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Example sentences for "beget"

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beganne; begar; begat; begause; begemmed; begets; begetter; begetteth; begetting; beggar
  1. Ulric, I think that I may trust you; 340 You saved my life--and acts like these beget Unbounded confidence.

  2. If I am undutiful and graceless, why did he beget me so?

  3. What the devil had I to do, ever to beget sons?

  4. The collocation, in this case, was piquant enough to beget a clever pasquinade, which was chalked up at street corners in Paris.

  5. Then comes the second clause of Francesca's creed--Amor, che a nullo amato amar perdona: true love must needs beget love in return.

  6. Your Tyrrhenian father did not beget you to be as inaccessible as Penelope to your wooers.

  7. For contest is wont to beget trembling emulation and strife, and strife cruel enmities and funereal war.

  8. Riches beget the taste for literature and the arts; perhaps one day it will beget the taste for simplicity.

  9. The recognition is mutual, not alone of brother and sister but of lover and mistress,--the union which is destined to beget Siegfried, the hero.

  10. The story is as follows:-- The Devil, ambitious to banish all good from the world, unites himself to a virgin in order that he may beget a child who shall aid him in his fell purpose.

  11. Misguided sympathy and fondness will produce filial libertinism; and despotic authority will beget filial servility.

  12. And thus by urging such frivolous objections, they beget in their sons a prejudice against the ministry,--yea, a contempt for it.

  13. They refine our sentiments, and beget longings after a better country.

  14. They came inflamed with all the fury which abject fear and bigoted hatred can beget in minds of the lowest and most brutal type.

  15. She saw these things grow from beneath his hand, these mighty shapes created by him; and he seemed to her like a god, with the power to beget worlds at his will, and all human life in its full stature out from a little dust.

  16. It was real agony--so real as not to beget insensibility.

  17. I was not infatuated with my cousin, nor did my visits beget in my mind any great affection for my aunt.

  18. Now this may happen in two ways; first, according as it is considered absolutely; thus the male by its very nature is commensurate with the female to beget offspring by her, and a parent is commensurate with the offspring to nourish it.

  19. Again, 'Why do you reproach us by saying that men renewed in baptism ought no longer to beget children or to possess fields and houses and money?

  20. The heart of the haughty delights to beget A haughty heart.

  21. But this I refuse to believe: I know That impious deeds conspire To beget an offspring of impious deeds Too like their ugly sire.

  22. Indeed, philosophers may be found who have persuaded themselves that the celestial motions beget a harmony.

  23. Did the small potatoes beget the big ones?

  24. It may be said the wood screws do not beget progeny.

  25. Leprosy abated, but seemed to go inwards and beget deeper ills.

  26. But she has no need of that: numberless little ones will she beget without help from another.

  27. With them a monorchid was not supposed to beget twins; when twins are born in the family, the mother generally smothers the female, if one happens to be such; if not, then the feeblest of the two is sacrificed.

  28. Marriage will not cure hysteria,--the worst cases are married women, and they beget other hysterics in spreading succession.

  29. The fact is worth investigation whether or not a liquor dealer who never drinks alcohol, but who lives for years in the presence of volatilised alcohol, has much of the alcoholic degeneracy and a tendency to beget neurotic children.

  30. If a syphilitic man has been properly treated he may, after four years, beget healthy children, and he commonly does, but he may be the father of syphilitic children.

  31. Covetousness may lead to industry, sensual appetites may beget noble fruit, but hatred is a devastator, and in the soul that it occupies all that is noble grows not upwards and towards the light, but downwards to the earth and to darkness.

  32. Shall it give thee the power of reading hearts, or shall it beget beautiful dreams?

  33. It roused them from their despondency sufficiently to beget thoughts of supper; and Snowball was seen starting up with some alacrity, and scrambling towards his stores.

  34. But it did not need that thought to beget within him a feeling of anxiety,--or, rather, of intense alarm.

  35. And if he beget a son that is a robber, a shedder of blood, and that hath done some one of these things: 18:11.

  36. They overlook that this man will beget children in his image--two or three times as many as the American--and that these children will in turn beget children.

  37. This knowledge must, in the nature of things, beget a feeling of respect, and thereafter, whenever the boy sees a bird, he will experience a resurgence of this feeling.

  38. She nags and scolds in strident tones that ruffle and rasp the spirits of her pupils and beget in them a longing to become whatever she is not.

  39. In estimating conduct we must remember that there are those who by their joyousness beget joy in others, and that there are those who by their melancholy cast a gloom on every circle they enter.

  40. They knew that the mere circumstance of privacy in a judicature, where any publicity is in use, tends to beget suspicion and jealousy.

  41. Your Lordships see that in this man's opinion riches must beget pride.

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