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Example sentences for "concoct"

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conclusioun; conclusive; conclusively; conclusiveness; conclusyon; concocted; concocting; concoction; concoctions; concocts
  1. There are Indians who make arrows as a specialty, just as there are others who concoct herbs and roots for the healing of men.

  2. In story-telling, those who concoct the biggest lies receive the most applause.

  3. Some concoct a gypsy sort of dish or ollapodrida; game, and such roots or herbs as they can collect, being put in an earthen pot with water and boiled.

  4. You shall claim all the invention for your share, if you like, slut, so long as we concoct a piece that will satisfy Garrick, who grows more and more finical as he gets richer and more fooled by the town.

  5. Does Miss Thornton concoct plays, as well as her gifted parent?

  6. The ingenuity displayed in concocting these advertisements was superb, and was probably hardly equaled by that required to concoct the pills.

  7. I saw at once how much like conspiracy it looked: Harold and I had agreed together to concoct a false document, and Harold had forged his uncle's signature to it.

  8. A woman who would concoct such a villainous plot would stop at nothing.

  9. She's lying there to concoct some new villainy.

  10. In the animals which have blood the origin of this heat is necessarily in the heart, in the bloodless kinds in the analogue thereof; for all work up and concoct the nourishment by means of the natural heat, the master part most of all.

  11. This bee then attached all the wax it could concoct to the vault of the hive, and went its way.

  12. Next, to form festoons and remain motionless twenty-four hours to concoct the wax, is not the way they generally manage affairs.

  13. When digestion is weakened it is not able to concoct the meat received into the stomach, but it putrifies there.

  14. Simple waters which are hot, concoct either flegm or melancholy.

  15. Manifestly the model of a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science dominated his mind more and more, until at last he began to concoct a presidential address.

  16. At length Jawleyford, having had as much negus as he wanted, excused himself from further attendence, under the plea of increasing illness, and retired to his study to concoct his letter to Jack.

  17. It being decided that Jack should answer Mr. Puffington's invitation as well and saucily as he could, and a sheet of very inferior paper being at length discovered in the sideboard drawer, our friends forthwith proceeded to concoct it.

  18. Run away and write to your duchess while I concoct a cable.

  19. All that region abounds in sweet, wild apples, from which the Indians concoct a fermented liquor which they call chi-chi.

  20. There was an elaborate chicken pie to concoct for dinner, which Faith would not leave to her mother to-day.

  21. We'll soon concoct a plan to make her undo her own curse, and to punish her, at all events.

  22. And if any cook, English or foreign, can concoct a more worthy dish than this, or more grateful to the palate, said cook can come my way.

  23. If he have time to hide the papers, or to concoct some deception, we shall gain nothing.

  24. About ten, they might be asked down to the dining-room, where there was a dainty little spread, sometimes a Welsh rarebit that Dele could concoct to perfection.

  25. She wondered afterward how the quiet, almost listless woman could concoct dainty feasts for these illustrious people out of her poverty; for they were illustrious in their day.

  26. Garta was a fellow of moderate intelligence, and still very much frightened, and having little wit with which to concoct lies, and no reason for telling them, he answered the questions put to him as correctly as his knowledge permitted.

  27. He slackened his pace, and even began to concoct some suitable remarks to make to Shirley in case of evil fortune.

  28. The commissaries having given some trifling directions, went their way to concoct a report, leaving Laurent with very indefinite instructions.

  29. A person of such an erratic character, he said, was very likely to concoct such a story, and the story would naturally take the turn of trying to connect herself with the royal family.

  30. Notwithstanding this additional disgrace, no sooner was he again under lock and key, than his restless spirit induced him to concoct another plot for liberty and the crown.

  31. He did not at all bring himself to believe that Mr. Grey was in the conspiracy, but he had no scruple of paternal regard to make him feel that this father would not concoct such a scheme simply because he was his father.

  32. Merton and I have managed to concoct that letter," said the squire.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "concoct" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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