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Example sentences for "canoeists"

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  1. Through all my boat journeys I have remarked that professional men take more interest in canoe journeys than professional oarsmen; and nearly all the canoeists of my acquaintance are ministers of the gospel.

  2. Recreational canoeists call this maneuver a "paddle brace.

  3. A slightly modified version of this roll is called by recreational canoeists the Pawlata roll in honor of the European who introduced it to them.

  4. For the first few miles it runs between rich meadows, and the canoeists expected from this that the voyage would be easy and agreeable.

  5. The visit to Trempealeau, on the left bank of the river, introduced the canoeists to some extremely agreeable people, whose hearty and disinterested welcome will be long remembered by Captain Glazier.

  6. That looks like the place where the canoeists went ashore.

  7. Then she told of her trip on the lake, and how quickly the young canoeists left the water to answer a call of a clew having been found.

  8. But the canoeists were now actually looking very pleasantly at her--two young men.

  9. By this time the two canoeists had glided on ahead.

  10. Canoeists must not be too particular about the fare set before them; but on this occasion we were able to swallow but a few mouthfuls of the repast and our lunch-basket was drawn on as soon as we were once more afloat.

  11. Some of the earliest canoeists over this water-route, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, describe the aboriginal community in some detail.

  12. The channel, moreover, was deep and clear in shore; while out under the mist the soft noises of ripples proclaimed to the ears of the two canoeists the presence of frequent rock and snag and shallow.

  13. One of the canoeists stepped ashore, picked up the body of the slain mink, and threw it into the canoe.

  14. However it had got there, it was an egg; and the canoeists saw that they no longer held the mink's undivided attention.

  15. It is a section much appreciated by whitewater canoeists and hikers and horsemen and others from that region and elsewhere, who care about rugged and unspoiled places.

  16. The canoeists had no difficulty in locating the boarding-house, but they were too late for a hot dinner, although the cold supper served was very good, especially to hungry young people.

  17. When the canoeists arrived at camp, sometime after the hikers got there, they exchanged experiences.

  18. It was but a short distance from Greenbush to Albany, and toward evening the young canoeists found themselves in the river off that city, with the great dome of the capital building shining against the western sky.

  19. The boys chipped in and gave the little fellow an extra coin, and the urchin immediately decided that the canoeists were "bricks.

  20. Boatmen and canoeists should never travel without one of these indispensable comforts.

  21. Their fate and Mr. Cloud's were quoted as precedents to all canoeists and boatmen, and quite a feeling against this healthful exercise was growing among the people.

  22. Spurred by the cries, the two canoeists plied their paddles with renewed zeal.

  23. The eight canoeists were stripped for the work, showing a gorgeous, if somewhat worn, array of sleeveless jerseys.

  24. Ready for any kind of a rough joke, several of the canoeists laid hands on the unfortunate Benjamin.

  25. So the two remained, while the troop of canoeists set off soon after, on the run back to Benton.

  26. Allan Harding, who had been eying the canoeists sharply.

  27. If, however, any of the canoeists had made the carry completely, and had launched their craft above, they could not be called back.

  28. The other canoeists remained where they were, and ate their luncheons together.

  29. The canoeists stretched themselves on the ground around the fire, hungry and healthfully wearied.

  30. Many canoeists exploring our broad watercourses have adopted the oar as an auxiliary,--the paddle properly taking the precedence.

  31. The author has been criticised by technical canoeists for using oars on a canoe.

  32. The sight on shore was not interesting enough to claim long attention, so the young canoeists proceeded on their way.

  33. While he was below the surface of the water the other canoeists swam alongside, helping themselves aboard.

  34. The Maori canoeists made haste to quit the dead man's craft, and plied their paddles with unusual energy until they reached their destination on the shore below.

  35. By the blaze of the great fire the wrecked canoeists dried themselves and their garments, and they camped there that night.

  36. The journey along the canal bank was to me a very pleasant one, and I had hopes of being more fortunate than the canoeists in reaching Brussels with a dry skin.

  37. The canoeists were now in the full swing of perhaps the most enjoyable part of their journey.

  38. There is but little interest in the remaining stages of Stevenson's journey; not because the towns through which the canoeists now passed are less worthy of note than any already described, but for the ample reason that R.

  39. Although Origny is a dusty little village, as dull as any in all Picardy, the canoeists rested there a day, and had good profit of the people they met at the inn, as Stevenson's pages witness.

  40. The whole establishment of the "Grand Cerf" accompanied the canoeists to the water's edge when they were ready to take their leave.

  41. The canoeists left Landrecies on a rainy morning, the judge under an umbrella seeing them off.

  42. At odd hours there was a deal to do to prepare for the outing which the girl canoeists longed to enjoy.

  43. Both canoeists were straining hard--and their tempers were a bit strained, too.

  44. Wyn, with her five mates, and the rest of the girl canoeists from all about the lake, tried to obey the command.

  45. Keels and centreboards are permanent contrivances for the same purpose, but a lee-board answers very well as a makeshift, and is even used habitually by some canoeists and other boatmen.

  46. They are canoeists by birth and education.

  47. During their stay the canoeists will camp out on the island, and they expect to have a jolly good time.

  48. From the bay the canoeists entered a deep river with high banks on which were growing madeira, wild sapadillo, palms of several kinds and other varieties of trees.

  49. The canoeists had trouble in avoiding the grass and moss of the big bay, but two hours of paddling carried them to the coast, where a strong on-shore wind was sending long rollers up on the beach.

  50. But when the canoeists were approached Bulson shook his head.

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