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Example sentences for "adversaries"

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adverbial; adverbially; adverbs; adversarial; adversarie; adversarius; adversary; adversative; adverse; adversely
  1. Herbert Spencer has his disciples and defenders, who prove themselves no contemptible adversaries of the orthodox school of religion.

  2. In this case, when your Sword is presented within your Adversaries Sword, and you would have it without (keeping your Nails in Quart) slope your Point so low that you may bring it up under the out-side of his.

  3. This is when you are within your Adversaries reach, that you get put of it by stepping or Jumping backwards; which you must observe to do on a strait Line.

  4. The difference from Beating in this, is only Striking with the Edg of the Feeble, upon the Edg of the Feeble of your Adversaries Sword, though Beating secures his Sword a great deal better than Battery.

  5. The Parade in Terce, with the Point a little higher than the Hilt, and the Parade in Terce, with the Point sloping towards your Adversaries Thigh on the Left-side.

  6. The Parade in Quart, with the Point sloping towards your Adversaries Right-thigh, and as though without it.

  7. This method is taken to secure your Adversaries Sword, with eight or ten Inches of yours upon five or six Inches of his.

  8. This is done by carrying your Head and Shoulders very much back from your Adversaries Sword, and are giving in a Thrust within it, and that each of you at that time receive a Thrust.

  9. The two adversaries were about to rush upon one another, and this incoherent discussion was threatening to degenerate into a battle, when Barbicane interfered.

  10. The discussion was lively, and neither of the adversaries would sacrifice his curve of predilection.

  11. There is nothing more terrible than these private duels in America, during which the two adversaries seek each other across thickets, and hunt each other like wild animals.

  12. From time to time they shouted; they called either Barbicane or Nicholl; but neither of the two adversaries answered.

  13. And indeed, he that shall take upon him to be the Saviour of the people, had need be wise, because their adversaries are subtle above any.

  14. An election law bore his name--and his adversaries gave insistent warning that it surrendered the state, bound hand and foot, to a triumvirate of his own choosing.

  15. But when the two adversaries took their places where the furniture had been hastily cleared away, the men widened their eyes and bent forward absorbed.

  16. The two first adversaries allowed their turn to pass, without risking anything.

  17. In which you win, after having induced your Adversaries to stake on their Cards.

  18. The effect of this was that the morning found them jaded and dispirited, while it brought their adversaries all fresh and vigorous against them.

  19. And when he said these things, all his adversaries were ashamed: and all the people rejoiced for all the things that were gloriously done by him.

  20. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to resist and gainsay.

  21. But the adversaries of peace durst not risk this test.

  22. Through a haze of vague indications a glimpse is caught of the struggle which was commencing between the partisans and the adversaries of Joan, and in favor of or in opposition to the impulse she was communicating to the war of nationality.

  23. Our silence on these points may, with some reason, make our adversaries think we allow and persist in those bigotries, which in reality all good and sensible men despise, though they are persuaded not to speak against them.

  24. Pope loves to silence objections by vilifying mankind, and calling his adversaries impious, proud, and fools.

  25. Lieutenant Johnson hoped to sink one or the other of his adversaries by using a little energy.

  26. The adversaries glanced down the road and beheld two horsemen approaching from Bazelhurst Villa--the duke and the count.

  27. His adversaries could not deny the wit and eloquence which they severely felt; they confess with reluctance the specious purity of his morals; and his errors were recommended to the public by a mixture of important and beneficial truths.

  28. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to resist or gainsay.

  29. The committee of public safety, to which the plots of their enemies gave rise, seemed to promise advantage to the Girondists; but it served only to excite their adversaries more violently against them.

  30. And so," said Raoul, pale with vexation, "you reconcile the two adversaries on the ground.

  31. The two adversaries consequently set off, and left the chateau by the same gate, close to which we may remember to have seen Montalais and Malicorne together.

  32. At the distance of a hundred paces, the two adversaries were absolutely invisible to each other, being completely concealed by the thick shade of elms and chestnuts.

