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  1. The Saucy Seven Probably Bob Stuart would never have been asked to join the camping party had he not been the best canoeist in the Club.

  2. A top load on any sort of a boat is always dangerous, and every real canoeist seats his passengers on the bottom of the boat and kneels on the bottom himself while paddling.

  3. No expert canoeist paddles alternately first on the one side, and then on the other; on the contrary, he takes pride in his ability to keep his paddle continuously on either side that suits his convenience.

  4. Other heavy seas followed the first, one of which striking me as high as my head and shoulders, turned both the canoe and canoeist upside-down.

  5. A few miles above Norfolk the cultivation of land ceases, and the canoeist traverses a wilderness.

  6. It was cheering to a lonely canoeist to see this house, and the clearing around it with the season's crop of corn in stacks dotting the field.

  7. As it was dark, I would gladly have gone ashore for the night, but a great city offers no inducement for a canoeist to land as a stranger at its wharves.

  8. They also looked upon the voyage of the paper canoe as a very sentimental thing, while the canoeist had found it an intensely practical affair, though occasionally relieved by incidents of romantic or amusing character.

  9. Whenever a steamer or tugboat passed me, it crowded the canoe close to the bank; but these vessels travel along the canal at so slow a rate, that no trouble is experienced by the canoeist from the disturbance caused by their revolving screws.

  10. From ignorance of what to carry the canoeist falls back on canned goods, never healthy as a steady diet, Brunswick soup and eggs.

  11. The canoeist was a woman older than Gale, but Gale felt immediately that they could be firm friends.

  12. The canoeist grasped it and made it secure.

  13. Either the canoeist had lost her oars or she was so panic-stricken at being caught in the swirling waters that she could not think conclusively or quickly enough to save herself.

  14. Being an illegal fence, it follows that any canoeist is entitled to clip the wires, if he does not care to stop and prosecute the fencers for barring his way.

  15. The canoeist of to-day, therefore, will find solitude and shallows enough on either river.

  16. Lake Winnebago is a notable inland sea, and the canoeist feels fairly lost, in his little cockle shell, bobbing about over its great waves.

  17. The canoeist with a camera will find occupation enough in taking views of his surroundings; perplexity as to what to choose amid such a crowd of charming scenes, will be his only difficulty.

  18. In this one particular the canoeist has to trust to the boat-builder.

  19. Five French canoes entered, but there was only one English canoeist ready in his Rob Roy to meet all comers (the Hon.

  20. Forcat’s boat had the rower’s face to the bow, the form and size of the nondescript novelty were not to be understood in a moment, and we tried to dissuade our young canoeist from entering hastily a new sort of boat, very easily capsized.

  21. We know a hardy canoeist who said he would not marry anybody unless she could “pull bow oar,” and it certainly is an addition to the family hearth when the tender help-meet can “mind her luff.

  22. This additional weight is at once fatal to speed, and becomes burdensome when the canoeist is forced to carry his canoe upon his OWN shoulders over a portage.

  23. If the canoeist is to sleep in his delicate craft while making a long journey, she must be made much heavier than the perfected models now in use in this country, many of which are under seventy-five pounds' weight.

  24. My "canoe kit" is the best arranged and the most perfect in the world, as no other canoeist will possibly admit, but which is nevertheless a fact.

  25. Thus the jib can be struck while the canoeist remains in the boat, by pushing off these two loops with his paddle.

  26. The tendency of the canoeist in such cases is always to bring the boat round by paddling forward with the outer hand, thereby adding to the "way," and making the force of the current in its circular turn less powerful relatively.

  27. It is necessary to have a covering for the well which shall effectually exclude the water, and yet be so attached as not to hamper the canoeist in case of an upset, or when he desires to get out of the boat in a more legitimate manner.

  28. The deck is supported on four carlines forward and three aft, the latter portion being thus more strengthened, because, in some cases, it is required to support the weight of the canoeist sitting on the deck with his legs in the water.

  29. The canoeist soon finds that this is the most difficult part of the boat to arrange with perfect satisfaction.

  30. We must suppose that the canoeist has attained the power of backing with perfect ease, for this will be quite necessary if he intends to take his boat safely through several hundred combinations of sunk rocks and breakers.

  31. The canoeist sits on the floor-boards, I prefer this to any cushion or mat whatever; but if a mat or cushion be used, it should be firmly fixed, especially in rough water.

  32. The canoeist of 1882 may follow the teachings of common-sense vs.

  33. For instance, if the canoeist has a two mile portage to negotiate and one hundred pounds of duffle he has but two miles to walk if he carries all his duffle at once, but if he makes two loads of it he must walk six miles.

  34. In one of these small bags keep the general supply of matches, though each canoeist should carry a separate supply for emergency in his individual kit.

  35. The canoeist gets too many upsets to risk venturing into deep water unless he can take care of himself.

  36. Always have a line and some fish-hooks with you, for a canoeist should be a good fisherman.

  37. The answer came so readily from the lips of the canoeist that Captain Amos was almost overcome.

  38. The pitch of the stream Roger saw to be very great, but his skill as a canoeist was not heavily drawn upon, since the bed of the stream was little impeded, save for a few boulders at scattered intervals.

  39. The backwater was snug and fair, And the gay Canoeist cavorted there.

  40. Amidst the reeds the river ran; Behind them floated a Grand Old Swan, And loudly did lament The better deeds of a better day; Ever the gray Canoeist went on, Making his memos.

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