its effulgence the entire reign of that king whose servant he was.

  15. Presence no longer,--and blind with the burning effulgence of her beauty, he shut his eyes and covered his face.

  16. Can it be that the yeast fungus too may give off effulgence with its carbonic acid at its whim?

  17. On a general review of his life, we are inclined to think that his genius and virtue never shone with so pure an effulgence as during the session Of 1762.

  18. The celestial love, that spume All envying in its bounty, in itself With such effulgence blazeth, as sends forth All beauteous things eternal.

  19. He had imagined God as a figure of youth and courage, had perceived him as an effulgence of leadership, a captain like the sun.

  20. The quality and texture of this being was a warm and living light like the effulgence at sunrise; He was hope and courage like a sunlit morning in spring.

  21. Once more the glorious effulgence poured about him, and the beautiful and wonderful conquest of men's hearts and lives was manifest to him.

  22. Of this I was not aware, and to dispel the mist that obscured my perceptions, a new effulgence and a new mandate were necessary.

  23. It seemed as if some powerful effulgence covered me like a mantle.

  24. So that all eyes may be amazed as to what effulgence the true Sun of the East has shed on the West.

  25. We learn that, at great points in his career, after he had been in an ecstasy, such radiance of might and majesty streamed from his countenance that none could bear to look upon the effulgence of his glory and beauty.

  26. The clouds, during the last half hour, had been breaking away, and the sun soon burst forth upon the wet and glittering landscape, in all the effulgence of mid summer.

  27. There was a mild effulgence in his eye; a divine benevolence in his countenance, as his parted lips showed the brightness of his smile, which seemed to speak of happiness within, of joy to all around.

  28. Like unto the ray of the sun, it dispels entirely the darkness encompassing all the regions, bestows ideal life, and causes the effulgence of divine illumination.

  29. We must sacrifice everything to His Highness, the Possessor of existence, so that the powers of the Kingdom may show greater penetration and the brilliant effulgence in this New Cycle may illumine the worlds of minds and ideals.

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