  33. Knowing that he is being tracked, he naturally wishes to discover who his adversaries are.

  34. He struck right and left as he showered fierce epithets upon his adversaries for being twelve against one.

  35. This accounted for the silence of the two women, who were quietly waiting for their adversaries to renew hostilities.

  36. If either of their adversaries elect to double, the dealer and his partner have the right to re-double.

  37. If either of the dealer's adversaries make or pass the declaration, the dealer may, after looking at his hand, either claim a new deal or proceed as if no declaration had been made.

  38. The partner of the eldest hand may inform him that their adversaries have incurred a penalty, but may not give any further information.

  39. Hesitation and mannerisms, however, cannot be too carefully avoided; such a breach of etiquette is an offence for which the adversaries have no redress except perhaps a refusal to continue the play.

  40. It is essential to good play that the dealer's adversaries should each gain definite knowledge of the others' holding.

  41. If it is the beginning of a new rubber, the dealer, whether he or one of his adversaries be the party calling for the new cards, shall have the choice.

  42. Chicane scores honours he adds the value of three honours to his honour score, while, if the adversaries score honours, it deducts an equal value from their honour score.

  43. If the dealer or his partner elect to re-double, their adversaries shall have the right to again double.

  44. LEADS OUT OF TURN If either of the dealer's adversaries lead out of turn, the dealer may call the card erroneously led, or may call a suit when it is the turn of either adversary to lead.

  45. After the trump declaration has been made by the dealer or his partner, their adversaries have the right to double.

  46. If the dealer omit to have the pack cut and the adversaries call attention to the fact prior to the conclusion of the deal and before looking at their cards.

  47. If they are furnished during a rubber, the adversaries shall have their choice of new cards.

  48. It is certainly not easy to believe his assertion, that it was only against his will that he had recourse to all this derision which he heaped on his adversaries in religious matters of such vital importance.

  49. We may add, that, with regard to this sacrament, Luther outdid his adversaries in his attachment to tradition and antiquity, reintroducing communion under both kinds as being alone in strict accord with Scripture.

  50. For as wrestlers stoop that they may the easier give their adversaries a fall, so by censuring themselves they glide into praising others.

  51. The adversaries stepped out of their corners.

  52. Suppose, for example, we ask our adversaries on what ground they have concocted that novel and sectarian opinion which banishes Christ from the Mystic Supper.

  53. Adversaries took very ill the publication of the paper.

  54. Before he left London he began to communicate the letter to others, lest it should be altogether lost, and as soon as it was thus published it attracted everyone's attention, and his adversaries had ironically christened it the challenge.

  55. Invited as our adversaries have been under a safe conduct, why have they not hastened thither, publicly to refute those against whom they go on quacking like frogs from their holes?

  56. To this effect alone do I labour about thy person, and will labour, whatever shall become of me, for whom these adversaries so often augur the gallows, as though I were an enemy of thy life.

  57. Ten Reasons, for the confidence with which Edmund Campion offered his adversaries to dispute on behalf of the Faith, set before the famous men of our Universities.

  58. Still our adversaries hold on and make no end of altercation.

  59. Several of the enemy's loose horses were going about with carbines on their saddles, while their dismounted riders were at an enormous disadvantage in trying to defend themselves from their mounted adversaries with only their swords.

  60. If a signal was given,--if Proctor and Liberty appeared in the hats of the ruffians, how that might be contrived by the election arts of my adversaries need not now be mentioned.

  61. Hence, whatever they had gained for a time while in harmony for the purpose of the overthrow of their adversaries they now began to set up as prizes in their rivalry with each other.

  62. Both had conquered and had been defeated, each had routed their adversaries and had been routed, pursuits and flights had fallen to the lot of both alike and the camps on both sides had been captured.

  63. They were far superior in numbers to their adversaries then present and by that means got possession of Symbolon, having first ejected the inhabitants.

  64. After this, when the latter's adversaries had deliberated again and again, they took up the war once more and did not make ready for it in any quiet fashion.

  65. Then their adversaries hemmed them in as they were going along rapidly, in disorder, a few at a time, as usual on such occasions, and struck them in favorable spots that they saw exposed.

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