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Example sentences for "flamboyant"

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  1. The aisles have some good Flamboyant windows, and the tower, if it had been carried up to its full height, would have been a fine example of the style.

  2. The church is finished to the east by a fine Flamboyant Lady Chapel.

  3. What first catches the eye is a very pretty apse of good Flamboyant work, with windows in two ranges, of which all in the upper and some in the lower are blocked.

  4. As at Gisors, as at a hundred other places, the Flamboyant architects thought the elder building too plain, and above all things too low.

  5. The northern one is the rich piece of Flamboyant work with which we have already got familiar--or rather not familiar, as its narrow windows may in the distance be taken for a Romanesque arcade.

  6. The Riviera of 1865 was not the garish, flamboyant rendezvous of cosmopolitan finance, of ostentatious newly acquired wealth, and of highly decorative ladies which it has since become.

  7. A reference to Leech's drawings will show the flamboyant checked "pegtop" trousers in which they delighted.

  8. Here and there in France there are suggestions of the restraint of the last phase of English Gothic, but they are almost as rare as the Flamboyant style in England.

  9. The Shamash (beadle) was seen to front the flamboyant invaders.

  10. But the theatre with its brilliantly-lighted lobby and flamboyant posters restored his spirits; the curtain was already up, and a packed mass filled the house from roof to floor.

  11. Nowadays a man of the distinction of Disraeli or even of Bulwer-Lytton[47] would scarcely affect, as they did, the flamboyant style in dress.

  12. The whole room represented a bizarre appearance, flamboyant and rather tropical in looks.

  13. The former was trimming a picture-hat of the cheapest and most flamboyant style, and the latter darned a coarse white stocking intended for her own use.

  14. The tower is pierced on the four sides by two long, narrow lancet windows, ending in a platform bearing a Flamboyant balustrade, above which rise four bell-turrets in lead, supporting a tall leaden spire.

  15. The gateway is Flamboyant gothic, of great beauty and refinement.

  16. Adjoining the triumphal arch is a Flamboyant ossuary or mortuary chapel, dated 1581, richly gabled, in perfect preservation, and of two storeys.

  17. At the foot of the hill which sustains the donjon of Vez, we see, in the midst of the fields, a Gothic church of the flamboyant period, remnant of a Premonstraten-sian monastery.

  18. Bocardon, I devote myself to you," he cried, with a flamboyant gesture.

  19. But I repeat that Fleurette was a simple soul who took for granted the wisdom of so flamboyant and virile a creature as Aristide Pujol.

  20. The interior, flamboyant Gothic, is thoroughly well decorated throughout, in modern polychrome, with scenes from the Gospel History.

  21. It is a fine early and middle Gothic church, with a late Gothic or flamboyant tower; but, relatively to its fame, it is externally disappointing.

  22. Paradise,” built out from the main structure in flamboyant Gothic of the 15th century.

  23. He himself must seem to her eccentric, undignified, a flamboyant sort of creature whom she pitied and whose errors she wished to remedy.

  24. There also happens to be an excellent cure for pretentious and flamboyant youths who disregard this rule.

  25. And the flamboyant leaf mouldings are beautiful, because they nestle and run up the hollows, and fill the angles, and clasp the shafts which natural leaves would have delighted to fill and to clasp.

  26. Associated with the various undulation of flamboyant curves below, it is in the real tower hardly observed, while it binds it into one mass in general effect.

  27. The system was carried out into continually increasing intricacy, until, in the transepts of Beauvais, we have brackets and flamboyant traceries, composed of twigs without any leaves at all.

  28. Its flamboyant traceries of the last and most degraded forms.

  29. Each bay comprises four large Gothic-Flamboyant niches containing the same number of carved groups.

  30. Gothic-Flamboyant in style, it is richly decorated with Renaissance motifs (photos).

  31. They are in the Gothic-Flamboyant style, with Renaissance architectural and ornamental motifs.

  32. The mullions are in the Flamboyant style.

  33. That of the south arm, with curved mullions, is in the Flamboyant style, and contains portions of the original stained glass (see heads of angels).

  34. The Choir is in large part Gothic, with late flamboyant tracery.

  35. It was a very commonplace little room, and the flamboyant chintz on the sofa and chairs gave it an air of cheerfulness, as though this were one of the happy homes of England.

  36. The sofa and chairs were covered in a rather flamboyant chintz.

  37. The tower is of late Norman and Transitional character surmounted by a Flamboyant crocketed spire.

  38. This subterranean church or crypt is necessarily lighted from one end only, where it is flush with the face of the rock; and these openings are filled with Flamboyant windows, which are very evident insertions.

  39. Caldwell, in cool, clean duck and a flamboyant Panama hat, signified with a grin that he enjoyed the contrast.

  40. On the disclosure of her name, Eric had expected to see some one flamboyant and assertive.

  41. The man on the tree trunk was no mere flamboyant orator preaching a doctrine of profound socialism.

  42. But the flamboyant figure of him in the Noctes will probably do as much as his own verses to keep his memory alive with posterity.

  43. The bowman, after shading his eyes and peering at the flamboyant figure of José, resumed paddling without further ceremony, evidently intending to pass in silence.

  44. Naked, painted, minus his fierce mustache and flamboyant headkerchief, he appeared a far different man than the domineering puntero of a short time back.

  45. He passed the conservatory and the sunken gardens, flamboyant with purple-and-gold pansies; he dawdled over the aviary and the bear cages.

  46. In a country that made flamboyant motions toward democracy, he knew that the term was used in contempt, if not reproach.

  47. He could not have said whether bravado or contempt was moving him to such flamboyant dawdling.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flamboyant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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