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Example sentences for "effulgent"

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efforts; effroi; effrontery; effulgence; effulgences; effuse; effused; effusion; effusions; effusive
  1. Why should not that man be bewildered who hath five adversaries effulgent as five suns, who are heroic combatants and who have just emerged from adversity?

  2. Thy Gandharva husbands, effulgent as the sun, do not, I imagine, consider this as an occasion for manifesting their wrath, inasmuch as they do not rush to thy aid.

  3. And these arrows, all effulgent as the sun, painted all over with various colours, and capable of destroying enemies by thousands are those of Sahadeva.

  4. As the mid-day sun shines with effulgent splendor upon the scene, the flashing of spears and corselets and burnished chariots and gilded harness sparkle like diamond points.

  5. Thence she is beheld, a most effulgent beauty, fair among the fairest mountain visions upon earth.

  6. Even the effulgent domes of the greatest cumulous clouds that, on a faultless summer afternoon, soar into the clearest blue sky, are not to be compared with volcanoes at their best.

  7. It is here in the closing period of the Nineteenth Century effulgent with the light of all the historic past and marvelous achievements that the Negro must stand or fall.

  8. Therefore, it is my hope that day by day you will become more and more effulgent in the horizon of heaven, advance nearer and nearer toward the Kingdom of Abhá, attain greater and greater bounties of the Blessed Perfection.

  9. This is the growth and development of the inner world through the effulgent light of divine guidance and the heat of the fire of the love of God.

  10. These lights are the cause of the education of souls and the source of the enlightenment of hearts, sending forth in effulgent radiance the message of the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God.

  11. Therefore, you must without delay employ your powers in spreading the effulgent glow of the love of God and so order your lives that you may be known and seen as examples of its radiance.

  12. And eventually the gloomy darkness of the outer world will disappear, and the light of reality will shine until the whole earth will be effulgent with its glory.

  13. The more polished and clean the mirror, the more effulgent is its reflection of the lights of the Sun of Truth.

  14. Throughout the universe the divine power is effulgent in endless images and pictures.

  15. Through the effulgent rays of divine illumination the capacity of woman has become so awakened and manifest in this age that equality of man and woman is an established fact.

  16. Shall man, gifted with the power of reason, unthinkingly follow and adhere to dogma, creeds and hereditary beliefs which will not bear the analysis of reason in this century of effulgent reality?

  17. Were it not for the effulgent rays of the Sun of Reality, they would be deprived of growth and development; nay, rather, they would be nonexistent.

  18. God has purposed that the darkness of the world of nature shall be dispelled and the imperfect attributes of the natal self be effaced in the effulgent reflection of the Sun of Truth.

  19. Among them was Mullá Ḥusayn, who became the recipient of the effulgent glory of the Sun of divine Revelation.

  20. We cleave to no knowledge but His Knowledge, and set our hearts on naught save the effulgent glories of His light.

  21. And the Kuru prince gifted with great intelligence, with a glad heart, coursed through the firmament on that celestial car effulgent as the sun and of extra-ordinary achievements.

  22. And his body was of large proportions and effulgent as the Sun.

  23. All this, O highly effulgent one, I wish to hear in detail.

  24. Having arrived there, they beheld, from the effulgent and variegated summits of the great mountain, Arjuna engaged in ascetic austerities.

  25. On the mountain Sree dwelleth happily, the effulgent Mahadeva with the goddess, as also Brahma with the other gods.

  26. And Sakra and Agni and Vayu, and Yama and Varuna and the illustrious Lord of the Yakshas, and the holy Rishis, and king Dasaratha also in a celestial and effulgent form and on car drawn by swans, showed themselves.

  27. Thence, returning through unknown regions, that divine effulgent one causeth shower, and thereby reviveth beings.

  28. And when, O foremost of monarchs, Karna after rising from the water, used at mid-day to worship the effulgent Surya with joined hands, the Brahmanas used to solicit him for wealth.

  29. And that time Matali, the charioteer of Indra, approached Rama on the field of battle, with a car effulgent as the Sun and unto which were yoked horses of a tawny hue.

  30. And in that river that one of great strength found the extensive assemblage of Saugandhika lotuses, effulgent as the rising sun, and delightful to behold.

  31. The setting of so effulgent an Orb brought to a definite termination the period of Divine Revelation—the initial and most vitalizing stage in the Bahá’í era.

  32. Mr. Saul looked extremely uncomfortable; he was finding the judge's effulgent personality rather compelling.

  33. Through rifts in the mountains descended the sun, spreading an effulgent expanse of yellow light--like burnished gold.

  34. Yet behold it move and expand beneath the long fibrous rays which that effulgent orb sends down through so many billions of miles to the place of its minute existence.

  35. This service shall cause thee to acquire an effulgent face in the Abhá Kingdom, and shall make thee the object of the praise and gratitude of the friends in the East as well as in the West.

  36. His nod and effulgent grin expressed happiness in the prospect beyond the powers of his slow tongue.

  37. Like an emanation, soft and effulgent as moonlit mist, the fullness of her content proceeded from her, wrapped her in a bright atmosphere in the midst of which she softly brooded.

  38. Verily, He(7) revealed certain laws so that, in this Dispensation, the Pen of the Most High might have no need to move in aught but the glorification of His own transcendent Station and His most effulgent Beauty.

  39. There where the rays of the Sun and the Moon cannot reach are luminaries[552] which are self-effulgent and which possess splendour like that of the Sun or the fire.

  40. By lordship over Fire, the Yogin becomes so effulgent that his form cannot be looked at.

  41. Rendered effulgent by many rays of light,' i.

  42. When these the mind for their sixth become concentrated in the knowledge, and thus concentrated remain steady and untroubled, then Brahma becomes perceptible like a smokeless fire of blazing flames or the Sun of effulgent radiance.

  43. As a man fixing his mind on a vessel full of some liquid (placed on his head) heedfully ascends a flight of steps, even so the Yogin, fixed and absorbed in his soul, cleanses it and makes it as effulgent as the Sun.

  44. On Earth I am known to be identical with Him who has been sung in the Vedic verses as the effulgent Hiranyagarbha and who is always worshipped by Yogins.

  45. Salutations to thee that hast matted locks as effulgent as the Sun or the Fire, and that hast barks and skins for thy attire.

  46. Anakstrah is explained by the commentator as 'different from stars and planets but still freed from darkness' and, therefore, effulgent or luminous.

  47. O illustrious Rishi, O holy one, I see this wheel of Time, endued with mighty energy, of the most effulgent and Infinite Vishnu, has been set in motion.

  48. When this disappears, the form that becomes perceivable is that of Wind as effulgent as a well-tempered weapon of high polish.

  49. After such worship, every one of them looked as effulgent as the moon in the firmament.

  50. And beneath the effulgent Antarctic skies I have boarded the Argo-Navis, and joined the chase against the starry Cetus far beyond the utmost stretch of Hydrus and the Flying Fish.

  51. Skies the most effulgent but basket the deadliest thunders: gorgeous Cuba knows tornadoes that never swept tame northern lands.

  52. She had not merely lost her effulgent beauty, she had become repulsive.

  53. This is the effulgent flaming-point of the long-agitated English Match, which we have so often caught in a bitterly smoking condition.

  54. His body nevertheless was effulgent with light, and, like the sun which eclipses the shining of the lamp, so the true gold-like beauty of Bodhisattwa shone forth and was everywhere diffused.

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